Monday, October 31, 2016

Meet The Press – October 30, 2016

Pete Williams
Gov. Mike Pence
Robby Mook – Clinton Campaign Chair
Andrea Mitchell
Larry Kudlow – GOP Trump Supporter
Mike Murphy – GOP Trump Non-Supporter
Audie Cornish – NPR

Todd: omg this is one of the biggest 
October surprises ever!

Todd: Justice officials told Comey
not to influence the election

Todd: it's reinvigorated the Trump campaign

Comey: hey congress I found 
some new e-mails

Clinton: it's unprecedented and troubling

Todd: they're investigating 
sexts to a teenager

Trump: she purposefully broke the law

Trump: the FBI is rigged!

Trump: or maybe not!

Pollster: it's a lifeline for Republicans!

Todd: on Friday it looked
like Trump was doomed

Todd: now he may win!

Todd: but 20 million people
have already voted

Todd: Trump and Clinton agree that
Comey should give out more information

Todd: will he do that?

Williams: no

Todd: Comey's logic was
this was going to leak anyway

Williams: yes the FBI can't
handle classified information

Todd: of course

Williams: also he had to reveal
it because Republicans would 
say mean things about him

Todd: but they don't know 
what is it in the e-mails?

Williams: that's right

Todd: so what do they know?

Williams: they just found some
e-mails sent to the server

Todd: if everyone had security
clearance then why would this matter?

Williams: correct – it won't change anything

Todd: so who is the target ?

Williams: the bottom line is the FBI's
mission to investigate every e-mail
Clinton ever sent or received

Todd: Trump is loving this

Trump: her criminal and illegal conduct!

Todd: welcome Mike Pence

Pence: hello Charles

Todd: what is Trump talking about?

Pence: she had classified
information on a private server!

Todd: he's raving

Pence: its incomprehensible
she wasn't charged with a crime

Todd: do you think she committed a crime?

Pence: the FBI director concluded
she had classified information!

Todd: also said no reasonable
person would prosecute

Pence: also she's a criminal on pay to play

Todd: I see

Pence: frankly Hillary is a risky choice
unlike Donald Trump who
presents no risks whatsoever

Todd: do you think it's fair to 
issue this vague statement?

Pence: she had a private server!

Todd: yes we know

Pence: she endangered 
American troops down range

Todd: um okay

Pence: why doesn't Hillary release
all her personal and work e-mails?

Todd: does the FBI have a duty
to share more information?

Pence: no

Todd: got it

Pence: why wouldn't Hillary's
aides release all their e-mails?

Todd: do you agree with Trump
that this is lowest point in American history

Pence: Comey indicted Hillary Clinton!

Todd: not really

Pence: there is such a 
double standard for the Clintons!

Todd: do you agree with Trump that
Comey was pressured not to bring
charges against Hillary?

Pence: I kind of like Comey

Todd: do you believe he was pressured?

Pence: it's troubling

Todd: so why would not prosecute?

Pence: I won't speculate

Todd: I see

Pence: no one is above the law!

Todd: you are saying that 
James Comey is corrupt

Pence: let's start again

Todd: okay

Pence: Bill Clinton bribed 
the Attorney General!

Todd: Loretta Lynch recused herself

Pence: at least James Comey said
Friday he's going to arrest her

Todd: will Trump spend his first
100 days suing these women

Pence: well maybe

Todd: he's really going 
to sue these women?!?

Pence: no he's going to cut taxes

Todd: that's better

Pence: on Friday we were going
to lose this election and you now it

Todd: yes I did

Pence: now we're going to win!

Todd: is he going to release his tax returns?

Pence: they under audit

Todd: not they aren't

Pence: make America great again!

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Robby

Mook: hiya Todd

Todd: Democrats used to praise
James Comey and now they question him

Mook: well he is a great man which
makes his weasel letter so puzzling

Todd: that's harsh

Mook: let's get all the information on the table

Todd: I see

Mook: now we're hearing he
hasn't even seen any of the e-mails

Todd: Podesta says Comey is helping Trump

Mook: we're raising lots of cash too

Todd: well good for you

Mook: Comey's actions are unprecedented!

