Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet The Press - August 21, 2011

Host: Savannah Guthrie
Robert Gibbs - Obama Campaign Advisor
Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-IN)
Harold Ford
E.J. Dionne
Maria Bartiromo
Peggy Noonan
Guthrie: OMG the rebels have discovered
a weakness in Qaddafi’s defenses

Audience: the more he tightens his grip
the more they slip through his fingers

Guthrie: Bob only 26% approve of Obama
on the economy

Gibbs: he has a jobs plan you know

Guthrie: good to know

Gibbs: this election will be about
Wall Street vs Main Street

Guthrie: what about people sleeping
on the street

Gibbs: Obama inherited a major crisis

Guthrie: he’s been President for 2 1/2 years

Gibbs: we need the GOP to put aside
partisanship work and work with Obama

Guthrie: Obama said he would be a
one-term President if the economy
didn't turn around

Gibbs: Obama can’t do it alone Savannah

Guthrie: he had a Democratic Congress

Gibbs: and when we did we had
strong economic growth!

Guthrie: do you really think patent reform
is enough?

Gibbs: it’s a start

Guthrie: why doesn’t Obama make the case
for what he wants?

Gibbs: he does that every day and the
Republicans reject their own ideas because
they’re afraid it might help Obama get reelected

Guthrie: why doesn’t Obama create some jobs

Gibbs: we lost 8 million jobs in the recession

Guthrie: that’s bad

Gibbs: we can’t go back to a time when
Wall Street ran everything

Guthrie: should Obama take a vacation
when the Dow is dropping?

Gibbs: what better place to console
Wall Street bankers than Martha’s Vineyard?

Guthrie: but it looks bad!

Gibbs: they have cell phone service
there now you know

Guthrie: Rick Perry said Obama doesn’t
love America because he never served
in the armed forces

Gibbs: Rick also said he wants to secede
from the United States

Guthrie: Bachmann said Obama fears her most

Gibbs: she is pretty damn scary

Guthrie: true

Gibbs: why does Texas have such a
crappy school system? Why does Romney
have such a bad jobs record? Who shot J.R.??

Guthrie: I believe that was Rick Perry

Gibbs: you see my point

Guthrie: is your strategy to portray
Mitt Romney as weird?

Gibbs: Romney is worried we’re regulating
Wall Street too much - that is weird

Guthrie: what happened to
‘Change We Can Believe In’?

Gibbs: do you want George W Bush again?
Well do you??

[ break ]

Guthrie: Mitch who do you support
for President?

Daniels: me

Guthrie: GOP voters are desperate
enough to speculate about Rudy Giuliani

Daniels: the more the merrier I say

Guthrie: so you admit the current field is weak

Daniels: we need someone who can
unify the whole nation

Guthrie: who can possibly do that?

Daniels: Paul Ryan is the one hope
for poor people in this county

Guthrie: sounds like you want him to run

Daniels: I love that unpopular geek

Guthrie: you urged polite rhetoric but
Rick Perry threatened to shoot the Fed Chairman

Daniels: he was right - the Republican
Federal Reserve will destroy America to help Obama

Guthrie: he accused Bernanke of treason!

Daniels: well printing money is pretty bad

Guthrie: the candidates would reject 10-1
spending cuts from tax increases!

Daniels: the Democrats are just as bad
because they won’t get rid of Medicaid

Guthrie: how does a high debt cost jobs?

Daniels: Obama high debt had led to
high interest rates which wrecks the economy!

Guthrie: interest rates are at an all time low!

Daniels: we can’t afford these high rates!

Guthrie: what are you talking about?

Daniels: regulations are too damm high!

Guthrie: will you run for President?

Daniels: ha no

Guthrie: how about Vice President?

Daniels: oh my god

Guthrie: thanks for coming Mitch

[ break ]

Guthrie: should Rick Perry have accused
Ben Bernanke of treason?

