Sunday, April 28, 2013

Meet The Press – April 28, 2013

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)
Rep. Peter King (R-NY)
Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN)
Sen. Any Klobuchar (D-MN)
Karen Hughes
Tony Blair

Gregory: OMG nerdprom is so funny
but first we might go to war with Syria
and somehow we managed to get
John McCain as a guest

Gregory: Senator did Syria really 
use chemical weapons?

McCain: who knows – he probably would someday

Gregory: right

McCain: Obama gave Assad a green
light to commit mass executions

Gregory: that sounds like something 
Obama would do

McCain: Obama just loves murder

Gregory: so what should we do?

McCain: use missiles to create a
no-fly zone and supply the rebels with guns

Gregory: I like it

McCain: also Russia is flooding
Syria with weapons so we should do also

Gregory: we must not allow a Syria-weapons gap

McCain: Fluffy right now it's an unfair 
fight and a stalemate

Gregory: so if we equalize the fight
it won't be a stalemate anymore?

McCain: where's my pudding?

Gregory: didn't we invade Iraq and find they
didn't have any weapons of mass destruction?

McCain: this is totally different –
we're pretty sure he does and if he
doesn't Assad is a bad guy

Gregory: I stand corrected – so you
think the U.S. should use force?

McCain: sure why not – we can't let chemical
weapons fall into the wrong hands

Gregory: should the U.S. declare war?

McCain: no Americans are tired of war
we should just go in operationally

Gregory: that sounds like an invasion

McCain: oh no - U.S. boots on the ground
would be the worst possible thing we could do
it would turn people against America

Gregory: I see

McCain: on the other hand if we don't
attack the Syrian people will turn against us

Gregory: the Senate fixed airport delays
is that the right approach?

McCain: no the sequester cuts are
crippling America's defenses!

Gregory: Biden says you might have 
won in 2008 if the Republicans hadn't 
crashed the economy

McCain: well that's nice but don't forget 
I ran a terrible campaign

Gregory: true – thanks for coming John

[ break ]

Gregory: Keith should we declare war on Syria?

Ellison: there is a terrible humanitarian
crisis there and we need to do more

Gregory: Peter should we invade Syria?

King: Obama puts America's prestige on the line!

Gregory: that's true

King: but I don't trust those rebels – 
some of them are terrorists

Gregory: like the IRA?

King: ha good one Fluffy

Gregory: please criticize the FBI for me

King: the FBI did not visit Tameralan's mosque
or his friends or neighbors or consult the
FBI crystal ball which can tell who will be a terrorist

Gregory: the FBI dropped the crystal ball!

Ellison: of course you want to blame
the FBI – it's a better story

Gregory: Peter you want to spy on 

King: damn right – even the liberal
Tom Friedman hates muslims – it's all the rage

Gregory: I'm convinced

King: the FBI never even reported
Tameralan to the Boston Police!

Gregory: Keith you're a muslim

Ellison: I'm an American!

Gregory: well make up your mind

Ellison: going after a whole community
is wrong and doesn't help security

Gregory: how is political correctness hurting security?

King: the police never spied on 
Tameralan's mosque because they 
are afraid of being called anti-Islam

Gregory: that's a strong charge Peter

King: the threat to American is coming from muslims

Ellison: the ricin attack didn't come from a muslim

King: that wasn't terrorism that was a
harmless prank like when the IRA bombed civilians

Ellison: muslims love this country!

Gregory: what questions do you have Peter?

King: how can we blame the community
and also how does this affect New York City?

Gregory: thanks for coming guys

King: I'm keeping my eye on you Keith

[ break ]

Gregory: hi panel – how was nerdprom?

Klobuchar: Obama skillfully made fun
of himself and Mitch McConnell

Gregory: George W. Bush was
very good at everything

Todd: Obama took potshots at the media
because he hates Buzzfeed and Politico

Gregory: John McCain thinks Obama
supports mass murder

Klobuchar: McCain talks tough 
but chickened out when you asked 
him about boots on the ground

Murphy: you know I've heard that it's
easier to start a war than end one

Castro: we were fooled over WMD once before

Hughes: no one is for boots on the ground
but al-qaeda is taking over Syria and the
whole world wants us to attack

Todd: the White House regrets drawing that
red line because now there are no good choices

Klobuchar: Assad is more dangerous 
than Qaddafi who was kind of an idiot

Murphy: the rebels might not be good guys

Gregory: what will define Obama's legacy?

Castro: a lot of issues – but I believe
Congress is up to the task

Gregory: you must be joking

Gregory: Karen I love Bush but
his second term was kind of a mess

Hughes: Obama is a failure because
all the big spending and debt

Todd: Obama has one year to get anything
done and since he failed on guns he must
pass immigration reform or Maureen Dowd 
will write another stupid column

Gregory: I've heard Obama is a loser
is that true Amy?

Klobuchar: Obama can bring people together
over the debt and even Republicans
favor immigration reform

[ break ]

Gregory: greetings Prime Minister - 
you supported Bush's invasion of Iraq 
which turned out to be not so brilliant

Blair: after 9/11 I thought it was 
important to do whatever Bush wanted

Gregory: Bush told you not to 
support him if it would hurt you politically

Blair: yes it turns out Bush was 
somewhat shrewd in that regard

Gregory: indeed

Blair: but at the time I thought invading 
Iraq was the right thing to do

Gregory: may I ask why?

Blair: 9/11

Gregory: the Bush library link Iraq and
terrorism which we know is false

Blair: yes but by invading Iraq brought 
out the violent ethnic tribal wackos 
who are arguably like terrorists in that 
sort of extreme kind of way as one sees in 
Africa and Asia all those non-anglo places

Gregory: what about Syria?

Blair: well you know old chap I see this as a
clash of civilizations and you see all these
foreigners who don't believe in freedom like we do

Gregory: Britain has homegrown terrorism

Blair: we must cast out this ideology –
and like fascism or communism or
kardashianism we will fight it for a long time

Gregory: what was it like to sit through
the dedication of the Bush 'library'?

Blair: you can disagree with George W. Bush
but he has great character and integrity

Gregory: no doubt

[ break ]

Gregory: panel what is the Bush legacy?

Murphy: he made the tough decision
to respond to terrorism

Hughes: he cut taxes, gave out prescription drugs,
had tougher standards on education and made
the brave and tough decision to respond 
to massive terror attacks

Klobuchar: he helped rebuild a bridge in my state

Gregory: Bush was actually a fiscal
conservative wasn't he?

Todd: yes and it turns out people love 
prescription drugs

Gregory: I asked Barbara Bush if Jeb Bush 
should run for President and she 
“no we've had enough Bushes”

Hughes: oh any mother will say that about her son

Gregory: really?

Hughes: yes – she also said George W. Bush 
would never beat Ann Richards

Gregory: what a sweet mother

Murphy: don't cross her Fluffy

Gregory: she scares me

Murphy: she terrifies us all

Gregory: and that's another episode
of Meet The Press

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - April 28, 2013

Martha Raddatz
Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI)
Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD)
Jeffrey Goldberg
Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)

Stephanopoulos: good morning –
ha ha Washington had its prom night for
nerds who didn't go to their first one

Audience: ha

Stephanopoulos: Martha did Syria
use chemical weapons?

Raddatz: yes they probably definitely used sarin

Stephanopoulos: are the experts sure?

Raddatz: yes almost certainly probably

Stephanopoulos: Congressman 
are you persuaded?

Rogers: yes because action must be taken
North Korea is paying attention!

Stephanopoulos: are you sure?

Rogers: yes but it was a small amount of sarin

Stephanopoulos: does that make sense?

Ruppersberger: it doesn't matter –
we have to act or we will look like wimps
in front of the Russians

Stephanopoulos: no one wants that

Rogers: there's a humanitarian crisis –
who cares if there are chemical weapons –
we need to look tough to the Iranians!