Todd: does Huma have access
to her own emails?

Mook: we don't actually know
these are Huma's emails

Todd: true

Mook: also we don't know what
the hell Comey is talking about

Todd: no one does

Mook: anyway Huma already
turned over all her e-mails

Todd: are you 100 percent certain of that?

Mook: well we don't know
what Comey is talking about

Todd: fair point

Mook: hell even Comey doesn't
know what he's talking about

Todd: are you 100% confident
Huma turned everything over?

Mook: yes

Todd: okay

Mook: that's why we're so puzzled

Todd: will this cost you the election?

Mook: we have an insurmountable 
lead in Nevada

Todd: don't get cocky

Mook: but we don't take anything for granted

Todd: thanks for coming Robby

Mook: you too Teddy

[ break ]

Todd: first of all I want to explain
that we have a balanced panel
because we have zero Democrats
and two Republicans but one hates
Donald Trump and one loves him

Todd: the FBI's reputation on the line!

Mitchell: Clinton went nuclear on Comey!

Todd: but if she's elected
she has to live with Comey

Mitchell: that's true

Todd: she literally has to live with him
James Comey lives in the Lincoln Bedroom

Mitchell: Comey has no idea
what's on the e-mails which is weird

Kudlow: I heard from District Attorneys
that the FBI is in full revolt

Todd: do you even know 
what a District Attorney is

Kudlow: it would have leaked! 
He had no choice!

Todd: of course

Cornish: there's always something
with the Clintons

Todd: so sad

Cornish: Comey violated protocol
to cut a campaign ad for Trump

Murphy: the problem is Comey's letter
was so vague it leads to wild speculation

Mitchell: Trump is waving Comey's
letter has proof she's a crook

Mitchell: that letter was ridiculous

Kudlow it was not artful letter

Mitchell: ya think?

Kudlow: everyone is a hypocrite on Comey

Kudlow: Loretta Lynch shouldn't
have met with Bill Clinton

Todd: that's a lot of innuendo Larry

Kudlow: it's not fair but that's the Clintons
fairness goes out the window

Murphy: they angered the Election Gods!!

Todd: heretic!

Murphy: Huma should crowdsource her e-mails

Kudlow: Weiner is the gift 
that keeps on giving

Todd: hold on we have to pay for this show

[ break ]

Todd: time for data download!

Todd: Obama won Iowa twice
but Trump is winning there

Todd: Obama painted Mitt Romney
as an out of touch rich asshole

Todd: Trump on the other hand
speaks to uneducated white people

Todd: cause he's a regular guy

Todd: this dork Evan is on 
the ballot in only 11 states

Todd: but he's one point behind in Utah

Todd: he could swing the whole
election – just look at 2000

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Evan

McMullin: hi Todd

Todd: are you comfortable
swinging the election

McMullin: both candidates are deeply
corrupt so I'm trying to block them both

Todd: huh?

McMullin: my goal is block them 
both from the Presidency

Todd: you want it thrown to
the House of Representatives?

McMullin: yes then I win

Todd: you want to re-make
the Republican party

McMullin: I'm not sure I want to do that

Todd: oh no?

McMullin: we need liberty and equality

Cornish: what the hell does that mean?

McMullin: we need to destroy
the GOP – it's horrible

Mitchell: is it the racism or big spending?

McMullin: the big spending

Kudlow: I admit Trump is imperfect

McMullin: that's putting it mildly

Kudlow: but he's not corrupt

McMullin: he's highly unethical

Kudlow: but he's not a law breaker

McMullin: he might be

Murphy: you are handing
Hillary Clinton the elections

McMullin: it's not binary

Murphy: that's the choice!

McMullin: no it's not

Todd: I love how weird you are

McMullin: we're building something!

Murphy: you're helping the Democrats

McMullin: were going to block them both!

Todd: thanks for coming weirdo

McMullin: you too

[ break ]

Todd: ignore all the polls!
We've got a bombshell from the FBI!