Noonan: Reagan was benign and cuddly
and he could sell destructive policies with a
twinkle in his eye

Bartiromo: Perry was pushed over the edge
by Obama’s failure of leadership

Guthrie: it’s a throwback to the 80s
questioning Obama’s patriotism!

Dionne: someone tell Rick Perry that
Obama and Bernanke are not hippies

Ford: Perry has so many wonderful qualities
- why doesn’t he talk about that instead?

Guthrie: good point

Ford: I think the GOP will nominate
someone serious and terrific

Guthrie: like who?

Ford: Chris Christie

Guthrie: who can save the GOP??

Ford: Rudy Giuliani

Guthrie: can Sarah Palin save America?

Noonan: this is how desperate people are
- they’re begging Mitch Daniels to run

Dionne: we don’t need another candidate
- they all agree we should return
to the Gilded Age

Guthrie: Bachmann said she will return
to $1.99 gas

Bartiromo: sounds good to me

Guthrie: is that realistic?

Bartiromo: at least Bachmann has a
vision for America

Dionne: more like a hallucination

Guthrie: Obama shouldn’t go on vacation
unlike other Presidents

Noonan: there is a sense out there that a
real leader would not go to Martha’s Vineyard

Ford: I’ve been talking to big businesses
and they tell me they would love less
regulations and lower taxes

Bartiromo: the markets would love that

Guthrie: would they really?

Bartiromo: Businesses are sitting on
$2.5 trillion and they are waiting until
Republicans get elected and lower
taxes even more

Guthrie: of course

Bartiromo: Dodd-Frank is the law so
why are regulations being written to enforce it?

Ford: stop bashing Wall Street!

Dionne: Wall Street should go on tv and
support a new stimulus

Guthrie: why doesn’t Obama go on tv and say
‘by golly this is what I want’

Dionne: right - then people know
what you stand for

Guthrie: Peggy you said Obama is a loser

Noonan: yes a dorky skinny indonesian loser

Guthrie: Obama is reading a bunch of
high-falutin’ books

Dionne: no one like a brainac

Guthrie: speaking of that - Michele Bachmann
won the Iowa straw poll

Bartiromo: she can give us confidence as a
world beating economy

Ford: Mitch Daniels must hate Mitt Romney
or he wouldn’t praise Paul Ryan

Guthrie: he is adorable

Ford: Wall Street is Main Street dammit!

Guthrie: and that’s another episode of
Meet The Press

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This Week with Christiane Amanpour - August 21, 2011

Fmr Gov. John Huntsman (R-UT)
Frank Luntz
George Will
Donna Brazile
Jeff Zeleny
Tapper: wow Libyan rebels are closing
in on Qaddafi with a little help from
their NATO friends

Audience: ooh

Tapper: Pawlenty dropped out because he
was too rational - do you have the same problem?

Huntsman: Yes but I have distinguished
silver hair

Tapper: what is your plan?

Huntsman: get rid of the regulatory monkeys

Tapper: you raised taxes on the middle class
and cut taxes for the rich

Huntsman: yes but I also want to
get rid of all tax loopholes except for
the popular ones

Tapper: Mitt Romney says we need one
bracket for everyone

Huntsman: Whether Vain is an idiot

Tapper: Rick Perry says climate
change isn’t real

Huntsman: if the GOP becomes
anti-science that will not be good

Tapper: If?

Huntsman: People like science Jake

Tapper: Perry wants to beat up
Ben Bernanke because he might
boost the economy

Huntsman: he’s a moron but the point
is Obama is too liberal

Tapper: is Perry unelectable?

Huntsman: he’s certifiable

Tapper: Bachmann says gas will be
cheap when she’s President

Huntsman: she’s not grounded in reality

Tapper: you said she would crash
the economy

Huntsman: she argued for default
which is insane

Tapper: so did all the other candidates

Huntsman: Obama should have walked
away from the teleprompter and
used the bully pulpit

Tapper: you said you would reject 10-1
spending cuts for tax increases

Huntsman: it was a nonsense question

Tapper: you didn’t have to raise your hand

Huntsman: I was just stretching

Tapper: you’re not very popular

Huntsman: I’m on your show!

