Sunday, December 11, 2016

Meet The Press – December 11, 2016

Reince Priebus
Doris Goodwin
Michael Steele
Kimberly Strassel
Mike Stengel
Mike Rowe

Todd: holy fuck the CIA says
Russia interfered with our election
to put Donald Trump in the White House!

Todd: and Mitch McConnell 
rejected saying anything!

Todd: it's stunning!

Todd: and when he heard about it Trump
sided with a foreign government over the CIA

Trump: the CIA said Saddam
had WMD – you can't trust them!

Todd: the CIA says Russia hacked the RNC

Trump: it could a guy on his bed
in New Jersey who weighs 400 lbs

Trump: Putin could not have
been nicer to me!

Trump: Russia if you're listening
I hope you hack more Americans

Lindsey Graham: he's destabilizing the world!

Todd: the CEO of Exxon got the
Order of Friendship and their highest
honor The Badge of the Blackhat

Tillerson: I have a very close 
relationship with Putin

McCain: he's a thug and murderer!

Tillerson: ease up – it was only an oil spill

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Michael McFaul

McFaul: thanks Ted

Todd: what about this hacking

McFaul: the CIA has
connected the dots for us

Todd: that's always helpful

McFaul: now we know they hacked
the DNC and gave it wikileaks

Todd: didn't we know that already?

McFaul: but now that conclusion
has credibility of the CIA behind it

Todd: whats Putin's motivation

McFaul: he hates Hillary Clinton

Todd: why is that?

McFaul: he was an early 
investor in Whitewater

Todd: really?

McFaul: no really it's because he says
she interfered in his Parliamentary elections

Todd: I see

McFaul: this wouldn't be so suspicious
but Donald Trump is very pro Putin and
he says it all the damn time

Todd: that's true

McFaul: that doesn't mean it was coordinated

Todd: are you concerned with CEO
of Exxon becoming Secretary of State

McFaul: Exxon made a huge deal
with Russia until they invaded Ukraine

Todd: Exxon?

McFaul: no Russia

Todd: well I wouldn't put it past them

McFaul: would Trump retain the sanctions?

Todd: how should I know

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Reince

Priebus: thanks Tad

Todd: Lindsay Graham says
Rex Tillerson is un-nerving

Priebus: he's also talking to Giuliani
and Petraeus for Secretary of State

Todd: a guy who was a Mayor 15 years
ago and another who deliberately
revealed military secrets

Priebus: this is premature speculation!

Todd: I see

Priebus: everyone is jumping
the shark on this!

Todd: is Tillerson qualified?

Priebus: he's despoiled
landscapes all over the world!

Todd: so he should be Secretary of State?

Priebus: he knows all the international laws!

Todd: he does?

Priebus: sure he's violated environmental laws, labor laws. human rights laws, sovereignty laws,tax laws...

Todd: so we're going to have
an oil CEO as America's chief diplomat

Priebus: he makes deals!

Todd: even with Putin?

Priebus: I don't believe in
having enemies or crummy relations

Todd: you're going lift the sanctions aren't you

Priebus: no not at all

Todd: it sounds like it

Priebus: we're going to cut a deal with Putin!

Todd: Trump attacked the CIA

Priebus: the Trump loves the CIA

Todd: he just humiliated them

Priebus: the RNC was not hacked!

Todd: then why was the FBI involved

Priebus: because the DNC was hacked

Todd: what about vendors or personal e-mails

Priebus: we were not hacked!

Todd: okay

Priebus: we were told by the FBI not hacked

Todd: okay but-

Priebus: don't get defensive with me!

Todd: do you believe Russia
was involved in any way shape or form

Priebus: we were not hacked!

Todd: that's not what I asked you

Priebus: it could be

Todd: do you believe 
John Podesta was hacked?

Priebus: I don't know!

Todd: but Trump was briefed on this

Priebus: you have no source!

Todd: do you believe Russia
interfered with the election – yes or no?

Priebus: stop attacking Russia!

Todd: do you even give a shit about this?

Priebus: sure we do

Todd: it doesn't seem like it

Priebus: someone hacked!

Todd: how do you know?

Priebus: who did the hacking?

Todd: 17 agencies says it was Russia

Priebus: stop attacking Putin!

Todd: what about Russia?

Priebus: its all lies!!

Todd: thanks for coming Reince

Priebus: Puuutiiiin!

[ break ]

Todd: omg Rep Schiff has seen the
evidence against Russia first hand!

Todd: welcome Congressman

Schiff: hi Chuck

Todd: talk hacking to me

Schiff: there is no doubt 
that Russia hacked us

Todd: none?