Todd: Florida is neck and neck!

Todd: Clinton up six points in North Carolina!

Todd: but that was before
she was arrested by the FBI!

Murphy: calm down Chuck

Mitchell: Obama is going to
Carolina to lock this down

Cornish: the new registrations are non-white

Todd: that's not good for Trump

Kudlow: in my expert opinion on elections

Todd: how are you an expert?
Kudlow: I'm a white man in suit
I'm expert in everything

Todd: true enough

Kudlow: the people in America
want one thing above all –
tax cuts for rich people

Todd: of course

Kudlow: he's got to say on message

Todd: but that's not Trump

Murphy: he's crazy

Mitchell his tax cut would explode the budget

Kudlow: JFK cut taxes!

Mitchell: Anthony Weiner will hand
the House of Representatives
to the Republican party

Todd: also because of Weiner
the Supreme Court will have
8 people for 8 years

Cornish: that would have happened anyway

Murphy: Democrats don't 
want a Democratic Senate!

Mitchell: Paul Ryan is a dead man

Todd: Larry Kudlow gets the last word

Kudlow: we need to cut taxes for rich people!!

Todd: happy birthday Andrea Mitchell

Mitchell: awww

Todd: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – October 30, 2016

Pierre Thomas
Dan Abrams
Sen. Tim Kaine
Kellyanne Conway – Donald Trump 
campaign manager

Stephanopoulos: omg what a wild 48 hours!

Stephanopoulos: it's the biggest
October surprise ever!

Stephanopoulos: Clinton is down 11 points!

Stephanopoulos: it's the most dramatic
turn in American history!

Stephanopoulos: the FBI has found
new e-mails from Huma Abedin!

Trump: Hillary Clinton is a criminal!

Clinton: this is nothing!

Trump: she belongs in jail!

Clinton: why is James Comey
is trying to swing the election?

Trump: its the biggest scandal 
since Watergate!

Thomas: this is all about Anthony
Weiner sexting a 15 year old

Stephanopoulos: ewww

Thomas: but there may be some
Huma e-mails on the laptop

Stephanopoulos: so no one
has seen any of them

Thomas: that's right

Stephanopoulos: are they between 
Huma and Clinton

Thomas: they don't know

Stephanopoulos: so why did 
Comey send the letter?

Abrams: because he's afraid
of the Republicans

Stephanopoulos: the DOJ Guidelines say
they should try not to influence an election

Abrams: yes but these are the
Clintons so the rules don't apply

Thomas: right Comey struggled with
breaking the rules but decided the
Republicans are just too scary

Stephanopoulos: will he then 
give out more information?

Thomas: no

Abrams: let's be clear they are
not going back over the old e-mails

Stephanopoulos: okay

Abrams: they didn't find a crime
before so they probably won't now

Thomas: they just want to read every
single e-mail anyone who ever knew
the Clintons ever sent

Thomas: it's very poisonous

Stephanopoulos: so are we going
to get more information?

Thomas: he's under pressure to say more

Abrams: he's in a difficult position
since he is under great pressure
by Republicans to break the rules

Stephanopoulos: gosh

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: welcome Senator Kaine

Kaine: thanks for having me George

Stephanopoulos: Trump says this
e-mail thing is bigger than Watergate

Kaine: well he's a liar and an idiot

Stephanopoulos: possibly

Kaine: Jim Comey is violating DOJ
rules on talking about an investigation
and influencing an election

Stephanopoulos: what does
Huma think is on these e-mails?

Kaine: the FBI Director himself has no idea

Stephanopoulos: true

Kaine: we're asking Comey if you're
going to violate the rules then give
us all more information

Stephanopoulos: what do you want him to do?

Kaine: tell us what's on these e-mails!

Stephanopoulos: oh okay

Kaine: the FBI said there was no
crime and now he sends out this
ridiculous letter to Congress

Stephanopoulos: but the e-mails
might show crimes

Kaine: I seriously doubt that

Stephanopoulos: but they might

Kaine: we've got 50,000 volunteers!