Tapper: true

Huntsman: I’m a leader, a businessman
and a Republican who rejects utter insanity

Tapper: well good luck with that

Huntsman: thanks

[ break ]

Tapper: this race seems up for grabs

Luntz: Primary voters wants someone
who can win but also won’t compromise

Tapper: I see

Luntz: They think Romney can win but
he’s such a fucking weasel

Tapper: how about the other candidates?

Luntz: Perry seems a little crazy and
Bachmann gets all her instructions from
the mother ship

Tapper: ok what about Chris Christie

Luntz: he’s in your face and a jerk and
people love that

Huntsman: should Paul Ryan run

Luntz: he’s a fighter and he’s a got a plan

Tapper: but it’s a terrible pan

Luntz Ryan is the sunny optimist of the GOP

Tapper: dear god

[ break ]

Tapper: should Chris Christie run for President?

Will: he thinks he would lose and he is
right about that

Tapper: Who would beat Obama?

Brazile: not a one of these nutters

Zeleny: Perry was cool but after one day
of campaigning people realized he’s a wacko

Tapper: people are worried about the
future of America

Luntz: they don’t trust their government,
schools, Wall Street, or reality tv shows

Tapper: wow

Luntz: Trust No One!

Tapper: It’s an X-Files election!

Luntz: Purity Control!

Tapper: Rick Perry had an interesting week

Will: Perry is a real Texas cowboy which
makes people nervous

Tapper: Can he win?

Brazile: he’s folksy and down to earth

Tapper: he’s an adorable gun-toting lunatic

Brazile: don’t count Barack out either!

Tapper: he was wildly popular in the morning
and by the afternoon the media learned
he’s frightening

Zeleny: he can talk to businesses and give
a sermon on Sunday

Tapper: he's a chameleon or a least
a gila monster

Zeleny: aside from threating to shoot the
Chair of the Federal Reserve I thought
he had a great week

Tapper: what about Sarah Palin?

Luntz: Bachmann is running and there's only
room for one crazy female candidate

Tapper: so how do you win?

Luntz: Washington politicians need to admit
they are failures and people will love them for it

Tapper: thanks for coming everyone

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meet The Press - August 14, 2011

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN)
Terry Branstad
Eugene Robinson
Mike Murphy
Chuck Todd
Jonathan Martin
Gregory: OMG Tim Pawlenty has dropped out
and boring white men all over are very sad

Gregory: Michele are you the front runner in Iowa?

Bachmann: This is my Waterloo!

Gregory: you made T-Paw cry

Bachmann: I love that little dweeb

Gregory: what about Rick Perry?

Bachmann: do we really need another
dimwit Texas governor Fluffy?

Gregory: you’ve only been in the House
a few years - is that enough experience?

Bachmann: I know how devastating high taxes
are since I devastated people for the IRS

Gregory: I see

Bachmann: I also started a small business
converting gay people

Gregory: gotcha

Bachmann: I was the tip of the spear to not
pay the nation’s debts!

Gregory: can you appeal to regular people
in the general election?

Bachmann: I’m from a state which
elected Jesse Ventura

Gregory: that makes sense

Bachmann: I swear I’m not crazy Fluffy!

Gregory: can you turn the economy around?

Bachmann: we need to send a message
to the markets

Gregory: what is that?

Gregory: half of all employees are being fired
because of Obamacare and Dodd-Frank

Gregory: would you support a payroll tax cut?

Bach: we need to slash spending and never
change tax rates ever

Gregory: what else?

Bachmann: cut corporate taxes

Gregory: what about extending jobless benefits?

Bachmann: no we can’t America is broke

Gregory: everyone but you thought threatening
not raising the debt ceiling was insane

Bachmann: but things are bad so we should default

Gregory: that’s crazy!