Goldberg: Obama laid down a red line here –
if Obama looks indecisive Iran will nuke America!

Raddatz: you know wars can sometimes be bad

Rogers: no!

Raddatz: the difference here is Bush wanted
a war with Iraq but Obama wants to avoid war

Rogers: the Arab League wants us
to start a war – we have to go in now!

Stephanopoulos: I'm sold

Rogers: Israel, Turkey – they all agree
America must attack!

Ruppersberger: what if Assad falls –
the chemical weapons could fall
in the wrong hands

Stephanopoulos: good point

Ruppersberger: I don't think we should
start a war based on how it looks to
our other buddy neighbors

Goldberg: the ultimate nightmare is the
marriage of al-qaeda and weapons
of mass destruction

Stephanopoulos: the GOP told us
gay marriage would lead to this

Raddatz: Assad is testing us by
experimenting with chemical weapons

Stephanopoulos: like when kids
experiment with drugs

Schakowsky: war is messy

Rogers: no one is calling for U.S. troops
we just need to train Syrian forces

Stephanopoulos: yes they seem
to really need training

Stephanopoulos: what about the Boston bombings?

Rogers: the Russians need to step up and
tell us what Tamerlan was doing there

Stephanopoulos: they wiretapped the
mother and she sounds a bit crazy

Schakowsky: calm down - this is an
incredibly thorough investigation

Ruppersberger: I have decided
it's all Russia's fault

Raddatz: he was radicalized here in America

Goldberg: you don't have to go to
Russia to be radicalized – you can
do it on the Internet

Stephanopoulos: but they must have help
those bombs cost at least $100

Rogers: they must have been taught to be
radicals by Russians – otherwise it's our fault

Ruppersberger: the general public has
to let the CIA know when the next
bombing is going to happen

Schakowsky: were the dots not connected?

Stephanopoulos: did the FBI drop the ball?

Rogers: the FBI can't just investigate 
whoever whenever

Stephanopoulos: that gives me a sad

Goldberg: the FBI doesn't have the power
to investigate for no reason and they
don't have the manpower if they did

Stephanopoulos: but second-guessing
is so much fun

Goldberg: only Islam can fix Islam!

Stephanopoulos: and we're done


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Meet The Press – April 21, 2013

Gov. Deval Patrick (D-MA)
Pete Williams
Mike Rogers (R-MI)
Richard Durbin (D-IL)
Mike Chertoff
Mike Leiter
Doris Kearns Goodwin
Jeff Goldberg
Tom Brokaw

Gregory: congratulations Governor

Patrick: I accept your congrats on behalf
of our excellent meticulous law enforcement officers

Gregory: has the threat passed?

Patrick: we think so but we are
looking at all possible leads

Gregory: did the younger suspect
try to commit suicide?

Patrick: I don't know David

Gregory: can he talk?

Patrick: well when he can we
will talk to him Fluffy

Gregory: he was on the FBI's radar

Patrick: it was the older brother actually

Gregory: whatever

Patrick: look we need to be careful
and methodical and not rush into anything

Gregory: screw that – say something
provocative about Dzokhar

Patrick: he was acting like a regular
student even after the bombing
which is odd to say the least

Gregory: is there a video showing
them planting the bomb?

Patrick: yes and they did not even react
when the first bomb went off which is pretty chilling

Gregory: should the Constitution apply
to him or should we repeal the Constitution
and call him an enemy combatant?

Patrick: Um... let's keep the Constitution

Gregory: if you say so

Patrick: we had seamless cooperation
with local and federal law enforcement

Gregory: how has American completely
changed because of this?

Patrick: I heard you were a moron

Gregory: but America will never be the same!

Patrick: we need civic celebrations as people

Gregory: but I'm scared

Patrick: it's very affirming that people
came together instead of turning on each
and creating a police state like you want to do

Gregory: go away Deval
[ break ]

Gregory: scare me Pete!

Williams: what was Tameralane doing in Russia?
Who did he meet with? Where did he learn
how to build these pressure cooker bombs?

