Sunday, November 23, 2014

Meet The Press – November 23, 2014

Sens. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)
Robert Menendez (D-NJ)
Rudy Giuliani
Anthony Gray
John Hofmeister - Former CEO Shell Oil
Daniel Yergin
Ron Allen
Rasheen Aldridge
Anthony Gray
Michael Eric Dyson
Amy Walter
Rudy Giuliani
Joe Scarborough

Todd: OMG is going to defer deportations
and increase border security

Boehner: Obama is an emperor!

Cruz: he's a monarch!

McConnell: he's a butterfly

Obama: sting like a bee!

Immigrant: I want to go to college 
and become a nurse

Immigrant: my mother can stop
being terrified of being deported

Arpaio: I love immigrants which is why 
I want to put 5 million people in jail

Yang: what if undocumented people
were deported from Arizona?

Immigrant: there would be no one left

Farmer: we need immigrants
or farming would stop

Yang: we asked Republicans
for comment and they declined

Todd: welcome Jeff Flake

Flake: hi Todd

Todd: what about the President's order?

Flake: we need more border enforcement

Todd: do you support Sherriff Arpaio's
lawsuit against the President

Flake: he's an idiot

Todd: Bob was this Constitutional?

Menendez: yes Reagan and Bush
did the same thing

Todd: perhaps

Menendez: look he's going to deport
more felons and let good people 
stay in America

Todd: Jeff are against the policy?

Flake: no I support the policy

Todd: you do?

Flake: yes – it's just the way he
did it I disagree with

Todd: aren't immigration activists
upset because now Obama has made
it impossible for all laws to be passed

Menendez: that's only true if John Boehner
is a big baby and the Republicans
act like spoiled children

Todd: the Republicans issued a
report saying there was no
wrongdoing in Benghazi

Flake: Susan Rice lied on Meet The Press!

Todd: Obama is increasing troops 
in Afghanistan

Menendez: we have to make sure
we don't lose Afghanistan like we lost Iraq

Todd: good point

Todd: Republicans used to support
Presidential action on immigration
and now 80% oppose it

Scarborough: look Obama may have
overstepped his bounds the GOP
is in a tough spot

Todd: okay

Scarborough: the answer is to sue
the President and use his own 
words against him

Obama on tape: I'm not an emperor!

Todd: lots of legal scholars 
say Obama is wrong

Diaz-Balart: Obama has deported 
two million people!

Scarborough: Obama violated the 
separation of powers

Todd: shouldn't he have given Congress 
five more months?

Walter: George H.W. Bush did the
exact same thing and the media 
didn't have a fit

Scarborough: yes but that was cleaning up

Richardson: Obama has helped 
five million immigrants and got 
10 million people health care

Scarborough: oh god

Todd: he's right Joe – long-term you're screwed

[ break ]

Allen: you're only 20 and the
Governor put you on a commission

Aldridge: we need change
such as a livable wage

Allen: the Governor has already
declared a state of emergency
which seems like overkill

Holder: the Justice department
encourages police to avoid
needless confrontation

Aldridge: you can only be pushed so far

Allen: the grand jury is very
secretive and the community doesn't
trust that the process if fair

Todd: what are you worried about?

Gray: there's a lot of anxiety
because they don't trust

Todd: do people want a trial

Gray: maybe

Todd: what did you think of a
preemptive state of emergency

Giuliani: I would have put the police
on heightened alert but kept it quiet

Todd: keep it on the down low

Giuliani: no one explains the
grand jury process – do people
know grand jury secrecy is
there to protect innocent people
which I care so much about

Todd: good point

Giuliani: people who are pressuring
this grand jury should be ashamed

Todd: yes they should

Giuliani: also if they don't indict
it will definitely create a massive riot

Todd: is it wise for the police to 
prepare for a war?

Dyson: what should be indicted 
is the system itself!

Todd: whoa

Dyson: the police should act
not a like an occupying army

Todd: Rudy there are a lot of towns
where the citizens are black and
the police are all white

Giuliani: going back to Koch and
Dinkins we tried to diversify the NYPD

Todd: thankfully there are no problems
with African-Americans and the police
in New York City now

Giuliani: I find it very disappointing that
you are not mentioning that 93% of blacks
in American are killed by other blacks

Todd: 90% of blacks are killed?

Giuliani: the media never mentions 
black murderers!

Dyson: the different you idiot is that black
criminals go to jail and they are not
employed by the government to kill people

Giuliani: you don't care about black murders!

Dyson: black people who kill black
people go to jail you fool

Todd: it's a trust issue

Giuliani: that's why there are cops
are in black neighborhoods

Dyson: that's a false equivalency

Giuliani: what about the little black
child killed by another black child

Dyson: you're saying there's no
difference between police and murderers

Giuliani: all the crimes in New York City
are in the black neighborhoods!

Dyson: oh no he didn't

Giuliani: why don't you black people stop committing crimes!

Dyson: what??

Giuliani: you black people are all
killing each other so shut up about the police

[ break ]

Todd: what's with the state of emergency?