Bachmann: no I would not raise the debt ceiling
but I also would not default

Gregory: oh I see

Bachmann: the people in America said don’t
raise the debt ceiling

Gregory: but those people are stupid

Bachmann: markets are roiling!

Gregory: Standard & Poors said they downgraded
the U.S. because Republicans made the credit
of the U.S. a bargaining chip

Bachmann: Obama threatened to default but
I would have paid our soldiers

Gregory: but you purposefully started using
the debt as a bargaining chip

Bachmann: I love old people - Obama
threatened default not me!

Gregory: Bill Gross says the tea party
are fucking crazy

Bachmann: the way your grow the economy is to
cut taxes so businesses can hire people

Gregory: I like it

Bachmann: Electrolux vacuum cleaners left
America because the Departments of Transportation
pays 1,000 people $100,000 a year

Gregory: does God require women to be
submissive to husbands

Bachmann: submission is the same as respect

Gregory: I checked with Mrs. Fluffy and she
told me to tell that that isn’t true

Bachmann: we’re a good team like
Liza Minnelli and David Gest

Gregory: are you religious?

Bachmann: I’m not perfect but God guides me

Gregory: would God guide your decisions
as President?

Bachmann: God has been very very good to us

Gregory: would you appoint an atheist
to your cabinet?

Bachmann: why not as long as he or she
wasn’t a liberal?

Gregory: you said that the gay lifestyle is Satanic,
dangerous, dysfunctional sad and enslavement

Bachmann: I don’t judge people

Gregory: sure you do

Bachmann: I ascribe honor and dignity
to gay people

Gregory: it sure doesn’t sound like it

Bachmann: I’m not judging anyone

Gregory: would you let gays in your cabinet?

Bachmann: if they shared my views

Gregory: the view that being gay like
bondage and enslavement

Bachmann: right

Gregory: can gay people be with children be
considered a family?

Bachmann: no they all have bondage cooties

Gregory: yikes

Bachmann: look people in America don’t care
about this they want jobs

Gregory: but you have no economic
credentials either

Bachmann: God wants me to cut taxes!

Gregory: can you really bring Republicans and
Democrats together?

Bachmann: we got the federal government out of
education in Minnesota and I’m very proud of that

Gregory: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Gregory: Hi panelists - Bachmann knocked
T-Paw out of the race!

Todd: It’s now between Romney, Perry and Bachmann

Gregory: no love for Ron Paul?

Todd: he’s crazy by which I mean he’s too sane

Gregory: is Iowa just an evangelical primary?

Branstad: look what happened to Rudy Giuliani -
he was the President of 9/11 and then he skipped
Iowa and he’s doing dinner theater in Mineola

Murphy: If Romney loses here and wins in
New Hampshire and loses in the South
he’s in real trouble

Gregory: oh

Murphy: will we nominate our own
George McGovern?

Martin: this is good for Romney because he
can let Bachmann and Perry fight it out for
the Christian votes

Robinson: Bachmann has impressed a lot of people this week

Gregory: true

Robinson: Obama was having a terrible week
until they saw that debate and his team started
popping champagne

Branstad: Iowans hate debt!

Gregory: is that right?

Branstad: I love Bachmann because she
was a tax lawyer

Gregory: true but Bachmann is also utterly crazy

Todd: a majority of freshman Republicans don’t
even agree with Bachmann on the debt ceiling

Gregory: interesting point

Robinson: she collected taxes for the IRS!

Murphy: there’s a Texas sized barracuda
cheeseburger with hot sauce coming and it’s
topped with a Rick Perry bun!

Branstad: cut the corporate income tax!

Robinson: yes but they have oil in Canada

Branstad: we have oil too but Obama won’t let us use any of it!

