Sunday, April 07, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - April 7, 2013

Daniel Pfeiffer - White House Advisor
David Sanger
Martha Raddatz
Greta Van Susteren

Stephanopoulos: is chained CPI a 
big cut for poor people?

Pfeiffer: yes but we will protect the really old people

Stephanopoulos: it sill sounds harsh

Pfeiffer: it is but luckily the Tea Party
can't accept any tax hikes for billionaires

Stephanopoulos: can you get 
any more rules on guns?

Pfeiffer: not if the GOP insists on a filibuster

Stephanopoulos: do you want to keep records
of all guns sales which will of course lead to
confiscation and fascism?

Pfeiffer: maybe

Stephanopoulos: liberals are worried 
you are surrendering as usual

Pfeiffer: hey they should try to deal with
those armed wackos in Congress

Stephanopoulos: won't it be disappointing 
if even after Sandy Hook all you get 
is some weak shit on background checks?

Pfeiffer: sure

Stephanopoulos: is Obama worried 
North Korea will attack South by Southwest

Pfeiffer: he's kind of hoping they nuke Burning Man

Stephanopoulos: are you about to go to war?

Pfeiffer: maybe but the good news we may
get a cool remake of M*A*S*H

Stephanopoulos: would Obama respond 
to an attack from North Korea with 
bombs or troops or nuclear weapons?

Pfeiffer: [ coy look ] who can say?

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Martha are we 
about to go to war?

Raddatz: the biggest fear is that 
South Korea will provocatively shoot 
down a missile aimed at them

Sanger: we have a 60 year-old plan
for all-out war -- the horses are fed and the
bayonets are washed, waxed, and ready

Raddatz: if they test a missile Chuck Hegel 
has threatened to send John Kerry to 
lecture the North Koreans

Stephanopoulos: oh my god

Will: I find North Korea to be to me disliking

Susteren: I have been to North Korea
and they all think we are preparing 
a war against them

Stephanopoulos: we are

Susteren: they might invade South Korea 
to celebrate Kim's birthday

Will: The First World War was a 
recent unpleasantness

Sanger: Kim Jon-Un is basically the 
King Joffrey of North Korea

Stephanopoulos: that's not good

Sanger: he has changed his hairstyle to
look more like his crazy grandfather

Raddatz: Kim Jon-Un may have a hidden
long-range missile that could hit America

Susteren: in their minds they are winning
and we are terrified of them

Stephanopoulos: why would they think that?

Will: China lives next door and they
need to give them a stern talking to

Sanger: China has Korea's oil

Stephanopoulos: how will they fry anything?

Sanger: Kim says to himself 'Qaddafi
and Saddam gave up nukes and they're dead'

Stephanopoulos: good point

Raddatz: North Korea need money 
and Iran needs nukes

Stephanopoulos: we all need love and tenderness

Will: our invasion of Iraq taught every
dictator to rush out and a nuclear weapon

Stephanopoulos: it's the gift that keeps on giving

Susteren: North Koreas have 
this crazy idea that America would 
invade their country if we get scared

Stephanopoulos: well that's just crazy


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