Sunday, November 24, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – November 24, 2013

Terry Moran
Thomas Erdbrink
David Wright
Susan Saulny
John Kerry (Sec. of State)
Sen. Saxby Chambliss
Christiane Amanpour
Martha Raddatz
Richard Haass
Matthew Dowd
Donna Brazile
Cokie Roberts
Bill Kristol
Mark Zuckerberg
Maya Angelou

Stephanopoulos: OMG the U.S. and Europe
made a deal with Iran on nuclear weapons

Moran: it's promise or peril depending on
whether you think Iran opening up
to daily inspections is a good thing
or the end of the world

Stephanopoulos: tough call

Moran: it's all temporary anyway

Stephanopoulos: Bibi says it's a terrible deal

Moran: Israel will lobby the U.S. Congress
for new bigger sanctions and may also bomb
Iran with Saudi Arabia which doesn't want
Iranian oil on the open market

Stephanopoulos: will this deal work?

Moran: can Iran be trusted – that's the question

Stephanopoulos: welcome John Kerry

Kerry: Hi George

Stephanopoulos: President Marco Rubio says
this deal will not stop Iran's nuclear program
while continuing sanctions clearly would

Kerry: he's an idiot

Stephanopoulos: be that as it may

Kerry: Iran's uranium will be destroyed
and their centrifuges will stalled

Stephanopoulos: but not destroyed

Kerry: true but while we do nothing
they keep building a nuke

Stephanopoulos: Republicans say 
this is a bad deal

Kerry: Under the brilliant tough Bush-Graham-Rubio
model Iran had 164 centrifuges and
now they have 19,000

Stephanopoulos: yes but Republicans
are tough and Democrats are weak

Kerry: right of course

Stephanopoulos: does Iran have
a right to enrich?

Kerry: no Iran has no right to enrich –
they have a right to get rich not to enrich!

Stephanopoulos: don't try to be funny Mr Secretary

Kerry: sorry

Stephanopoulos: can they enrich or not?

Kerry: Iran can only enrich if they prove
they have peaceful nuclear program

Stephanopoulos: I see

Kerry: they do have a right to a
have peaceful nuclear program

Stephanopoulos: Will Israel bomb Iran?

Kerry: there is no daylight between 
the U.S. and Israel

Stephanopoulos: maybe a little – after all
Israel hates this deal and Netanyahu
says it will let Iran build a bomb

Kerry: well he's wrong

Stephanopoulos: can you stop Congress
from passing increased sanctions?

Kerry: oh god they are such idiots

Stephanopoulos: we all know that

Kerry: look increased sanctions will
only drive Iran to build a bomb

Stephanopoulos: yes but at least
we will be tough

Kerry: oh cripes

Stephanopoulos: can we deal with a regime
that calls Israel a rabid dog and accuses
America of war crimes?

Kerry: look this is going to difficult –
we have to proceed without cobwebs

Stephanopoulos: I don't understand

Kerry: look the whole point of sanctions
and threats of war is to get them to
cry uncle and they now have

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Saxby can you support this deal?

Chambliss: no because under this
deal Iran can still enrich uranium 
and will still have centrifuges

Stephanopoulos: I see

Chambliss: the sanctions are working and
doing exactly what they designed to do –
greatly hurt ordinary Iranian people

Stephanopoulos: that's the purpose?

Chambliss: yes – now is the time
for more sanctions!

Stephanopoulos: now we need more sanctions?

Chambliss: yes –Congress will do it!

Stephanopoulos: I see

Chambliss: the sanctions as they 
now are working – so of course we 
should change them!

Stephanopoulos: that makes sense

Chambliss: you just can't trust those wily Persians

Stephanopoulos: no?

Chambliss: this will encourage Iran
to build a nuclear weapon

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: what is the mood in Tehran?

Erdbrink: they are thrilled –
the sanctions have really hurt

Stephanopoulos: is that right?

Erdbrink: Iran's currency has collapsed

Stephanopoulos: sounds tough

Erbdrink: but being posted to
Tehran has finally gotten me on tv

Stephanopoulos: well good luck Thomas

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: wasn't Rouhani elected
to get sanctions relief?

Amanpour: absolutely – these sanctions
have really hurt people

Stephanopoulos: so sanctions work

Amanpour: but let's be clear – sanctions never
stopped Iran building a nuclear bomb

Stephanopoulos: that proves we 
need more sanctions

Amanpour: and remember this deal is
only a very tiny lifting of the sanctions

Stephanopoulos: why are other
countries so concerned?

