Sunday, June 29, 2014

Meet The Press – June 29, 2014

Chuck Todd
Kelly O'Donnell
Andrea Mitchell
Cynthia McFadden
Former President Bill Clinton
RNC Chair Reince Priebus
Kathy Ruemmler Fmr. Obama 
White House Counsel
Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI)
Nia-Malika Henderson
Valerie Jarrett
Carly Fiorina
Sara Horowitz - Freelancers Union
Monty Moran - CEO of Chipotle
Darren Walker - President Ford Foundation

O'Donnell: Boehner and Obama
used to be friends – now Obama sticking
with his year of action

Boehner: Obama is not faithful [ weeps ]

Obama: this is a stupid stunt!

O'Donnell: they're not longer BFFs

Gregory: what's up with this lawsuit?

Ruemmler: to say this is frivolous 
is an insult to frivolity

Gregory: I like frivolity

Ruemmeler: I'm sure

Gregory: so how about impeachment?

Ruemmler: um yeah that's a good idea

Gregory: yeah but Obama tweaked 
Obamacare and limited carbon emissions

Ruemmler: you say that but Boehner
announced he was suing but is still
looking for reasons which is odd

Gregory: well used to practice 
with Green & Fazio

[ voice over ] I'd like to sue someone 
but don't I need a reason?

Gregory: we arrested a terrorist but
why is he in a court and not being
tortured at a lawless navy base in Cuba?

Ruemmler: because law

Gregory: but doesn't this terrorist 
possess super-powers?

Ruemmler: no Fluffy

[ break ]

Todd: the Clintons were broke and
are now worth $100 million which
is too much money to run for President

Schmidt: Clinton is out of touch
like Al Gore and John Kerry

Dunn: Americans don't mind wealthy
people they just don't like assholes

Todd: in 2007 Obama said he used
to be poor proving Hillary Clinton is out of touch

Gregory: so Hillary is out of touch!

Todd: however polls says people
do not think she is out of touch

Gregory: well pooh

[ break ]

Gregory: you understand why Hillary
is in trouble for saying she was dead broke

Clinton: I understand you are shallow idiot

Gregory: meanie

Clinton: what she said is factually true

Gregory: yes but she is out of touch

Clinton: she is not out of touch - 
you're out of touch

Gregory: no you're out of touch

Clinton: back in the 1970s Hillary was 
helping poor people and troubled 
mothers what were you doing

Gregory: the funky chicken
Clinton: you probably went to Studio 54
wearing a plaid jacket asking is Evel Knivel
was bad for Jimmy Carter in 1980

Gregory: so you think I'm unfair

Clinton: oh don't even try that Fluffy

Gregory: don't try what?

Clinton: I was the poorest President
ever in 1992 and now I'm doing well
but I still shop at my little corner grocery store
except I have Secret Service and $100 million

Gregory: do you still never federal protection?

Clinton: Hillary won't let me go 
anywhere without them

Gregory: the issue is you have too
much money to be President

Clinton: the real issue is is she aware
of the struggles of millions of Americans

Gregory: so you're saying the 
Obama economy sucks

Clinton: Obama pulled us out of a
Depression and his policies weren't
even fully implemented

Gregory: so you're blaming John Boehner

Clinton: I'm saying we should have invested
in America back when interest rates were low

Gregory: okay but but-

Clinton: the GOP hates government 
unless it's something they want

Gregory: I suppose but-

Clinton: look at GOP flip-flops on the 
Export Import Bank

Gregory: Iraq: it's baaack

Clinton: oh cripes

Gregory: Dick Cheney says America is
less safe because of Obama –
is Dick Cheney a credible critic?

Clinton: if he hadn't started a war in Iraq
none of this would be happening right now
Gregory: not even a war in Syria

Clinton: Dick Cheney has made a 
career out of blaming people for not 
fixing the mess he made

Gregory: what is America's role in the world? Also Benghazi!

Clinton: ten embassies were attacked
when Bush was President and where 
was the GOP outrage?

Gregory: something about french fries

Gregory: who would be best Republican to win in 2016?

Clinton: why would I answer that? [ laughs ]

Gregory: is Hillary going to run?

Clinton: I'm just a bit player [ laugh ]

Gregory: really?

Clinton: I believe Hillary is the most 
gifted public servant I've known but it 
has to be her decision

Gregory: right

Clinton: the important question is –
why do want to be President
and what would you do

Gregory: is it time to give pot a chance?

Clinton: we should leave it to the states

Gregory: Colorado legalized it

Clinton: there's pot and then there's pot

Gregory: is Hillary Clinton too rich to be President?

Priebus: yes – flying on a private 
jet is unseemly

Gregory: exactly

Priebus: I think people are tired the Clintons

Gregory: are people tired of the Bushes too?

Priebus: no because they not 
obnoxious like the Clintons are

Gregory: they're not?

Priebus: no Bill is out there criticizing
Dick Cheney just because Dick invaded
a country by mistake – what a hypocrite!

Gregory: who among us has not 
invaded  a nation of 30 million by 
mistake and without a plan

Priebus: exactly! Like this morning
I poured decaf by mistake! Same thing!

Gregory: what is the GOP foreign policy?

Priebus: Obama is weak and procrastinates
but Republicans decisively launch wars without thinking

Gregory: some would say he's prudent

Priebus: but he drew a red line
in Syria and didn't bomb them

Gregory: but he got all the Syria 
chemical weapons without firing a shot

Priebus: I don't know that

Gregory: so if you don't know
for you all you know it's true

Priebus: Benghazi!

Gregory: Boehner is suing he President

Priebus: the Constitution gives power to
'we the people' so Obama technically
should not even be in office

Gregory: Thad Cochran got elected
with Democratic votes –
is the GOP cracking up?

Priebus: I love primaries

Gregory: they 're the most you can
have with your clothes on not sitting at a desk

Priebus: we're going to win the 
House and Senate!

Gregory: problem solved then

[ break ]


Gregory: Reince Priebus just called 
Hillary Clinton obnoxious!

Mitchell: Clinton is rusty and out of touch

Gregory: voters don't like anybody these days

Henderson: we're seeing a wave
of populism across America

Gregory: what about Boehner's
threatened lawsuit

Duffy: Obama has seized more
power than has ever happened
in the history of the nation

Ruemmler: um no he's the President

Gregory: but what if a Republican
President unilaterally halted Obamacare?

Ruemmler: well then the hand
would be on the other foot

Duffy: Obama is waiving welfare 
reform so what's to stop him from 
rounding us up and putting us all in 
FEMA concentration camps?

Henderson: this battle gins up supports
from conservatives and liberals

Mitchell: Boehner and Obama
probably agreed the lawsuit
was good for both of them

Duffy: also all liberals are losers

Gregory: the IRS are so arrogant
making me pay taxes when I
already paid them last year

Ruemmler: the IRS is a little 
tone-deaf but that's all

Duffy: we know the IRS targeted
right-wing groups

Gregory: we don't know that

Duffy: well maybe they did

Mitchell: maybe the IRS is just incompetent

Duffy: we need a special prosecutor!

Gregory: that's not going to happen

Ruemmler: there's no evidence of
any political targeting

Gregory: hey the Supreme Court ruled
for cell phone privacy – is this because
of Ed Snowden?

Mitchell: absolutely – it's all about the NSA

Henderson: the ruling said cell
phones basically are our whole lives

Gregory: should we elect a
smart phone President?

Gregory: Obama watched the
World Cup with Valerie Jarrett

McFadden: Obama used to be popular
what went wrong?

Jarrett: being President isn't easy

McFadden: what about raising 
the minimum wage?

Jarrett: good idea

McFadden: are you Obama's spine?

Jarrett: he doesn't need me to be his spine

McFadden: 36 people work for you

Jarret: those guns aren't going
to take themselves away

McFadden: you're the most powerful
woman in Washington

Jarret: [ laughs ]

McFadden: is Michelle Obama
going to run for office ?

Jarret: that's never going to happen

McFadden: would you?

Jarrett: maybe

McFadden: should we have a women President?

Jarrett: absolutely!

McFadden: what about Hillary Clinton?

Jarrett: when she announces I'll comment

McFadden: you had dinner with Rupert Murdoch

Jarrett: isn't that amazing!

Gregory: is Jarrett Obama's connection
to the real America?

McFadden: yes and also the 
business community

[ break ]

Gregory: omg Obama reached over
the sneeze guard at Chipotle!

Clinton: I used to grab the fries out of the fryer

Gregory: what about raising the minimum wage?

Chipotle CEO: the issue isn't how much
money people are making but how much
rice belongs in a large burrito

Fiorina: the sad truth is raising the
minimum wage will hurt poor people

Freelancer: people need to be independent

Ford Foundation CEO: we have
too much income inequality

Clinton: Culture matters

Fiorina: culture in government
matters and government is totally
unaccountable except for the elections

Clinton: I presided over a small government

Fiorina: yes and that was good

Clinton: but not a weak government
that cripples the SEC and 
allows a financial crisis

Ford Foundation CEO: Ronald Reagan
believed in investing in infrastructure

Fiorina: tax laws benefit the rich which I hate

Clinton: we need to be creative 
to empower people

Gregory: the Big Question is Hillary Clinton
too rich and out of touch??

Clinton: shut up Fluffy

Gregory: and that's another
episode of Meet the Press

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – June 29, 2014

Pierre Thomas
Martha Raddatz
Terry Moran
Jim Avila
President Barack Obama
Rep. Peter King (R-NY)
Mayor Jim Darling – McAllen, Texas
Dahlia Lithwick
Carrie Severino
Donna Brazile
Matthew Dowd
Bill Kristol
Katrina vanden Heuvel
Martha Raddatz

Thomas: omg al-qaeda is making 
invisible magic bombs

Stephanopoulos: holy shit

Thomas: they're making toothpaste explosives

Stephanopoulos: sweet jesus

Thomas: they're going to get trained in
Syria which is like a university for psychos

Stephanopoulos: but could that happen here

Thomas: it did at the Boston bombing

Stephanopoulos: shit I forgot

Stephanopoulos: what about the 
Benghazi bomber?

Thomas: he's cooperating with the FBI

Stephanopoulos: it's a tough case to make

Thomas: he'll be treated like a 
common thug in US court

Stephanopoulos: then he's totally screwed

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: are terrorists 
going to attack us

Obama: maybe

Stephanopoulos: that's scary

Obama: it's been a scary world 
since 2001 George

Stephanopoulos: what's the biggest threat?

[ break ]

King: there are Americans in Syria now
being trained to come back here to kill us

Stephanopoulos: I'm terrified

King: you should be – we're all 
going to die very soon

Stephanopoulos: eeek

King: also most airports have no security

Stephanopoulos: literally every county 
in the world is at war in Iraq

Raddatz: except for San Marino
Vanuatu and Colbert Nation

Stephanopoulos: what's the role 
for US advisors in Iraq?

Raddatz: to stop Iraqi soldiers from
running away very fast which is what
they generally do

Stephanopoulos: what's the biggest concern?

Raddatz: that the Iraqi government will
just going after their political enemies

King: we need to protect American asses in Iraq!

Stephanopoulos: yeah we need 
to cover our asses

King: no assets – American assets

Stephanopoulos: same thing

King: pretty much

Stephanopoulos: does the President
need to go to Congress?

King: no but he should

Stephanopoulos: what's up on the US border?

Allen: US law encourages children 
to come to America

Stephanopoulos: that darn Obama!

Avila: actually it's a law signed by Bush
and passed Congress unanimously

Stephanopoulos: never mind then

Avila: so we have to care for 
kids and their moms

Obama: do not send your children to America!

Stephanopoulos: good morning Mayor
how is the immigrations crisis going?

Darling: we don't see it a crisis

Stephanopoulos: no?

Darling: we have catholic charities
helping to save immigrants lives

Stephanopoulos: why are they coming
are they fleeing war or what?

Darling: how should I know?

Stephanopoulos: is this putting a strain
on your little town?

Darling: yes it's not fair to make our town
and charities care for these immigrants

Stephanopoulos: fair point

Mayor: but we're doing our best

Stephanopoulos: good luck with that

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: what's up with 
the Supreme Court?

Moran: this year the Court ended caps
on contributions, protected cell phones,
and held that buffer zones are unconstitutional
except for the one around the Supreme Court

Stephanopoulos: good wrap up

Moran: we're still waiting for the Hobby Lobby

Stephanopoulos: what's with all the unanimous rulings?

Moran: Roberts is trying to rehab the courts image in this era

Lithwick: he got nine people to agree
it doesn't matter what apps James Madison
would have put on his cell phone

Severino: it's great progress that the
court pushed back on Obama's lawlessness

Stephanopoulos: what about the upcoming opinion?

Moran: if Hobby Lobby wins it 
could make all laws optional

Lithwick: the court went small this week
so they might go big on Hobby Lobby

Severino: Hobby Lobby really 
believe abortion is murder!

Moran: if you want your rights to rate
you must incorporate

Stephanopoulos: gay marriage 
is winning all over

Lithwick: the nation is ready for equality

Severino: the next President will appoint
3 justices depending on who dies

Stephanopoulos: some want 
Ginsburg to retire

Moran: she's not going to game the system
plus she loves her job

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Boehner says you are acting like a King

Obama: what a jackass – you notice he
never said what he objects to

Stephanopoulos: he's said he's going to sue you

Obama: listen to him squawk –
why doesn't he try getting something done!?

[ panel ]

Dowd: both sides are equally to blame

Stephanopoulos: but is suing Obama a good idea?

Kristol: Obama is a dictator!

Stephanopoulos: but is this lawsuit a good plan?

Kirstol: not not really – but Obama is still like Hitler

vanden Heuvel: Congress is not doing anything!

Kristol: so if they're not doing anything
then they must be doing something

Stephanopoulos: sounds right to me

vanden Heuvel: [ facepalm ]