Richardson: calling in the National Guard
before an indictment announcement 
was a bit much

Todd: interesting

Richardson: we should diversify 
the police force

Todd: it's almost as the people
and media will be disappointed
if there is no violence

Scarborough: it's obvious there is a
double standard for young black men
but let's also be fair to this
poor police officer

Diaz-Balart: don't complain –
register and vote!

Todd: if the price of gas is dropping –
so why is Washington so obsessed
with a pipeline that will pump
Canadian oil to China?

Boxer: we're all gonna die!

Landrieu: we'll all be saved!

Todd: it will create 35 jobs but the
oil is being sent by truck anyway

Todd: oil is cheap now anyway and
the US may soon be the biggest
oil producer in the world!

Todd: are we energy independent?

Yergin: almost

Todd: that's stunning

Yergin: OPEC is in a total panic

Todd: this helps us pressure Iran and Russia

Hofmeister: the price of oil dropping
hurts their economies

Todd: fascinating

Hofmeister: but we need
more and more oil!

Todd: there's very little regulation

Yergin: well there was a rapid
boom in North Dakota

Todd: is there enough regulation?

Hofmeister: true there has been
a rush to drill without regulation
but we need the oil and the oil
companies want regulation

Yergin: domestic oil production
makes the U.S. strong

Todd: you want carbon regulation?

Hofmeister: Republicans have trashed
cap and trade but it's actually a good idea

Todd: raising the question why Obama
has failed to make Republicans support it

[ break ]

Todd: dozens of women have said
Bill Cosby raped them over 30 years

Dyson: I hated Bill Cosby before it was cool

Todd: this is so sad because he
united white and black America with his
gentle humor about how horrible being
married with kids is

Dyson: so true

Todd: who knew the man selling us 
pudding pops was a psychopath out 
of Hannibal Lecter novel

Walter: unbelievable

Todd: Amy you grew up in the 80s 
so you know what I mean

Walter: yes The Cosby Show was
a touchstone for people our age

Todd: I was talking about Fat Albert

Walter: this is about how institutions 
fail us all especially women

Todd: say it ain't so Joe!

Scarborough: I grew up with Bill Cosby comedy records

Dyson: the internet has exposed rape culture

Richardson: the system doesn't
deal with sex assault well

Todd: just look at the University of Virginia
which is like a institution for raping 
girls which happens to do some 
education on the side

Walter: it's incredible

Todd: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – November 23, 2014

Guests: President Barack Obama
Benjamin Netanyahu – PM of Israel
Dan Abrams
Benjamin Crump
Matthew Dowd
James Carville
Katrina vanden Heuvel
Ben Carson

Stephanopoulos: omg all hell is
about to break in Ferguson!

Reporter: they're setting up the
barricades and ready for a fight!

Stephanopoulos: I sat down with the
President at the Emperor's White House

Stephanopoulos: Greetings your majesty

Obama: good morning George

Stephanopoulos: what is your message
to the Ferguson protesters?

Obama: be peaceful – that's the American way

Stephanopoulos: is it really?

Obama: I got Eric Holder to talk to the
protesters like they were human beings

Stephanopoulos: well that is new 

Stephanopoulos: are you worried 
about violence?

Obama: I talked to Jay Nixon
and he told me is ready

Stephanopoulos: and you believe him?

Obama: hell no

Obama: look minorities need law enforcement
more than anybody – in Chicago they want more cops

Stephanopoulos: interesting point

Obama: but we needs cops to tell the
difference between a gangbanger
and good kid wearing a hoodie 

Stephanopoulos: John Lewis says  
this is like Selma

Obama: no it's more of a solvable problem

Stephanopoulos: what's the solution?

Obama: for the police will stop shooting
unarmed people because they look scary

Stephanopoulos: will you go to Ferguson?

Obama: I would but I don't want
to get pulled over and shot

Stephanopoulos: best to stay away then

Stephanopoulos: you black people think
race relations are getting worse in America

Obama: maybe but look back 10 or 50
years ago – things are definitely not worse

Stephanopoulos: you think so?

Obama: you think a dude named Hussein
Obama would get elected
President 50 years ago?

Stephanopoulos: not in America

Obama: bad incidents just get more attention now what with the tweeters and bookfacers

Stephanopoulos: and everyone 
has a camera now

Obama: look I was discriminated against
as a young man although it's been a
while I experienced racism directly

Stephanopoulos: this week a Republican
Congressman said he wants to put you in jail

Obama: ok so it hasn't been that long

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Pierre the DOJ
is also looking into this

Thomas: yes the federal government
is investigating the whole Ferguson
police department for bias

Stephanopoulos: that should go well

Thomas: when the grand jury doesn't
indict everyone will expect the
Dept. of Justice to do something

Stephanopoulos: Dan how does 
the grand jury work?

Abrams: it's a casual free-wheeling affair -
they invited Officer Brown for a 
pizza and beer party

Stephanopoulos: but in this case the
prosecutor is not pushing for an indictment

Abrams: right – he even invited
defense experts to testify

Crump: it's ridiculous!

Stephanopoulos: you think so?