Amanpour: because there is a power
struggle in the middle east

Stephanopoulos: it turns out the U.S.
has been secretly negotiating with Iran

Raddatz: I love this – hidden plane flights!
Secret talks!

Stephanopoulos: talk nukes to me Martha

Raddatz: this deal doubles the time
for Iran to build a bomb

Stephanopoulos: Bill you are always wrong
about everything – give us your expertise on Iran

Kristol: this is a terrible deal – all sanctions are
ending and Iran can refresh their bomb program

Amanpour: all of that is a lie

Haass: calm down – this is a limited
deal with much to negotiate

Stephanopoulos: can Israel wait six months?

Kristol: no Bibi will probably bomb
Iran in a few weeks

Stephanopoulos: can this deal stop
Iran from building a bomb?

Haass: this is not a problem to be solved –
it's one to be managed long-term

Stephanopoulos: coming up – our stellar
panel whines about filibuster reform

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: OMG the Senate 
moved to majority rule!

Brazile: the GOP is the one that broke
the Senate – it's not functioning

Roberts: yes the Senate is not functioning –
but whose fault it that? Harry Reid is the Senate
majority leader – why doesn't Harry Reid do
something about it?!?

Stephanopoulos: he just did!

Roberts: this will just make everything worse!

Stephanopoulos: that's crazy

Dowd: this just reflects the terrible
bitterness in America

Kristol: Harry Reid broke his word
because just the Republicans had a few filibusters

Roberts: well more than a few

Kristol: it just a little cloture between friends

Roberts: there are 200 nominations waiting

Kristol: only the Democrats are to
blame for everything that is bad

Roberts: filibuster reform just reflects
the hatred and dysfunction in America

Dowd: Cokie is right – we are all retreating
into our little tribes of hate and majority
rule is the worst hate of all

Stephanopoulos: majority rule proves Obama
is terrible and unpopular and dishonest

Dowd: Obama was going to change to the
tone in Washington and yet he can't make
Republicans like him proving he is terrible

Roberts: both sides are equally to blame

Kristol: no one knows this but Republicans
are secretly very popular

Stephanopoulos: Obama has a
Second Term Slump!!

Stephanopoulos: the JFK assassination
anniversary is getting a lot of attention

Dowd: it was a time of hope until
Obama ruined it all

Roberts: Matt is right about everything –
it was time of hope when America had
never lost a war and we still had jobs and
Americans weren't a bunch of tweeting
facebooking reality show watching losers

Stephanopoulos: was JFK a conservative 
or a liberal?

Kristol: JFK would be Republican today

[ panel laughs ]

Stephanopoulos: it's funny because people
tune into my tv show to be lied to and misinformed

Panel: ha ha ha ha

[ break ]

Zuckerberg: it's sad that kids who grew
up in America but are undocumented
don't have civil rights

Wright: but they're breaking the law

Zuckerberg: some came as kids and
most came just to work

Wright: you just want to hire foreign nerds
but what about the fruit pickers

Zuckerberg: the sons of fruit pickers may
create a future Facebook

Wright: you went to Washington to lobby for reform

Zuckerberg: I poked those senators

Wright: what about privacy?

Zuckerberg: we have a great privacy track record

Wright: of course 

Zuckerberg: you should be clear about
what you're doing – the government
totally blew it by not being transparent 
about national security

Wright: what about the Obamacare website?

Zuckerberg: just keep working on getting it right
we've had failures too

[ break ]

Saulny: you wrote a book about your mother

Angelou: she told me I could be great

Saulny: nice

Angelou: I think about her every morning

Saulny: your boyfriend almost killed you

Angelou: forgiveness releases you of a weight

Saulny: you were a calypso singer and dancer

Angelou: and a good one!

Stephanopoulos: and that's all the time we have

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Meet The Press – November 17, 2013

Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH)
Ezra Klein
Dan Henninger
Mike Murphy
Kathleen Parker
Tom Brokaw
Chris Matthews

Gregory: OMG the Republican House
passed a bill to change Obamacare!

Gregory: are Democrats fleeing Obamacare?

Pelosi: no

Gregory: but Democrats are frustrated
Pelosi: some of them

Gregory: aren't Democrats losing confidence 
in Obama?

Pelosi: no

Gregory: but

Pelosi: calm down Fluffy

Gregory: but Obamacare

Pelosi: I call it the ACA because I got it through

Gregory: okay Nancy

Pelosi: the law does not require these
cancellations – the laws says if you had a
plan before the law was enacted you
could keep it and that's still true

Gregory: would you or other Democrats
actually campaign on Obamacare?

Pelosi: the ACA

Gregory: whatever

Pelosi: it's working in Kentucky – it saves lives

Gregory: but people are mad

Pelosi: so the President is going to let
people stay on their crappy plans but the
insurer must inform people that they
have better options

Gregory: but one million cancellation
notices have gone out in California

Pelosi: and they will get second 
letter correcting that

Gregory: did you lie to people in 2010

Pelosi: no

Gregory: but if your plan doesn't meet
government standards then you can't keep it

Pelosi: you can if it pre-dates the law

Gregory: Obama apologized – why don't you?

Pelosi: that's neither here nor there

Gregory: this was a forseeable problem

Pelosi: insurers must tell people they
have better choices

Gregory: in 2010 you said this would
be awesome and it's not awesome

Pelosi: I stand by what I said

Gregory: okay

Pelosi: we passed this law and it got
past court challenges and we're going
to keep fighting for this law

Gregory: do you still consider this law a success?

Pelosi: it will be

Gregory: what is success?

Pelosi: if people can sign up

Gregory: why aren't you more
concerned that this is a disaster?

Pelosi: you can't be knocked for a
loop over a little setback

Gregory: will Democrats lose seats
over Obamacare?

Pelosi: remember the government shutdown?
That was bad!

Gregory: yes I recall that

Pelosi: also in 2014 we will fight over jobs,
gay rights and immigration reform

[ break ]

Gregory: welcome Kelly Ayotte -
you hate the ACA

Ayotte: my constituents are telling me
they have less choice – there's only
one insurer in New Hampshire

Gregory: is your goal to repeal
the ACA altogether?

Ayotte: no Republicans voted for the ACA
so it must be bad

Gregory: are you open to fixing the law
and how would you provide insurance for
40 uninsured million Americans?

Ayotte: the first rule in politics is
First, Do No Harm the Upper Middle Class

Gregory: I knew that

Ayotte: all we have to do is allow
people buy insurance across state lines

Gregory: what else?

Ayotte: we have lots of good ideas

Gregory: like what?

Ayotte: lots of them

Gregory: what are they?

Ayotte: repeal Obamacare

Gregory: what else?

Ayotte: we have many ideas

Gregory: thanks for coming Kelly

Gregory: is Obamacare done for?

Klein: it's not now – but they have time to get
the website working and get people signed up

Gregory: okay

Klein: after all the Medicare D rollout was a disaster

Henninger: this is really complicated and
there's no way to fix it in two weeks

Gregory: wow

Henninger: they may lose an entire
generation of young people who
will grow up hating the government

Gregory: won't insurers just raise premiums?

Klein: the insurers will want healthy
people signed up – that's where the money is

Gregory: Doug you hate big government 
and mandates

Henninger: FDR is being proved
wrong by a slow website in 2013

Gregory: I see

Henninger: in the next two weeks people
will abandon government after
80 years of giving it a chance

Klein: Paul Ryan had exchanges in his plan too

Gregory: thanks for coming guys

[ break ]

Gregory: this week Obama came out
and said we fumbled the rollout

Brokaw: I would have thought Obama
would have been on top of this since
it was so important to him

Gregory: where is Obama's Bobby Kennedy
where's the muscle?

Matthews: he should have had a Obamacare Czar

Murphy: this is crackup and now we
have the midterms coming up

Gregory: fascinating

Murphy: the GOP should now come up
with their policies and run the table

Parker: John Boehner told me that they
will be on the attack for the rest of the year

Matthews: the problem with the Katrina
analogy is the Bush didn't do anything at all
not that he tried and failed

Brokaw: also the GOP still has no plan 
to fix health care

Murphy: that's true – but now we are
allowed to have an alternative

Gregory: what will it be

Murphy: take away from the poor and
give to the middle class

Gregory: people like the idea of not
having pre-exising conditions

Matthews: what if Obama goes to the
Republican party and asks for money for Obamacare?

Parker: they will say no

Gregory: people say this is Obama's Katrina
I say it's more like Obama's Iraq

Parker: no that was different Bush was a hero

Brokaw: the American people don't trust
Obama because he won in Syria
without firing a shot

Murphy: Obama is the most unpopular
politicians of all time

Parker: what if Obama had just agreed
to delay Obamacare for a year in August?

Murphy: the campaign is over – 
now it's time to govern

Matthews: the campaign never ends

Murphy: that's true

Matthews: it's only going to get nastier

Parker: he's been getting bad advice

Brokaw: people are scared of getting
a terminal disease and they blame politicians

Gregory: just want to be healthy and
never pay for insurance – is that so hard?

[ break ]

Gregory: you made a documentary about
the Kennedy assassination and
interviewed Stephen Spielberg

Brokaw: JFK was the perfect guy for his time,
following Eisenhower, it was the tv age –
he was young, glamouros, good looking,
and left with all this unfinished business

Gregory: the Kennedy assassination is
like 9/11 – nothing was same after

Matthews: I studied the JFK the canny
politician – he was trying get re-elected
while working on a civil rights law

Brokaw: I've talked to all his advisors
and JFK was taking a hawkish line 
through 1964 but probably wouldn't have 
gone all-in in Vietnam

Matthews: he was hawkish – but would he
really have put 500,000 troops in Vietnam
I don't think so

Gregory: thanks for coming

Gregory: Ha – Bill Clinton dissed
Obama on health care

Parker: ha ha the Clintons are totally
distancing themselves

Brokaw: don't forget they screwed up
health care in 1993

Matthews: Hillary Clinton is moving 
to the right of Obama

Gregory: ha ha

Matthews: the great thing about Bill Clinton
is he is totally in touch with white people
in a way Barack Obama is not

Murphy: Hillary Clinton is threatened
by Elizabeth Warren

Parker: she is warm and wonderful

Murphy: just like a Bond villain

Brokaw: I love these parlor games
but this is ridiculous

Matthews: Democrats don't like
a coronation – they like a fight!

Gregory: I'm looking forward to it!

Matthews: ha!

Gregory: and that's another episode
of Meet The Press

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – November 17, 2013

Host: Martha Raddatz
Jon Karl
Rebecca Jarvis
Matthew Dowd
David Plouffe
Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY)
Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)
Gwen Ifill
Howard Dean
Bret Stephens

Raddatz: OMG Obama's Presidency is in crisis!

Karl: Obamacare's flaws may threaten
his Presidency

Obama: we fumbled the rollout

Karl: the website doesn't work and
people are getting plan cancellations

Raddatz: oh my

Karl: not as many people trust Obama
and this may be Obama's Katrina from
which Bush never recovered

Raddatz: Obama's Katrina!

Karl: Democrats are bailing on Obamacare

Raddatz: will anyone be fired?

Karl: that's not going to fix anything

Raddatz: but he has to fire someone!

Dowd: Presidents need to show
accountability like when Bush fired Rumsfeld

Raddatz: but that took years

Plouffe: the website is going to be fixed –
but they need to regain people's trust

Raddatz: how?

Karl: get the health insurance CEOs on board

Jarvis: young healthy people aren't
rushing to buy health insurance

Raddatz: Matt you're a Republican –
bash Obama for me

Dowd: Obama can't pass any laws from now on?

Raddatz: is just like Katrina?

Dowd: no one has died but it's eerily similar

Plouffe: But Bush lost trust because he
lied to get us into a war and then 
screwed that up too

Dowd: oh right that happened

Raddatz: can he regain the trust
of the American people?

Karl: it's possible

Raddatz: can he regain trust?

Gillibrand: of course – people don't want
to lose insurance because of
a preexisting condition

Raddatz: but the trust has been shattered!

Gillibrand: oh come on Martha

Raddatz: but Obama misled everyone!

Gillibrand: the whole point is to provide
people with adequate useful health insurance

Raddatz: but Obama fell on his sword
but has missed that sword a couple of times

Gillibrand: what the hell are you talking about

Raddatz: the leadership!

Gillibrand: Obama's legacy is going to be
providing millions of Americans with health care

Raddatz: but 39 Democrats defected!

Gillibrand: they're just responding to
the needs of their constituents

Raddatz: exactly!

Gillibrand: people are worried about their
family's health coverage and that
makes sense – but the law helps people

Raddatz: are you planning running
for President in 2016?

Gillibrand: no I'm endorsing Hillary Clinton –
she's got the gravitas and she's rested and ready

Raddatz: you are pushing to reform
sex assault prosecution in the military

Gillibrand: we're getting the votes –
we need to protect soldiers giving
their lives for our country

Raddatz: would you leave murder and
theft in the chain of command?

Gillibrand: no – we have 26,000 assaults

Raddatz: but you don't have the data

Gillibrand: yes we do – this comes
from the Department of Defense

Raddatz: but but

Gillibrand: if you are raped you are
likely to be retaliated against

Raddatz: John McCain says you don't
have military experience to oversee the military

Gillibrand: I like John but this is my job and
I'm sorry but the military has allowed sex
assaults to occur for too long

Raddatz: what is the President's position?

Gillibrand: we have lots of Generals supporting us

Raddatz: lots don't

Gillibrand: they're serving now – of course
they support the chain of command

Raddatz: I see

Gillibrand: and one three-star general!

Raddatz: thanks for coming

Raddatz: OMG SNL made fun of
President Obama – that is the best
thing I have ever seen!!

Ifill: Obama came out this week saying
he fumbled – they've hit bottom

Raddatz: happy 65th birthday Howard Dean

Dean: I signed up for Medicare in 10 minutes
we need a public option!

Raddatz: but is the rest of his term is destroyed?

Stephens: this is the great political
disaster in decades

Raddatz: I love it!

Stephens: this will crush jobs

Kinzinger: the website will be fixed –
but Obama is raising taxes and
secretly wants socialism

Raddatz: aren't Republicans doing really well?

Kinzinger: yes

Ifill: Obama's doesn't want single-payer

Kinzinger: that's the goal of the Democrat party

Raddatz: no one trusts Obama!

Stephens: Obama is incompetent –
he wiretapped Germany, let Ed Snowden
steal secrets and let Syria give up
chemical weapons without firing a shot

Raddatz: someone had to say it

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Meet The Press – November 10, 2013

Sec. John Kerry (State)
Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ)
Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN)
Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD)
Joe Scarborough
Mark Halperin
Doris Goodwin

Gregory: OMG John Kerry did not
make a deal to end Iran nuclear arms

Gregory: Hi John

Kerry: Hi David

Gregory: can you make a deal with Iran?

Kerry: yes – we just need to
hammer out the modalities

Gregory: what does that mean?

Kerry: we use what I call 'exhaust diplomacy'

Gregory: what is that?

Kerry: where I keep talking until you are
exhausted and agree to give up your 
entire nuclear program and also
throw in a plate of hummus

Gregory: is Iran playing games while
they plan to nuke Martha's vineyard
and will that impact my property values?

Kerry: no we just need to work on the
wording of the agreement – you know
this is serious business Fluffy!

Gregory: yeah yeah yeah

Kerry: remember this is a new
Iran government – we need time

Gregory: but I want a deal now!

Kerry: there's no rush – we need to get it right

Gregory: Bibi wants to crush Iran
before we can lift sanctions

Kerry: well he's an idiot

Gregory: perhaps but I like him

Kerry: let me be perfectly clear –
we have to two deals – a current architecture
deal and the hopefully another guarantee
deal for a non-growing nuclear program

Gregory: thanks for being perfectly clear

Kerry: look it's not to much to ask to try
diplomacy before we start another war

Gregory: what's the rush – why not
punish Iran some more?

Kerry: Fluffy the point of sanctions
is not to make Iranians suffer

Gregory: what's the point of being a big
empire if you can't inflict a little needless
suffering now and then?

Kerry: sure – but the reason to have
the sanctions is to bring them to
the negotiating table – well here they are

Gregory: but punishing Iranians is so fun

Kerry: don't worry we are doing that
but also trying to achieve something

Gregory: I'm worried that you and Obama
are being suckered by these wily Persians

Kerry: you're a moron

Gregory: but you're not skeptical!

Kerry: you're one to talk about being skeptical

Gregory: ha

Kerry: look Fluffy we're not stupid

Gregory: but you're rushing into a bad deal

Kerry: you moron we didn't even make a deal!

Gregory: you're weak!

Kerry: shut up Fluffers

Gregory: Obama is weak and abandons
friends and allows Syria to commit murder
and is reluctant to use America's
awesome military power

Kerry: Hey stupid – Obama was the one
who wanted to bomb Syria and Republicans
got skittish and told him not to use force –
do you even remember that?!?

Gregory: but Obama is weak and
Republicans are strong

Kerry: Ask Qaddafi and bin Laden about that

Gregory: but Republicans are manly
and Democrats are weak!

Kerry: that's mythology you dumbass

Gregory: you said you don't think
Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone

Kerry: I'm Secretary of State and can't say more

Gregory: but do you think it was the CIA,
the mafia, the USSR or Cuba?

Kerry: yes

Gregory: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Gregory: what about Iran?

Corker: clearly Iran is about to build a
nuclear bomb and Obama doesn't care

Gregory: right

Corker: Obama is about to give
away the store because he wants
to give muslims a bomb

Gregory: so should we have more sanctions?

Corker: I don't trust those wily Arabs

Gregory: I don't blame you

Corker: all of us want to see diplomacy
but Barack Obama is always ready to
jump in the arms of terrorists

Gregory: we all know that

Corker: think about it – if Obama eases
sanctions it will like when Obama
gave North Korea the bomb and
they nuked Topeka

Gregory: they did?

Corker: I think I saw it on '60 Minutes'

[ break ]

Gregory: Welcome Chris -- there 
is a lot of excitement about 
you all over America!

Christie: I know David!

Gregory: how can you impact the country?

Christie: people want politicians to
get the job done and that's what I do

Gregory: clearly you are a shy man
but can you save the Republican party?

Christie: look I am much too modest
to talk about those things

Gregory: give it a try

Christie: if you go to black people
and talk to them they may even listen to you

Gregory: wow!

Christie: I know!

Gregory: you would lose to Hillary
Clinton in New Jersey

Christie: it's a blue state and I'm
a Republican – suck it!

Gregory: okay

Christie: blacks, hispanics, students,
young people – they all voted for me

Gregory: are you a moderate or a conservative?

Christie: we added over 140,000 jobs

Gregory: that's not much in a state of 6 million

Christie: fuck you Fluffy!

Gregory: the Wall Street Journal points
out you have a terrible jobs record

Christie: but we cut business taxes

Gregory: but it didn't work

Christie: look stupid if I had done a
good job I wouldn't have run again

Gregory: sound logic indeed

Gregory: what about Obamacare?

Christie: I knew Obamacare would fail
that's why I didn't set up state-run exchanges

Gregory: that makes perfect sense

Christie: I have boldly called on Obama
to tell the truth – I always tell the
people in New Jersey the hard truths!

Gregory: like what happened with New Jersey
transit trains during Superstorm Sandy?

Christie: if you ask me that again I
promise I will rip off your goddamn
head and piss on your brain

Gregory: okay okay

Christie: don't push me Fluffy

[ break ]

Gregory: Joe do you think Chris Christie
would marry me if I asked him?

Scarborough: I miss Colin Powell
and Ronald Reagan

Gregory: so do I

Scarborough: Republicans need to stop
attacking each and start getting together
and winning like a football team

Gregory: which one is Richie Incognito?

Halperin: Chris Christie is magical –
and he's a leader – he's like
Albus Dumbledore meets Tony Soprano

Goodwin: Christie is just like Teddy Roosevelt
both were blunt, fighters and
were called communists by other Republicans

Edwards: he's not President yet

Gregory: why are you anti-Christie Donna?

Gregory: I'm bored with praising Christie
let's bash Obama

Scarborough: Obama botched the website!

Goodwin: both sides are rooting the
other side to fail and people are hurt

Gregory: Obama apologized!
Mark Halperin is that enough?

Halperin: not to overstate the case but
Obama's entire Presidency is on the line
in the next few days – it will be a total 
failure if he can't get the tea party like 
him in the next ten days

Gregory: what happens if Obamacare fails?
What is the plan for that?

Edwards: what happens when people
realize David Gregory is full of it? What's the plan?

Scarborough: I try not to be partisan and
Republicans will tell you that I am not partisan

Gregory: oh sure

Scarborough: but Obama rammed
the individual mandate
down Republicans' throats

Gregory: Kerry says Lee Oswald 
may not have acted alone

Goodwin: we have a need to believe
in a conspiracy to give the assassination
a larger meaning

Gregory: that's somewhat patronizing

Goodwin: although my husband
thinks it was the mafia and I think
it was the New York Yankees

Gregory: Joe I am so thrilled to cover
your book about we can help the
Republican party thrive

Scarborough: I'm thrilled too David

Gregory: we've got to help the
Republican party win!

Scarborough: we've got to come up
with a big agenda and big plans and
stop electing amateurs

Gregory: sadly Americans do like
government sometimes

Scarborough: we used to win Presidential
elections easily – because people trusted
Republicans to be strong and smart
and show good judgment

Gregory: now – not so much

Scarborough: right – if we don't change
Obama and Hillary Clinton will have
16 years to choose Supreme Court
justices and that will transform
politics for 50 years

Gregory: you sound worried

Scarborough: I love the shutdown but it
was bad tactics – like running the
football on 4th and 31 because
you think it makes you more of a man

Gregory: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press