Sunday, October 23, 2016

Meet The Press – October 23, 2016

Sen. Tim Kaine
Kellyanne Conway – Trump campaign
Tom Friedman – New York Times
Stuart Stevens – GOP strategist
Yamiche Alcindor – New York Times
Eliana Johnson – National Review

Todd: omg this was another
crazy week in the elections

Todd: Donald Trump is hurting Republicans

Todd: Like Kelly Ayotte and Pat Toomey

Todd: more women have come forward

Todd: some Republicans are running 
away from Trump

Todd: others are still waffling

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Tim Kaine

Kaine: nice to be here Charles

Todd: Hillary Clinton says she's
done talking about Trump and is
focusing on down ballot races

Kaine: right

Todd: is this election over?

Kaine: we're not taking anything for granted

Todd: let's talk about the stolen e-mails

Kaine: okay

Todd: why shouldn't the people
read all these stolen mails

Kaine: they were stolen by Russia
to influence the election

Todd: but they're out there

Kaine: some were doctored

Todd: but Politico says The
Left is very angry at Hillary

Kaine: but we're electing
the first female President

Todd: I know that

Kaine: she has to be President
for everyone not just The Left

Todd: but she has also attacked 
true American heroes like 
Pat Toomey and Donald Trump

Kaine: we both have worked 
across the aisle in the Senate

Todd: perhaps

Kaine: but of course right now we're
trying to elect Democrats

Todd: let me read this allegedly
real stolen e-mail on the TPP

Kaine: Hillary and I both wanted a
strong trade deal but only one good
enough which this one is not

Todd: did she make you come 
out against TPP

Kaine: no

Todd: but you wanted 
until you were named VP

Kaine: because the deal 
was still being negotiated

Todd: Obama is still talking up the TPP

Kaine: we're not against trade
we just want good trade

Todd: so there might be 
another Pacific trade deal?

Kaine: sure but who knows 
what Mitch McConnell will do

Todd: will you quit the lame duck Senate

Kaine: why should VA be short a Senator?

Todd: a Clinton staffer called allegedly 
Catholicism 'socially acceptable' - 
isn't that really offensive

Kaine: that e-mail is a forgery

Todd: but a lot of Catholics
it offensive anyway

Kaine: I'm a Jesuit you idiot

Todd: last week I begged Joe Biden
to implement a no fly zone and
he turned me down flat

Biden: we can't defeat ISIS and Assad

Kaine: I've said for a long time
we need to do more in Syria 
– look at the refugee crisis

Todd: are your concerned about a merger with AT&T and Time Warner

Kaine: yes I want to keep 
for as long as possible

Todd: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Kellyanne

Conway: thanks Ted

Todd: most polls show you being crushed

Conway: yes we are losing badly

Todd: Hillary leads by double digits

Conway: [ sigh ]

Todd: I know it's hard

Conway: it's not fair since she has 
popular people like Bill and Barack 
campaigning for her

Todd: and Michelle and Joe

Conway: [ weeps ]

Todd: and Gore and Sanders and Warren

Conway: all right all right

Todd: sorry

Conway: also she's seen as the
incumbent which is a huge
advantage in a change election

Todd: well of course

Conway: she is losing in some states

Todd: all right

Conway: we need to win 
undecideds in the next ten days

Todd: by promising to sue women?

Conway: he's defending himself!

Todd: okay

Conway: [ sobs ]

Todd: there there Kellly

Conway: he's also smartly pointed out
the media are all totally in the tank for Hillary

Todd: the sports reporters

Conway: the media are all hacks!

Todd: they are?

Conway: yes – only burglars can save America

Todd: it's an ethos

Conway: Trump focused 
on the Forgotten Man

Todd: has he assaulted men too?

Conway: no he pays other
people to do that for him

Todd: why not sue those women now?

Conway: because obviously
we're very busy losing this election
by historic numbers

Todd: my apologies

Conway: his gettysburg speech reminded 
me of the Contract with America

Todd: a bit

Conway: drain the swamp!

Todd: do you want Donald Trump 
stick to the issues

Conway: oh god yes

Todd: but he won't

Conway: terrorism is bad!

Todd: true

Conway: Presidents control education

Todd: they do?

Conway: I have a weird sense of
humor so I love the 'bad hombres' line

Todd: I see

Conway: it took a pro-choice Manhattan
billionaire to say babies are being
ripped out of wombs

Todd: Trump is lying about
the election being rigged

Conway: the election is rigged!

Todd: what's your evidence

Conway: there are dead people on the rolls

Todd: when someone dies do you
call the county board of elections Kelly

Conway: Hillary Clinton agrees with
Trump on rejecting the election results

Todd: sure she does

Conway: ask Hillary why she 
won't break off diplomatic relations 
with Saudi Arabia!