Gregory: Dzokhar was a star student and
Tamerlan was good boxer with a wife 
and child on the other hand he posted 
some scary YouTube videos so he should 
probably have been arrested

Rogers: Russia called us and told us
he was a radical – the FBI asked Russia
for more help and they refused

Gregory: those fiendish Russians

Rogers: then he comes back from Russia
and he's a radical mosque-going wackjob

Gregory: his uncle says when Tameralan
came back from Russia he was a radical nut
with all kinds of insane interests like
extreme religion and the Kardshians

Leiter: this happens all the time –
like that guy who got an MBA and committed
insider trading and that other guy with an
MBA who tried to bomb Times Square

Chertoff: Obama dropped the ball!

Leiter: there are lots of radicals – 
they're not all terrorists
some have shows on Fox News

Gregory: did the FBI miss something here?

Rogers: I doubt it – what are they supposed to do?
arrest the guy for sounding crazy –
they'd have to arrest half of Congress

Gregory: unfortunately Dzokhar is an American
should his Constitutional rights be revoked?

Williams: no that's against the law Fluffy

Gregory: that is so sad

Williams: Lindsay Graham wants him
treated as enemy combatant

Gregory: excellent!

Williams: that won't happen

Gregory: Roger you're a Republican -
should Dzokhar be treated as a citizen which
he is or should we suspend all his rights?

Rogers: no he's an American citizen Fluffy!

Gregory: dammit

Rogers: but Mirandizing is a horrible
idea and in any case we don't need
a confession we need to know if
there are bombs hidden somewhere

Gregory: did this incident with a
teenager change America forever?

Chertoff: maybe

Gregory: look at all these failed 
terror attempts on America – 
but finally the face of terror has changed 
and we can have the police state news 
anchors have always dreamed of

Chertoff: cripes calm down Fluffy!

Gregory: I can't! I need news!

Chertoff: get a goddamn grip on yourself –
this doesn't change anything!

Gregory: we have fallen into
complacency haven't we?

Durbin: not at all

Gregory: I'm going to cry and hold my
breath until one of you agree America has changed

Durbin: oh do shut up Fluffy

Gregory: the FBI missed
something didn't they?

Durbin: I doubt it – and don't forget
we live in a free and open society Fluffy

Gregory: I hear you saying we need
strengthened law enforcement

Durbin: sweet jesus you're a moron

Gregory: what new laws do we need?

Gregory: immigration reform would
make us safer

Gregory: Chuck Grassley says Boston
means we should not let immigrants be legal

Durbin: that's stupid

Gregory: should we call Dzokhar an
enemey combatant and revoke the Constitution?

Durbin: no and Liz Cheney is a
paranoid un-american idiot

[ break ]

Gregory: hi panelists – what a week!

Goodwin: we love Patriot's day –
history and baseball and the marathon -
but then everyone came together

Gregory: awesome but I'm still scared

Goodwin: we belong to our families
and our hometowns

Gregory: forget the strength –
hasn't this changed America forever?

Brokaw: Islamic rage is more dangerous than ever!

Gregory: finally someone agrees with me!

Brokaw: on the other hand there
is no privacy left in America

Gregory: Tom is right about Islamic
rage and how America has changed forever

Goldberg: we live in the Era of
the Suspicious Package

Gregory: thank you!

Goldberg: on the other hand we 
should not overreact

Noonan: I was in New York City and there
men in camouflage and police dogs

Audience: so like every other day

Noonan: cell phone cameras! community! drink!

Gregory: we will never ever feel safe again!

Goodwin: holy fucking shit will you
calm the fuck down Fluffy

Gregory: I can't – I'm terrified

Goodwin: people came together
and they're not afraid

Noonan: radiological... dirty bomb
do you know what I mean?

Gregory: Tom give her a refill

Goldberg: instead of being terrified
David - what about being defiant!

Goodwin: like the Londoner were during Blitz

Noonan: Blitz! Who's with me?!