Schiff: it was not a 400 lb guy in New Jersey

Todd: good news for Chris Christie

Schiff: they had a pro-Putin candidate

Todd: I see

Schiff: Trump criticizes NATO and
wants to lift the sanctions on Russia

Todd: true

Schiff: Russia dumped information 
just to hurt Clinton

Todd: okay but the CIA 
has been wrong before

Schiff: I can't tell you how we know
but we know it was Russia

Todd: oooh I love secrets

Schiff: Russia can hack anyone at anytime

Todd: how comforting

Schiff: now I fear Trump will reject
intelligence if he doesn't like it

Todd: that's his right

Schiff: Trump is giving Russia's
hacking of our election cover
it's extraordinary

Todd: Mitch McConnell wanted
to keep it a secret

Schiff: that's true I was there

Schiff: but Obama could have
made it public anyway

Todd: was it a mistake by Obama not to?

Schiff: yes – it invites more hacking!

Todd: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Todd: talk hacking to me Michael

Steele: he's right there was
no hacking of the RNC

Steele: but that doesn't mean
that Russia didn't try to interfere

Strassel: everyone agrees
that Russia hacked us

Todd: not Reince Preibus

Strassel: okay all normal people

Strassel: but the RNC wasn't
hacked so ergo no proof they
were trying to help elect Trump

Stengel: we are in a global information war!

Stengel: Russia Today is part of it

Todd: what's that

Stengel: it's like the Today Show
but their weatherman is still chubby

Todd: I see

Stengel: also it's Putin propaganda

Todd: all right

Stengel: they're trying to get us
to question our own elections

Todd: it's working

Goodwin: Trump is attacking
the CIA which is not wise

Goodwin: why doesn't he just say
'yes there was hacking but I won anyway'

Strassel: maybe Russia thought Hillary was
going to win and wanted to undermine her

Steele: Trump loves controversy!

Todd: full confession so do I

Steele: and he just really likes Rex Tillerson

Stengel: diplomacy is not about cutting deals

Steele: actually it is – all world politics is 
'every man for himself'

Stengel: what about freedom of
speech and freedom of religion?

Steele: screw em

Todd: John Glenn had many great moments
in his life from WWII to Korea to orbiting
the earth to the U.S. Senate but none 
as monumental as his appearances 
on 'Meet The Press'

[ break ]

Todd: Mike Rowe hosts 'Dirty Jobs'

Todd: you are suitably casually dressed

Roe: all my suits are rubber

Todd: you wrote in February that we're
losing lots of blue-collar jobs to robots

Roe: on my tv show 'Dirty Jobs' the
big lesson is important work is done
and no one pays attention

Todd: not true – I tip my 
goatee trimmer handsomely

Roe: in 2004 we heard things like
we've heard in 2016 – none of the executives
thought the show would be a hit because
they're all snobs who hate blue collar workers

Todd: retraining from factory
jobs is not realistic

Rowe: a lesson from my tv show
is hard work is satisfying

Stengel: the problem is not globalization
it's automation

Rowe: there are 5 million jobs unfilled
because we've got a skills gap

Goodwin: a job provides dignity

Todd: unless you host a Sunday talk show

Rowe: society falls apart 
without the garbage worker

Todd: Poubelle was a goddamn hero

Strassel: we keep pushing
kids to college – and for what?

Todd: the drunken orgies?

Strassel: the smartest people
I know are skilled tradesmen

Rowe: farmers have to be really smart –
not every job requires a 4 year degree

Steele: a dirty job is a good job

Todd: thanks for coming to Meet the Press

Rowe: I'll be back to cover the show

Todd: this is a dirty job sometimes!

[ break ]

Todd: is a danger in Trump over-denying?

Strassel: he should at least acknowledge
there was some hacking

Strassel: but people act as 
if his election was illegitimate

Steele: they will forced to concede
there was Russian hacking in
Tillerson's hearings

Todd: it's unusual for President-elect 
to go after the CIA

Goodwin: Nixon had secret talks
with a country we were at war with
behind Johnson's back and the CIA knew

Todd: what a swell guy

Stengel: there is an existential information
threat and it's coming from Russia

Stengel: the Berlin Wall fell because
of an information revolution

Stengel: you can take a nation
down through information

Steele: yeah but what are you gonna do?

Todd: what a show! What a week!

Todd: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – December 11, 2016

Reince Priebus – Trump Chief of Staff
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)
Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO)

Stephanopoulos: omg the CIA says Russia
hacked the Democrats to help to Trump

Trump: they also said Iraq had
WMD which I also believed

Stephanopoulos: the CEO of Exxon
got Russia's highest honor

Trump: he's unbelievable

Trump: of course he should be
Secretary of State – he's done
massive deals in Russia!

Stephanopoulos: welcome Reince

Priebus: Спасибо

Stephanopoulos: Trump attacked the CIA

Priebus: no no the Donald loves the CIA

Stephanopoulos: he does?

Priebus: the RNC wasn't even hacked!

Stephanopoulos: but why did
you question the CIA

Priebus: look at all the unnamed sources!

Stephanopoulos: so the news story
that Russia hacked the election to
help Trump is wrong?

Priebus: we have hacking detection systems!

Stephanopoulos: okay

Priebus: I am a source!