Martin: Rick Perry’s problem is he looks like
Josh Brolin playing George Bush

Perry: I promise as President to make Washington

Todd: that’s crazy - the public wants government

Gregory: I see

Todd: but the populists are angry at Washington

Gregory: Obama says the people don’t want partisanship

Robinson: after the debt fiasco people are more
mad at the Republicans

Branstad: Obama has utterly failed to being sanity
to the Republican party and he blames everyone
else for this sad failure

Murphy: Iowa straw poll voters would vote
against algebra

Martin: Perry created jobs like Romney but also
appeals to evangelicals - he’s got it all!

Todd: This race will go to June 2012

Audience: oh my god

Murphy: Perry is a silo-jumper!

Gregory: people are across America are talking about
the Ames poll, Rick Pawlenty and Rick Perry

Robinson: yes but those people need to get a life

Murphy: T-Paw will endorse Bachmann
when I fly to Jupiter

Martin: Team Obama thinks America
won’t elect an idiot Texan governor

Todd: he’s been in office for 26 years so believe
me Democrats will check his record

Gregory: if the election were held today Obama might lose

Robinson: yes but it’s a year and a half away Fluffy

Gregory: and we’ll be there every step of the way

Audience: oh god

Gregory: and that’s another episode of
Meet The Press


This Week with Christiane Amanpour - August 14, 2011

Fmr Gov. Tim Pawlenty - (RMN)
Rep. Michele Bachmann - (R-MN)
Tapper: hi I’m coming from the center of
the universe - Ames Iowa

Audence: woot

Tapper: Michele Bachmann got 29% of
the vote and Ron Paul got 28% so should
Tim Pawlenty should drop out?

Tapper: Hi T-Paw - what went wrong?

Pawlenty: people don’t like me so I’m dropping out

Tapper: you’re so popular and you’re from a
neighboring state

Pawlenty: I’m rational, experienced and have
a record of results and clearly the voters
want something different

Tapper: you think the voter don’t want
someone rational?

Pawlenty: Michele won and Ron Paul came
in second so draw your own conclusions

Tapper: why not stick it out?

Pawlenty: I’m a realist Tappy

Tapper: this must be devastating for you

Pawlenty: God clearly doesn’t want to me
to be President

Tapper: would Michele Bachmann be
a reckless choice?

Pawlenty: she is crazy

Tapper: Obama is poised to lose but the GOP
could blow it by nominating a divisive nut

Pawlenty: right

Tapper: will you endorse anyone?

Pawlenty: not Michele that's for sure

Tapper: do you think she is even qualified?

Pawlenty: well we’ve had crazy Presidents before

Tapper: thanks for coming Tim

[ break ]

Tapper: so Timster is out - congrats Michele

Bachmann: thanks - I wish that loser well

Tapper: why should a moderate Republican
vote for you?

Bachmann: I’ve created jobs because I
collected taxes for the IRS

Tapper: I see

Pawlenty: I’m authentically wacky

Tapper: Other candidates are far more experienced

Bachmann: I’ve been the tip of the spear
against paying our bills as a nation

Tapper: fascinating

Bachmann: I have a core set of beliefs

Tapper: So does Rick Perry

Bachmann: I’ve been in Washington

Tapper: but people hate Washington

Bachmann: yes but I’ve never been a Governor
like Ronald Reagan was and also Jimmy Carter

Tapper: what exactly is your point Michele?

Bachmann: I led a movement for home schooling
and that’s what I will do as President

Tapper: why would you refuse to pay bills for
money we’ve already spent?

Bachmann: when did we become the biggest
debtor nation in the history of the world?

Tapper: under Reagan actually

Bachmann: and he was a Governor!

Tapper: what exactly would you cut?

Bachmann: I would pay debt holders, soldiers,
and old people - everything else gets eliminated

Tapper: what about Medicare and Medcaid?

Bachmann: those plans are 80 years old -
anyone that old is useless

Tapper: do you believe homosexuality is slavery?

Bachmann: yes but remember families were
very happy in slave days

Tapper: what is your strategy?

Bachmann: Obama is my strategy

Tapper: congrats Michele

Bachmann: thanks - vote for anti-bondage in 2012!