Crump: he's giving this police officer
extra rights no other defendant gets

Abrams: but what if the prosecutor
is an idiot – isn't this the right approach?

Stephanopoulos: will you accept
the result of the grand jury?

Crump: sure but this whole
thing is a big scam

Stephanopoulos: but what if 
Michael Brown was 100 feet away 
but running toward Officer Wilson?

Crump: then you don't shoot!

Stephanopoulos: it sounds like you've
already decided the process is unfair

Crump: darn right – because it is unfair!

Stephanopoulos: but what if there was
a struggle for the gun – doesn't Officer Wilson
have to shoot the guy 100 feet away?

Crump: give me a break George

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Boehner says you're
an emperor with a new groove

Obama: well then maybe John Boehner
is acting like a dictator refusing to
hold a vote in the House

Stephanopoulos: snap

Obama: or he can work with
me to craft a new bill

Stephanopoulos: he says won't do that

Obama: I offered to wash his dog!

Stephanopoulos: before you said you
weren't an emperor and now you've
deferred deportations like most dictators do

Obama: look we always prioritize
deportations so that's all I'm doing now

Stephanopoulos: hmmm still sounds 
vaguely Caeserish

Obama: Reagan and George
Bush did the same thing

Stephanopoulos: you mean the
one-termer or the bad one?

Obama: H.W. Bush

Stephanopoulos: yes but that was
only after Congress acted

Obama: well if the President was fixing
what Congress didn't do then it's
the same thing isn't it

Stephanopoulos: maybe technically

Obama: look we're going to
make immigrants pay taxes –
who doesn't support that?

Stephanopoulos: what if the next Republican
President deferred prosecutions for people
who won't pay high taxes?

Obama: you mean like deferred
prosecutions for mortgage fraud or torture?

Stephanopoulos: whoa!

Obama: look we have limited resources
and we're going to deport felons first

Stephanopoulos: so you wouldn't agree
that a GOP President could defer 

prosecutions for tax fraud?

Obama: absolutely not

Stephanopoulos: damn I thought 
I chance there

Obama: even GOP politicians say
we can't deport 11 million people

Stephanopoulos: true

Stephanopoulos: Ted Cruz says the GOP
should cease all cooperation with you
until you deport all immigrants

Obama: including his family?

Stephanopoulos: ha ha

Obama: look they're always angry about
something – last year they shut down
the government over Obamacare

Stephanopoulos: they say won't 
do that this time

Obama: well then we shouldn't 

have a problem then

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: everyone agrees
Obama is wrong but isn't he kicking ass here?

Dowd: yes but he made everything
worse because he made Republicans
act even crazier

vanden Heuvel: Boehner has
had 18 months to pass a law

Dowd: so if a bill doesn't pass the
House we just bypass the legislature?

vanden Heuvel: the President is right
on the law and saved 5 million people

Carson: we need reform and the GOP
needs to put out their version of the law

Stephanopoulos: ooh

Carville: Obama is fucking brilliant
and putt the GOP in a trap and I fucking love it

Dowd: no no it's very bad for the President
and the Democrats because it shows
yet again how they have failed to
make Republicans do the right thing

Carville: that's fucking bullshit

Carson: lets not bicker about
who is right and wrong

vanden Heuvel: one side is wrong!

Carson: but there are poor white
people too in Appalachia

vanden Heuvel: what does that have
to do with immigration?

Carville: Boehner is a jackass

Dowd: that's true

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: you're making
a deal with Iraq

Obama: we're already had more
success on Iran nukes than
any other administration

Stephanopoulos: will Iraq join the
fight against ISIS?

Obama: well Iran still sponsors terrorism
but it might begin the process where
Iran joins the civilized world

Stephanopoulos: you think
that could ever happen?

Obama: I like the Iranians –
its not like North Korea

Stephanopoulos: Hillary tweeted support
for your seizure of monarchical powers
probably because she's going to be Queen next

Obama: she'd make a great President

Stephanopoulos: do you talk to 
each other a lot?

Obama: oh sure I text her all
the time on my blackberry

Stephanopoulos: you still have a blackberry?

Obama: you know what they say George

Stephanopoulos: would you endorse her?

Obama: I'm going to work hard to make
sure I'm succeeded by a Democrat
if it's her or someone else

Stephanopoulos: well sure

Obama: but I think voters want a
candidate with that new car smell

Stephanopoulos: interesting metaphor

Obama: in the meantime I'm still the President!

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: welcome Bibi – 

what do you think of a potential  
deal with Iran?

Netanyahu: a deal could be good
but we must not make a bad deal

Stephanopoulos: so what's a bad deal?

Netanyahu: we must dismantle their
capacity before any sanctions are lifted!

Stephanopoulos: they might not agree to that

Netanyahu: Iran is building ICBMs
– they going to bomb Kansas!

Stephanopoulos: do you agree the
interim deal has been a success?

Netanyahu: no because those
Persians are very wily

Stephanopoulos: so are their cats

Netanyahu: we should toughen sanctions!
That will teach 'em!

Stephanopoulos: if there a new intifada

Netanyahu: Islamist forces are
overruning the middle east!

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming