Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - July 1, 2007


The Chris Matthews Show - July 1, 2007

Matthews: Iraq is such a spectacular fuck-up even Republicans even panicking

Senator Lugar: [on tape] Bush and his nutty weirdo friends want to keep fighting but that poses an extreme risk to GOP election futures and that’s bad

Joe Klein: the GOP is cracking up

Andrea Mitchell: McConnell was teh shocker

Matthews: but he's Kentucky fried i luv greasy food!

Katty Kay: Troops in Iraq realize they're spinning their wheels

Matthews: why is the GOP fleeing Bush now?

Clarence Page: they lost in 2006 and see another one coming in 2008

Klein: Petraeus only promised that in September he would know how much of a fuck up the Surge is not that things would be good

Matthews: but i want to win this war!

Klein: it’s going great Sunni are turning against Al Qaeda

Matthews: yay! But al qaeda is so small

Klein: but they do 95% of all killings

Matthews: gee i thought that was America

Mitchell: pull your fucking heads out of your asses look at the Hotel bombing this week it killed the so-called moderate Sunni and Shiite

Klein: oh that could have been much worse the commissary was hardly damaged

Matthews: what can Bush say to America to keep my favorite war going???

Klein: Bush will say he's going to draw down in summer of 2008

Matthews: wow i'm sad that he would do that

Klein: oh he won't actually do it - he will only SAY that he will you know Bush it's always lies with him

Matthews: whew that's a relief

Klein: dood we have no control in Iraq

Mitchell: no you see Bush has commissioned a back-up report to the one Petraeus will write Bush suspects the General may hate America

Matthews: Petraeus may be a subversive

Klein: oh yeah

Matthews: let's play Caption Contest!!!

Kay: doods yur all about as funny as Rich Little doing his Spiro Agnew impression

Tweety: hah i luv that one

Matthews: Supreme Court decision!

Page: dood all men are created equal

Mitchell: i slept with Alan Greenspan and Elvis dood and I can assure you that's a myth

Page: Supreme Court said you must use non-racial means to achieve racial equality

Klein: i hate affirmative action its cheap did you know most journalists can only read at an 8th grade level!

Obama [on tape]: racial equality is good for America!

Matthews: does this court decision help Obama

Mitchell: no it helps Hillary because she’s honorary black

Kay: you’re way overestimating how much people are paying attention to this decision do you think liberals needed more reason to think this court blows

Klein: roe v wade elected Ron Reagan

Matthews: All this Court are belongs to Bush

Kay: it's his evil long lasting legacy

Mitchell: John Roberts is a crazy radical with a cute face

Matthews: tell me something i don't know!

Kay: America has brought car bombings to Afghanistan

Page: Barack Obama would like to be more popular

Matthews: dood i knew that

Mitchell: i had sex with Alan Greenspan last night

Matthews: can money buy me some love

Mitchell: I’m not that desperate dood

Matthews: shit

Klein: in 5 years Moqtada Al Sadr will be elected President of Iraq

Matthews: will he at least be inaugurated on George W. Bush Freedom Square??

Klein: no

Tweety: bush failed on immigration why

Mitchell: because he sucks

Kay: because he's a loser

Page: because he fails at everything

Klein: he is the worst President ever on substance but also he's incompetent and stupid and nobody likes him



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