Sunday, August 07, 2011

Meet The Press - August 7, 2011

Sen. John Kerry (D-MA)
Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)
Austan Goolsbee - Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers
Alan Greenspan
Rachel Maddow
Alex Castellanos
Gregory: whoa this was the single deadliest
day of the longest war ever

Gregory: Senator are we defeating the enemy
in Afghanistan or not

Kerry: we are transitioning from
Stuck in a Quagmire to Getting The Hell Out

Gregory: General Petraeus told me this
province was safer than Newark

Kerry: that is true

Greg: if we leave will the Taliban just take over?

Kerry: that’s up for grabs

Gregory: that’s a bit troubling

Kerry: these successful attacks show
how successful we are

Gregory: it does?

Kerry: right Fluffy - we’ve narrowed the
battle zone to wherever we are

Gregory: what else?

Kerry: we need to involve the Russians,
the Chinese, India, and the Stans

Kerry: Musial?

Kerry: Laurel

Gregory: right

Kerry: I believe we may be able to prevent
the Taliban taking over the country

Gregory: you call that success in Afghanistan?

Kerry: I was talking about America

Gregory: Standard & Poors said fighting in
Washington caused them downgrade U.S. credit

Kerry: those fuckers

Gregory: is this a Wake Up Call or does
America have a Do Not Disturb sign ?

Kerry: this a Tea Party downgrade!

Gregory: that’s strong stuff

Kerry: our economy encourages putting
capital into gambling instead of investment

Gregory: wow

Kerry: we need to stop the bickering -
we have to stop blaming the downgrade
on politicians

Gregory: I see

Kerry: they were willing to shoot the hostage!

Gregory: that’s scary

Kerry: If John McCain and were co-Presidents
we could solve this

Gregory: really?

Kerry: no actually he’s become kind of an asshole

Gregory: what is the plan for growth?

Kerry: first we must cut the debt and deficit

Gregory: I see

Kerry: we balanced the budget but then we
cut taxes and put 2 wars on a credit card

Gregory: that was fun

Kerry: we need to build more highways
and create an Infrastructure Bank

Gregory: ok

Kerry: our highways and patents are both clogged

Gregory: clearly we need more national fiber

Kerry: we have to find the Happy Middle Ground
of Common Sense

Gregory: yay

[ break ]

Gregory: John was it a Tea Party downgrade?

McCain: Obama never had a plan to
give the GOP give everything they wanted

Gregory: it just kind of happened?

McCain: right Fluffy - the President hasn’t
led so this is all his fault

Gregory: even some Tea Partiers bragged
about taking hostages

McCain: Obama should have a had a plan
to cut corporate taxes

Gregory: I see

McCain: Obama is sending armed EPA agents
with hazmat suits into people kitchens if
they spill milk

Gregory: I did not know that

McCain: we need to buy up people’s mortgages

Gregory: what else?

McCain: S&P is right - we’re a bunch of deadbeats

Gregory: should we politicize the downgrade
or finally cut entitlements?

McCain: yes we must cut Medicaid or we
will be like Greece but with empty mini-malls
instead of ruined temples

Gregory: what about tax increases?

McCain: why should we give money to the
government when they just going to spend
it on annoying old people and unpopular wars

Gregory: interesting argument

McCain: damm right - businessmen never
know when another regulation will be enacted
so of course they invest in China

Gregory: are we pulling out of Afghanistan
too fast and will that dishonor our brave
men and women in uniform

McCain: exactly - leaving a war zone puts
our brave soldiers at risk of being killed

Gregory: of course

McCain: we should attack Pakistan

Gregory: it’s been 10 years!

McCain: no Fluffy - the war has only been going
on for 22 months!

Gregory: really?

McCain: also we have to stay because of 9/11

Gregory: right

McCain: think of the poor Afghan people
and how they will miss us when we’re gone!

Gregory: good point John

McCain: get off my lawn!