Stephanopoulos: yes you are Reince

Priebus: James Comey told me
we were never hacked

Stephanopoulos: where is your data stored

Priebus: where the grapes of wrath are stored

Stephanopoulos: what is Trump 
being told by the CIA?

Priebus: how should I know – I don't have top secret clearance and he skips all the briefings

Stephanopoulos: well who goes to the briefings then?

Priebus: Melania and Barron

Stephanopoulos: they have top secret clearance?

Priebus: yes - they're top agents

Stephanopoulos: they're spies for America?

Priebus: um America right

Stephanopoulos: got it  

Priebus: this is all very interesting
but Clinton skipped Wisconsin

Stephanopoulos: why does Trump
reject 17 intelligence agencies

Priebus: what are you talking about?

Stephanopoulos: the report from October?

Priebus: they made that public!

Stephanopoulos: that what I'm talking about

Priebus: we're against hacking!

Stephanopoulos: I was asking about
the October Report but let's move on

Stephanopoulos: Lindsay Graham 
wants to investigate

Priebus: I'm all for protecting America

Stephanopoulos: right

Priebus: we don't like this!

Stephanopoulos: will Trump bomb
Russia in retaliation?

Priebus: you should ask him

Stephanopoulos: how wonderful
is the CEO of Exxon?

Priebus: he has experience ravaging
places all over the globe

Stephanopoulos: he has close ties to Putin

Priebus: well he's in the business
of pulling oil out of the ground

Stephanopoulos: true

Priebus: you go where with 
the murderous dictator you have 
not the murderous dictator you want

Stephanopoulos: I see

Priebus: we have big problems in
the world and we can't make
believe people don't exist

Stephanopoulos: our real-time 
fact-checkers can confirm that 
people do in fact exist

Priebus: Reagan treated straight white
people with great dignity and respect

Stephanopoulos: do you have concerns
about Mr. Oil's confirmation

Priebus: this is premature speculation

Stephanopoulos: how much time 
will the Donald spend executive 
producing a game show

Priebus: oh hardly any time
like maybe 20 hours a week

Stephanopoulos: is that all

Paul: we need to get to the bottom of this!

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming

Stephanopoulos: welcome Rand

Paul: nice to be here George

Stephanopoulos: what about all this hacking

Paul: Trump got 70% of the vote
in Kentucky and it wasn't because
of the Russians

Stephanopoulos: why was is it?

Paul: because people in Kentucky
care about coal mining and Trump
promised to give them the shaft

Stephanopoulos: should the U.S.
attack Russia?

Paul: this hacking is an ongoing
threat from around the world

Stephanopoulos: what about the CEO
of Exxon as Secretary of State?

Paul: I want to know if understands
the Iraq was dumb at the time and
horrifying in retrospect

Stephanopoulos: we all think that

Paul: John Bolton still thinks it was brilliant

Stephanopoulos: jesus

Paul: Bolton wants to nuke Iran

Paul: I'm an automatic 'no' vote
on John Bolton – he's terrifying

Stephanopoulos: Rex Tillerson
has close ties to Putin

Paul: I just want to know if thinks
the Iraq war a good idea

Stephanopoulos: right

Paul: I like Trump because he opposed
regime change in Libya and Syria

Stephanopoulos: actually he
demanded the U.S. go into Libya

Paul: I will do anything to keep John Bolton
away from the State Department

Stephanopoulos: you're a spending hawk

Paul: all budgets must be balanced!

Stephanopoulos: wow

Paul: I'm a 'no' vote on all 
non-balanced budgets

Stephanopoulos: that could be a problem

Paul: we gonna need a better budget

Stephanopoulos: will businesses try
to curry favor with the President by doing
business with the Trump corporation

Paul: only the media cares
about bribery and stuff like that

Stephanopoulos: maybe

Paul: he can't sell all his 
wonderful businesses

Stephanopoulos: no?

Paul: it's just not fair!

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: welcome Senator McCaskill

McCaskill: great to be on George

Stephanopoulos: what about Trump's
business conflicts of interest?

McCaskill: it's just weird he wants
to produce a reality game show

Stephanopoulos: the CIA says Russia
tried to tip the scales for the Donald

McCaskill: this is an act of war!

Stephanopoulos: oh my

McCaskill: he's a thug and and a bully

Stephanopoulos: Trump or Putin

McCaskill: both actually

Stephanopoulos: how do we retaliate?

McCaskill: it's classified but a sack of weasels

Stephanopoulos: golly

McCaskill: it's not good that
he rejects facts from the CIA

Stephanopoulos: what about Rex Tillerson

McCaskill: he's a gazillionaire

Stephanopoulos: probably

McCaskill: he's got no experience

Stephanopoulos: what about General Kelly

McCaskill: he seems fine

Stephanopoulos: do you agree that
James Comey should resign

McCaskill: we need to get to
the bottom of what he did

Stephanopoulos: how do Democrats
win back rural blue collar voters?

McCaskill: the GOP just gutted heath
care for coal miners and our proposed
'Buy American' law!

Stephanopoulos: well good luck Senator