Brokaw: why do young men feel so
alienated from our Sunday talk shows?

Noonan: good question tommy

Brokaw: young people don't like
being bombed by drones from above

Goldberg: all young men are alienated –
but the Internet provides an outlet for that rage

Brokaw: true - ever seen the YouTube 
comments section?

Goldberg: the solution for angry
young men must come from Islam

Gregory: Washington must step up!
We must track homegrown terror!
We must revoke the Constitution!

Brokaw: don't forget to blame violent video games

Gregory: good point Tom

Brokaw: we are the most advanced country
in the history and yet our movie theatres
can still get shot up like in more primitive countries

Gregory: and yet the Senate filibustered gun control

Noonan: yes but what if Obama turned
out to be Hitler – then gun control
would be a bad idea

Goodwin: or maybe we shouldn't let
a tiny minority of people control the U.S. Senate

Brokaw: background checks are not popular

Gregory: or maybe we just can't 
prevent some attacks

Goldberg: terrorism is not that great
a threat – don't get me started on
backyard swimming pools

Gregory: are we moving toward a
culture of people cowering in their homes?

Goodwin: not in Boston – people were
out there even when the bullets were flying

Noonan: 24 hour television encourages
mass hysteria and then has panels about mass hysteria

Gregory: and that's another episode
of Meet The Press


This Week with George Stephanopoulos - April 21, 2013

Pierre Thomas
Dan Abrams
Brad Garrett
Richard Clarke
Mayor Thomas Menino

Stephanopoulos: wow the terror suspect
is alive but in serious condition

Thomas: he won't be read Miranda rights

Stephanopoulos: thank god

Thomas: they may have stockpiled bombs -
they were very disciplined!

Stephanopoulos: except they had
to rob a 7-11 to get money

Thomas: diabolically clever

Stephanopoulos: what about Miranda?

Abarams: the Supreme Court has ruled
for years that there is a limited public safety
exception for imminent threats

Stephanopoulos: would that threat still
apply after two days?

Abrams: maybe - we shall see

Stephanopoulos: Lindsay Graham wants
to try him as an enemy combatant

Abrams: that's ridiculous – unless 
you want him acquitted

Stephanopoulos: is there a sleeper 
cell in New Bedford?

Garrett : yes but the were only hunting 
the white whale

Stephanopoulos: Russia tipped the U.S.
off about the older brother

Garrett: yes but lots of people
visit radical websites like YouTube

Stephanopoulos: Peter King says the
FBI let Tamerlan slip through their fingers

Garrett: well he's an idiot

Clarke: if he was such a threat why did
the Russians let him spend 7 months
there and then send him back to America?

Stephanopoulos: home-grown 
terrorists are very scary

Clarke: these two idiots may well 
inspire other dumbasses

Abrams: he's not an enemy combatant!

Stephanopoulos: given how many people we
kill all over the world we have had very
few acts of terrorism in the last 10 years

Clarke: given how vulnerable we 
are I don't understand why we don't 
have one terror act per week

Stephanopoulos: Richard you predicted many
terror attacks in 2005 and you were wrong

Clarke: I can't explain how I 
could be wrong – except these young 
men were evil geniuses who forgot 
fix their car or go to the ATM

Garrett: catching stupid terrorist is hard

Stephanopoulos: the younger brother
kept going to classes and parties after the bombing

Garrett: see how clever they were!

Clarke: they were so smart and evil they
lobbed bombs from a moving car they
carjacked because they left their car in the auto shop

Stephanopoulos: I'm sold

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Mayor what's going on in Boston

Menino: it's pahrty time George

Stephanopoulos: did these brothers act alone?

Menino: it ssure seems lahk it

Stephanopoulos: would you like to see
him face the death penalty?

Menino: that wicked pissah held the
whole city hahstage

Stephanopoulos: was the lock down 
an overreaction?

Menino: no because there were 
bahmbs everywheah

Stephanopoulos: have you seen pictures
of the suspects celebrating the bombing?

