Sunday, November 16, 2014

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – November 16, 2014

Host: Martha Raddatz
Brian Ross
Jon Karl
Pierre Thomas
Alexander Marquardt
Jim Avila
Steve Ganyard
Lt. Gen. Daniel Bolger (Ret.)
Antonio French – Ferguson Alderman
Russ Girling – President and CEO TransCanada Corporation

Raddatz: omg ISIS has 
beheaded another American

Ross: he was a former Army Ranger
who converted to Islam and went back
to the middle east to help people

Ross: even al-Qaeda said he
should be released

Raddatz: jesus

Ross: he told his parents if he dies at
least he did it trying to help suffering people

Raddatz: why doesn't this tape show Kassig?

Olsen: maybe he wouldn't cooperate
with his captors

Raddatz: interesting

Olsen: the tape has direct
threats against US troops

Raddatz: are they capable of
coming to the homeland?!?

Olsen: well no but we have plenty
of crazy people in America already

Raddatz: who is this British terrorist?

Olsen: no one knows but they're
going to find him

Marquardt: General Dempsey went
to Iraq this week and called ISIS midgets

Raddatz: nice

Marquardt: but ISIS is still attacking Kobani
even though the U.S. bombs ISIS everyday

Raddatz: General you say the U.S.
lost the war on terrorism

Bolger: yes sadly the U.S.
did it all wrong beginning in 2003

Raddatz: wow

Bolger: the terrorists want U.S. troops there
– Iraqis must fight on there own

Ganyard: but we tried for ten years
to train Iraqis to shoot a gun and
they never learned how to do it

Raddatz: some are calling for more
U.S. troops but you call that insane

Bolger: indeed that is absolutely crazy

Raddatz: the military is action-oriented
– they need to fight

Ganyard: yes soldiers by their nature
want to fight but we have to reassess
our entire anti-terror strategy

Raddatz: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Raddatz: oh wow the Ferguson grand 

jury is about to come down with 
their decision not to indict!

Thomas: there are tensions with the
police in Ferguson and across America
like for example when a cop shot a guy
reaching for his wallet after the officer
ordered him to reach for his wallet

Raddatz: tough call there

Thomas: Blacks are more involved
in crimes as victims and perpetrators

Charles Ramsey: that doesn't justify bias

Raddatz: why is there tension
with communities and police?

French: we need cooperation
or it's bad for everyone

Thomas: police have to make split-second
decisions but they need training
to de-escalate situations

Raddatz: but look at the statistics –
how do you not conclude blacks
are more likely to be criminals

French: what happens with all this 

profiling and stereotyping is that 
innocent good citizens conclude the 
government is not for them but against them

Raddatz: what will happen when
the grand jury decides not to indict?

French: we're asking the police not
to tear gas the entire community

Raddatz: what about outside agitators?

French: regardless we don't police to punish
all protesters for the actions of a few

Raddatz: omg the Keystone pipeline!

Karl: the GOP ran on building a giant
pipeline across America so Canada 

could get rich selling oil to China 
while polluting the U.S.

Raddatz: ooh

Karl: Sen. Mary Landrieu is desperate
to build this pipeline so Louisiana
can refine this Canadian oil

Raddatz: girl is this pipeline ever 

going to get built?

Girling: yes we really need this pipeline
so America can refine this Canadian oil

Raddatz: the world is oversupplied
with cheap oil already

Girling: yes but Americans still need
to put gas in their cars and what better
place to get gas than Canada 

which is a nice country

Raddatz: but President Obama says
this oil won't go to Americans 

but the whole world

Girling: no all this oil will be delivered to the Gulf Coast

Raddatz: then what happens to it?

Girling: it creates 40,000 jobs

Raddatz: I've read it will only create 50 jobs

Girling: that's true

Raddatz: that's not very many jobs

Girling: yes but we will pay property taxes

Raddatz: well I should hope so

Girling: I'm just saying

Raddatz: that doesn't seem like a good
reason to build a massive pipeline

Girling: it's either that or ship by truck or rail

Raddatz: or refine it in Canada or not at all

Girling: that's commie talk

Raddatz: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Raddatz: the President lost in the midterms
but he still will act on immigration!

Obama: I won't have to act if
John Boehner would stop acting
like a dictator and hold a vote!

Avila: Obama may act soon to
let undocumented people stay in America

Boehner: this is wrong way to govern
– the right way is to refuse to hold votes!

Avila: Democrats point out
Regan and Bush granted amnesty
by executive action

Raddatz: ooh

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