[ break ]

Gregory: talk money to me Alan

Greenspan: there are riots in Israel but that’s
not uncommon

Gregory: should I still invest in T-bills?

Greenspan: of course - but I never realized
S&P had the power to jar the American psyche

Gregory: Is S&P credible?

Goolsbee: no - the other agencies which
checked their math didn’t downgrade

Gregory: some say 1 + 1 = 2 but others disagree
so both sides are to blame for the
bickering and impasse

Goolsbee: but then again Congress members
cheering on default is clearly bad

Gregory: some would say that

Goolsbee: we need bipartisanship

Gregory: are we going to double-dip that chip?

Greenspan: our hope lies in the Europe
getting its act together

Gregory: dear god

Greenspan: basically the world economy
depends on Silvio Berlusconi

Audience: bunga bunga!

Gregory: l like cartoons Rachel

Maddow: we all know that Fluffy

Gregory: what does the future hold?

Maddow: S&P called for higher taxes and
blasted the tea party’s hostage taking

Castellanos: the tea party was right!

Maddow: S&P downgraded us because
of the tea party you dimwit

Castellanos: we should thank the Tea Party
for alerting us to the possibility of downgrade
by causing a downgrade

Gregory: Paul Krugman says fuck the debt -
we need stimulus to grown this goddamn
motherfucking economy

Maddow: Paul uses the coarsest language of
any Nobel prize winner other than Doris Lessing

Goolsbee: hey we added 2 million jobs until the
tsunami and the damn Greek crisis

Gregory: Jamie Dimon says Wall Street regulations
put in place to prevent another recession may
cause another recession

Greenspan: this the essential question -
how can we persuade rich people to give us their money?

Castellanos: Obama was petulant just because
the Tea Party caused another recession

Gregory: I see

Castellanos: rich people are sitting on money

Gregory: they won’t invest it?

Castellanos: no it’s sewn into their seat cushions

Gregory: I talked to House Democrats who
said every bad thing was all their fault

Maddow: Democrats are willing to negotiate
and in response Republicans offer two choices
- their way or disaster

Gregory: let’s compromise and have both

Maddow: exactly

Gregory: People hate Congress

Castellanos: we all do Fluffy

Gregory: what about cutting Social Security
you know I love that

Castellanos: Republicans are willing to
compromise and raise revenues

Maddows: really which ones?

Castellanos: The GOP are willing to meet the
Democrats halfway by cutting taxes

Maddow: [ laughs ]

Goolsbee: ok how about we cut taxes on the poor

Gregory: what’s the deal with this fucking
Super Congress?

Greenspan: the debt is worse than we thought

Gregory: well what’s the solution?

Greenspan: we must cut spending and this
will cause pain but it’s either that or raise taxes
and the IMF says we can’t do that

Castellanos: Presidential candidates
should lead now

Gregory: like Mitt Romney

Castellanos: Whether Vain rode down into
a battlefield and shot the wounded

Maddow: if we pretend S&P is credible then
we have to blame the tea party

Goolsbee: but it’s not since the U.S. will
always pay its debts

Gregory: Rick Perry had an awesome prayer rally

Castellanos: he’s sarah palin in a skirt -
with a george bush taint

Gregory: I must confess that does not
sound appealing to me

Gregory: should we stay in Afghanistan?

Maddow: Democrats and the GOP are both
split on the war - some want to leave right away
while others want to stick around for two years

Gregory: do you have hope for the Super Congress?

Greenspan: it will fail because one person
on the committee has to switch parties

Gregory: and that’s another episode of
Meet The Press

This Week with Christiane Amanpour - August 7, 2011

John Chambers - Standard & Poors
Sen. Jeff Sessions
Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT)
Steven Rattner
Melanie Hobson
George Will
Cokie Roberts
Amanpour: OMG the debt was downgraded
and 22 Navy SEALS were killed

Raddatz: the SEAL team was going in to help
another team of SEAL which was there to fight
the Taliban which were there to fight Americans

Amanpour: I thought we secured this area

Raddatz: we did but it was secure so we left

Amanpour: makes sense

Amanpour: in a few hours international gamblers
will react to the downgrade

Amanpour: the White House said S&P are a
bunch of idiot amateurs who missed $2 trillion
and your decision was driven by politics

Chambers: baby the numbers don’t lie

Amanpour: but people do

Chambers: on Wall Street we call it
“adjusting truth downwards”

Amanpour: what about the future?

Chambers: we will probably downgrade
America again

Amanpour: how does D.C. get its
groove back?

Chambers: it will take 10 years at least

Amanpour: ye gods

Chambers: there needs to be consensus
to slash the debt

Amanpour: do you think that could happen
in today’s political climate?

Chambers: If politicians had followed
Simpson-Bowles and cut entitlements
we would not have downgraded

Amanpour: that sounds like you’re taking
a political position

Chambers: I wouldn’t lend the American
people money - would you?

Amanpour: all my money is invested in
swiss francs and antidepressants

[ break ]

Amanpour: was the downgrade justified?

Governor Martin O'Malley: no - Standard & Poors
are idiots who can’t add

Amanpour: neither can most politicians

O'Malley: that’s true but the tea party has
prevented consensus

Amanpour: Is this the wake up call or is
America going to hit the snooze button?

Sessions: our debt is unsustainable and
Obama irresponsibly calls for investment

Amanpour: oh

Sessions: Obama has to look the American
people in the eye and tell them massive
borrowing and spending was good when
Republicans were President and now it’s unacceptable

Amanpour: will you raise taxes?

Sessions: that is unthinkable

Amanpour: so you will not think it

Sessions: that is my position on most things

O'Malley: he worships the false god of tax cuts

Sessions: Ayn Ra-And is real!

Amanpour: ok Jeffers

Sessions: Bush cut the debt

O'Malley: he’s an idiot

Amanpour: will the Super Congress
come to the rescue?

Sessions: according to S&P we need to get
rid of all old people

O'Malley: even Republican voters agree we
need to raise taxes and invest to create jobs

[ break ]

Amanpour: how bad is it George?

Will: Standard & Poors are entirely idiots
and threw out some nonsense about a
dysfunctional democracy

Roberts: George is right of course and
S&P are absurd but let me spout some
conventional wisdom about bumper stickers

Hobson: of course S&P has no credibility -
I mean the idea that America is suddenly
unable to pay debts is stupid

Amanpour: was this a wake up call?

Rattner: I hope so but I doubt it because
S&P are morons

Amanpour: that’s too bad

Rattner: it’s very embarrassing to be
downgraded by people who don’t know what
they are talking about

Amanpour: what the answer?

Rattner: America must have an austerity
program like France

Amanpour: did the tea party go to far?

Chaffetz: the tea party has been proven right!

Amanpour: it was?

Chaffetz: yes we in the heartland we know we
need to spend less and spend more on defense

Amanpour: you called the tea party terrorists!

Rattner: you bet I did - the tax cuts got us
into this problem and the tea party pretends
to care about the debt but then rules out all taxes

Roberts: S&P said we need to repeal the Bush tax cuts

Amanpour: don’t politicians need to compromise?

Chaffetz: the tea party compromised a lot
by agreeing to raise the debt ceiling and pay
the bills for stuff we already bought

Amanpour: 82% of people disapprove of Congress
and the other 18% hate polls

Hobson: people want jobs - nothing else
really matters

Goolsbee: we can create good new
call center jobs

Will: clearly stimulus doesn’t work so lets
try something else

Hobson: let’s lower taxes on corporations
and pay businesses to hire people

Chaffetz: the EPA caused the recession

Rattner: we saved the auto industry

Amanpour: Rick Perry is going to pray
the recession away

Will: I can’t fucking wait

Chaffetz: even the tea partiers think he’s a nut

Amanpour: thanks everyone for coming