Menino: all the lah enfahcement 
worked tahgethah!

Stephanopoulos: how were they caught

Menino: the Bahston PD is wicked ahsome

Stephanopoulos: were they planning 
other attacks?

Menino: these lahsers are lahsers!

Stephanopoulos: but would they do other attacks?

Menino: who knows – they're pissahas!

Stephanopoulos: right but-

Menino: everyone worked togethah –
from President Obamah to thah citizens

Stephanopoulos: their friends says 
they were normal how were they radicalized?

Menino: the younger one was brainwhashed

Stephanopoulos: what about security?

Menino: we had a lhat cahmeras and
we need to check trahsh cahns

Stephanopoulos: you son is a hero as well

Menino: he whas jahst doin his jahb

Stephanopoulos: you did a good job too

Menino: thahnks gahge

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Meet The Press – April 14, 2013

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)
Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT)
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand(D-NY)
Katty Kay
David Brooks
Rachel Robinson
Ken Burns
Harrison Ford

Gregory: welcome Senator Rubio

Rubio: Hi David

Gregory: sorry I sound like Peter Brady

Rubio: I just thought you were choked up
with emotion at meeting the next President

Gregory: so what's the deal with immigration reform?

Rubio: we let undocumented people stay
but it makes so darn hard it doesn't
encourage more illegal immigration

Gregory: nice

Rubio: the status quo only helps human traffickers

Gregory: Ted Cruz is worried about the hurt
feelings of foreigners who are waiting in line

Rubio: don't worry – this bill is 
very punitive and cruel!

Gregory: that's a relief

Rubio: wait till you see this bill –
it's really mean!

Gregory: you flip-flopped on amnesty

Rubio: this bill doesn't grant amnesty – 
it just lets people who came illegally stay here

Gregory: that's not amnesty?

Rubio: no because you have to pay a fee

Gregory: but you you used to demand 
people leave the country and now 
you've changed your mind

Rubio: well we lost the 2012 elections Fluffy!

Gregory: speaking of that – will this bill
be enough to win back Latinos?

Rubio: I hope so – otherwise we're screwed

Gregory: Colin Powell says the GOP 
has a dark vein of intolerance

Rubio: that's not true – but let's say it is –
I'm doing my best by taking the lead
on immigration reform Fluffy!

Gregory: fair enough

Rubio: we are the party of the poor and
downtrodden - we are not the party of the
rich and and successful and well off

Gregory: [ spit take]

Rubio: sorry about that fluffy

Gregory: the GOP is unpopular with Hispanics

Rubio: that's not fair – we're 
unpopular with everyone

Gregory: good point

Rubio: big businesses and poor latinos
all agree – we need immigration reform

Gregory: will this bill be amended to death?

Rubio: that's a lazy question Fluffers

Gregory: I have a severe cold

Rubio: drink fluids – believe me

Gregory: the Newtown families took over Capitol Hill

Rubio: I know – they're everywhere!

Gregory: then how can you oppose  
a debate on guns?

Rubio: I love these families but criminals
don't care about laws and the Second 
Amendment is sacred

Gregory: how does closing background
check loopholes infringe on anyone's rights?

Rubio: criminals won't undergo background checks

Gregory: okay

Rubio: forget the guns – we need to ask 
why Americans are so violent

Gregory: righty-o

Rubio: we have a society with a lot of gun violence
and we need to find out why humans are violent

Gregory: what about North Korea?

Rubio: I oppose North Korea

Gregory: nice

Rubio: we should tell them no more aid
until they agree to keep Dennis Rodman

Gregory: Jay-Z and Beyonce went to Cuba
which you say proves Obama is a communist

Rubio: Jay-Z is a hypocrite because 
Che Guevara was a racist

Gregory: Betsy am I hallucinating this conversation?

Rubio: the fundamental problem is that
Americans should not be free to leave 
the USA without my permission because 
we love freedom

Gregory: what about immigration reform?

Rubio: didn't we talk about this already?