Stephanopoulos: Diane Feinstein 
called James Comey appalling 
and Howard Dean compared Trump to Putin

Kaine: it's a little puzzling why 
he would break protocol twice

Stephanopoulos: you called 
him a wonderful man

Kaine: that's why I'm so confused
first he exonerates her
then he sends this weird letter

Stephanopoulos: I see

Kaine: I mean golly gosh

Stephanopoulos: Comey had to send
this letter because Republicans
would say mean things about him

Kaine: the guidelines don't get
suspended when Republicans get mad

Stephanopoulos: perhaps not

Kaine: grow a pair!

Stephanopoulos: you're losing 
this election aren't you

Kaine: we're running like were behind!

Stephanopoulos: you are

Kaine: we're energized!

Stephanopoulos: but this e-mail 
story will destroy her

Kaine: only with people who 
already hate her

Stephanopoulos: what lessons
has Hillary Clinton from all this?

Kaine: never ever use e-mail

Stephanopoulos: right

Kaine: ever!

Stephanopoulos: I get it

Kaine: she took responsibility 
unlike Donald Trump

Stephanopoulos: all right

Kaine: he's going to sue the woman
he groped which is pretty sickening

Stephanopoulos: should the
Clinton Foundation be shut down?

Kaine: it's better than the Red Cross

Stephanopoulos: but the 
Clintons are icky people

Kaine: Trump's foundation 
is a criminal enterprise!

Stephanopoulos: for real

Kaine: the CGI a wonderful philanthropy

Stephanopoulos: are you looking 
forward to being VP?

Kaine: we're underdogs!

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: well Kelly

Conway: thanks George

Stephanopoulos: how is this worse
than Watergate?

Conway: because it is

Stephanopoulos: 48 people went
to prison in Watergate

Conway: Clinton is a criminal!

Stephanopoulos: the FBI 
recommended no charges

Conway: Comey is incompetent and corrupt!

Stephanopoulos: ooh

Conway: she's not seen an empathetic –
for god's sake she's tied with Donald Trump
and he's one of the biggest jerks in America!

Stephanopoulos: can't argue with that

Trump: James Comey was clearly
threatened by the Clinton crime family

Stephanopoulos: is that right?

Conway: James Comey put out a letter  
saying Huma Abedin put our nation at risk

Stephanopoulos: she Comey 
put out more information?

Conway: let Huma put out all her e-mails

Stephanopoulos: she says it's
not even her computer

Conway: we call for full disclosure 
and transparency!

Stephanopoulos: well good

Conway: her message is Hillary First
and we're America First

Stephanopoulos: that checks out

Conway: did you know Hillary 
was once a lawyer!

Stephanopoulos: how terrible

Conway: it shouldn't allowed to defend
people accused of wrongdoing!

Stephanopoulos: it's Trump
a defendant in multiple suits?

Conway: sorry my audio is out

Stephanopoulos: the FBI said 
Hillary was honest

Conway: but she lied!

Stephanopoulos: I see

Conway: she's dishonest!

Stephanopoulos: you like recent polls

Conway: we love them!

Stephanopoulos: well they all have you losing

Conway: we're beating Mitt Romney

Stephanopoulos: but you're
losing to Hillary Clinton

Conway: we have an insurance policy

Stephanopoulos: where?

Conway: Pennsylvania

Stephanopoulos: she's campaigning in Arizona

Conway: why should Americans 
have to pay for health care??

Stephanopoulos: Trump lied 
about giving to 400 charities

Conway: the Trump Foundation 
has no overhead!

Stephanopoulos: and no giving

Conway: technically

Stephanopoulos: will he 
release his tax returns?

Conway: no

Stephanopoulos: okay

Conway: Clinton is hypocrite for taking
money from places disrespect women

Stephanopoulos: but he lies 
about giving to charity

Conway: he's been very 
generous with his time

Stephanopoulos: who wouldn't 
want to have Trump around

Conway: no one!

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming