Sunday, April 21, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - April 21, 2013

Pierre Thomas
Dan Abrams
Brad Garrett
Richard Clarke
Mayor Thomas Menino

Stephanopoulos: wow the terror suspect
is alive but in serious condition

Thomas: he won't be read Miranda rights

Stephanopoulos: thank god

Thomas: they may have stockpiled bombs -
they were very disciplined!

Stephanopoulos: except they had
to rob a 7-11 to get money

Thomas: diabolically clever

Stephanopoulos: what about Miranda?

Abarams: the Supreme Court has ruled
for years that there is a limited public safety
exception for imminent threats

Stephanopoulos: would that threat still
apply after two days?

Abrams: maybe - we shall see

Stephanopoulos: Lindsay Graham wants
to try him as an enemy combatant

Abrams: that's ridiculous – unless 
you want him acquitted

Stephanopoulos: is there a sleeper 
cell in New Bedford?

Garrett : yes but the were only hunting 
the white whale

Stephanopoulos: Russia tipped the U.S.
off about the older brother

Garrett: yes but lots of people
visit radical websites like YouTube

Stephanopoulos: Peter King says the
FBI let Tamerlan slip through their fingers

Garrett: well he's an idiot

Clarke: if he was such a threat why did
the Russians let him spend 7 months
there and then send him back to America?

Stephanopoulos: home-grown 
terrorists are very scary

Clarke: these two idiots may well 
inspire other dumbasses

Abrams: he's not an enemy combatant!

Stephanopoulos: given how many people we
kill all over the world we have had very
few acts of terrorism in the last 10 years

Clarke: given how vulnerable we 
are I don't understand why we don't 
have one terror act per week

Stephanopoulos: Richard you predicted many
terror attacks in 2005 and you were wrong

Clarke: I can't explain how I 
could be wrong – except these young 
men were evil geniuses who forgot 
fix their car or go to the ATM

Garrett: catching stupid terrorist is hard

Stephanopoulos: the younger brother
kept going to classes and parties after the bombing

Garrett: see how clever they were!

Clarke: they were so smart and evil they
lobbed bombs from a moving car they
carjacked because they left their car in the auto shop

Stephanopoulos: I'm sold

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Mayor what's going on in Boston

Menino: it's pahrty time George

Stephanopoulos: did these brothers act alone?

Menino: it ssure seems lahk it

Stephanopoulos: would you like to see
him face the death penalty?

Menino: that wicked pissah held the
whole city hahstage

Stephanopoulos: was the lock down 
an overreaction?

Menino: no because there were 
bahmbs everywheah

Stephanopoulos: have you seen pictures
of the suspects celebrating the bombing?

Menino: all the lah enfahcement 
worked tahgethah!

Stephanopoulos: how were they caught

Menino: the Bahston PD is wicked ahsome

Stephanopoulos: were they planning 
other attacks?

Menino: these lahsers are lahsers!

Stephanopoulos: but would they do other attacks?

Menino: who knows – they're pissahas!

Stephanopoulos: right but-

Menino: everyone worked togethah –
from President Obamah to thah citizens

Stephanopoulos: their friends says 
they were normal how were they radicalized?

Menino: the younger one was brainwhashed

Stephanopoulos: what about security?

Menino: we had a lhat cahmeras and
we need to check trahsh cahns

Stephanopoulos: you son is a hero as well

Menino: he whas jahst doin his jahb

Stephanopoulos: you did a good job too

Menino: thahnks gahge

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