Gregory: my fever is spiking

Rubio: okay fluffy - look the 11 million
people are here already and we tried arguing
for self-deportation and it didn't go over so well

Gregory: that's true

Rubio: so my message to Republicans is
wake up and get with the program before we
become a third party ranting about rappers
touring the Caribbean like a bunch of idiots

Gregory: thanks for coming Marco

Gregory: what about immigration reform?

Lee: I am in favor of immigration reform
as soon the entire U.S. border is sealed

Gregory: is citizenship a deal-breaker for you?

Lee: sadly yes – I don't want to share America

Gregory: how can you get conservatives
to support reform?

Gillibrand: tell them more immigrants will
allow them to lower the taxes on the rich

Lee: whoa really?

Gregory: despite Newtown there is
going to almost no gun control

Gillibrand: not true – we may get background
checks and mental health funding

Gregory: can the Senate vote for 
background checks?

Lee: no because people really need guns
in case they need to kill someone

Gregory: I hear you

Gillibrand: in New York 85% of guns used
in crimes are bought out of state –
we need to crack down on straw purchasers

Lee: see that sounds like fascism to me

Greg: Kristen you used to love guns 
– what happened?

Gillibrand: I still love guns – 
but not criminals with guns

Greg: the NRA disagrees Kirstie

Gillibrand: who the hell cares – 
children are being slaughtered!

Brooks: Marco Rubio is a hero

Gregory: that is so true

Brooks: he is courageous and also a very sexy man

Todd: how do you secure the border 100%?

Lee: put up a big fence and modernize 
the visa system

Todd: I see

Lee: so let's do that first –
then we can deport 11 million people

Kay: if the GOP wants to keep losing elections
they should oppose immigration reform

Gillibrand: sweet jesus Obama has already
deported millions of people

Lee: we must not play politics with laws

Gregory: my fever must be getting worse
because it sounded like you said we must
not play politics with laws

Lee: let's build a 50 foot cement wall around America
at least that will prevent Jay-Z from 
leaving the country

Gregory: Betsy the auditory 
hallucinatings are getting worse

Betsy: hang in there David

Gregory: Republicans have demanded cuts
to Social Security and then Obama proposed
cuts to Social Security and Republicans
attacked him for going after old people

Brooks: ha ha yes that was pretty shameful

Gregory: oh good I didn't imagine that

Gillibrand: I don't agree with the Social 
Security cuts – it's not a driver of the debt!

Todd: the GOP desperately wanted Obama
to put Chained CPI out there but then when
they attacked him for doing it they gave a free
Walk Away From the Talks Card

Gregory: Jackie Robinson was awesome

Robinson: yes he was

Gregory: what is the relevance of Jackie Robinson?

Robinson: because so much has changed
and we still have more to do

Burns: Jackie Robinson was the most important
event in civil rights since the Civil War

Gregory: wow

Burns: it's a biblical story of human forbearance

Gregory: so amazing

Burns: how can you play great baseball
when there are threats against your life?

Gregory: Martin Luther King admired your husband

Robinson: he was a pioneer against racism

Gregory: was he an impatient activist
or patient endurer of racial slights

Robinson: he was passionate about rights
but knew he had to be dignified to pave the way

Gregory: why did Branch Rickey integrate his team?

Ford: he was religious and also all the
best players were in the Negro leagues

Gregory: why did he choose Jackie Robinson –
after all he had a fiery temper

Burns: Jackie was smart and driven

Gregory: did you like the movie?

Robinson: I love it – it's authentic and inspiring

Gregory: you guys loved each other in a tough time

Robinson: we were committed to each
other no matter what the haters said

Gregory: Ken you are making your own
movie about Jackie Robinson

Burns: yes but my movie will have hotter women

Gregory: oh good

Burns: he was always agitating for more progress

Gregory: impressive

Burns: we still have more to do – 
look at the Central Park Five
- coming soon to a tv near you

Gregory: shameless plug!

Burns: Tuesday on PBS

Gregory: and that's another 
episode of Meet The Press