[ break ]

Todd: Stuart can you translate 
what Kellynne said

Stevens: Trump is like a groom who
shows up at the wedding with a stripper

Alcindor: at the debate Trump was
doing well on issues then he says
he won't accept the results of the election

Todd: and he give a major address
and talks about suing his accusers

Johnson: he puts his aides in a
very uncomfortable position on a daily basis

Todd: Hillary flipped flopped on TPP

Friedman: the GOP and Democratic
parties both blew up with this election

Todd: Obama is still trying to get TPP passed!

Johnson: there is a looming 
crisis in the Democratic party!

Alcindor: liberals will push Hillary

Friedman: the irony is TPP is 
a very good liberal trade deal

Todd: Clinton secretly wants Paul Ryan
as speaker so she can't anything done
which is why she put herself through
this awful campaign

Stevens: Trump has gone fully
to the left on trade

Todd: Democrats are getting the 
vote out in North Carolina

Stevens: Trump has no organization 
to get out the vote

Todd: that could be a problem

Stevens: the Clinton campaign
has a terrific machine

Todd: so Republicans are worried

Johnson: but maybe all those
Democrats getting out to vote are
actually voting for Republicans

Todd: um okay

[ break ]

Todd: Democrats are cruising –
they could win 21 House seats

Todd: look at Iowa and Kentucky –
if Dems win there it could be a big
wave election night for Democrats

Todd: but history is not on Dems side –
last time a party flipped the House and
won the White Hosue was 1952

Friedman: the left wing of the
Democratic party need to be disciplined

Todd: 50 shades of blue

Friedman: on the other hand the
modern GOP needs to crash and burn

Johnson: that's happening right now

Johnson: Trump supporters 
haven't gotten enough attention

Johnson: both parties have 
neglected angry racist white men

Stevens: this isn't about 
what the GOP base wants

Todd: no?

Steven: the GOP must change or it will keep on losing

Todd: Ohio Obama voters are with Trump

Alcindor: they feel their economic 
anxiety is not addressed

Johnson: people think the system
is rigged and they feel scorned by
elites in both parties

Johnson: the GOP needs to reach out
to poor white people and minorities by
focusing on slashing social security

Todd: poor people are worried about globalism

Friedman: we are at the greatest
human inflection point since the
invention of the printing press

Todd: does the Clinton campaign get this?

Alcindor: no they still think 
higher education is useful

Todd: omg Obama is appearing 
in down ballot tv ads

Obama: la vota es muy importante!

Todd: Barack is suddenly 
popular in swing states

Stevens: it's pretty sweet – down ballot
candidates can pick between Hillary,
Barack, Joe, Michelle, or Bernie

Todd: it's like a donkey buffet

Johnson: Democrats want a
check on a liberal Hillary Clinton

Todd: really?

Johnson: oh yes

Todd: will Trump voters turn on Republicans?

Friedman: Tump Ink vs Trump Inc !!

Todd: you're very proud
of that line aren't you

Alcindor: for Trump supporters 
if you admit he's losing you're 
part of a rigged system

Todd: it's like like that 
online movie set in a bunker 

Todd: why are conservatives so crazy?

Stuart: they lived all their life with
a birthright of white privilege

Todd: the Cubs have only ever
won a World Series when
Teddy Roosevelt was President

Friedman: when America was
really great and a hot dog cost a nickel!

Todd: and that's another 
episode of Meet The Press

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – October 23, 2016

Eric Trump – Trump campaign
Joel Benenson – Clinton campaign
Evan McMullin – Conservative 
Presidential candidate
Martha Raddatz

Stephanopoulos: wow there's only a few
more days until this crazy election is over

Stephanopoulos: Hillary leads
by a whopping 12 points

Stephanopoulos: 69% don't 
like Donald Trump

Stephanopoulos: it's the biggest lead ever

Stephanopoulos: meanwhile 
the Donald is struggling

Trump: how's my hair doing -
am I right people?

Stephanopoulos: he got booed 
at a charity event and tore up his notes
after the debate and then 
stalked off an interview

Trump: what a waste of time this campaign
has been for all of us but especially me

Trump: every woman lied about me!

Trump: they will all be sued!

Clinton: oh please

Trump: we're going to shock the world!

Stephanopoulos: Hillary is now
pitching herself to Trump voters

Clinton: I care about you and will
listen to your crazy-ass concerns
about brown people

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: welcome Eric Trump

Eric Trump: thanks Jim

Stephanopoulos: you're
losing in every single poll

Eric Trump: you can't trust polls

Stephanopoulos: oh no?

Eric Trump: no just look at the LA Times poll!

Stephanopoulos: okay

Eric Trump: we can win in Michigan!
We can still win this election!

Stephanopoulos: do you really
think you're winning?

Eric Trump: no but there's
a lot of love out there

Stephanopoulos: that's nice

Eric Trump: we're getting votes from 
unions and even the police who 
always vote for democrats

Stephanopoulos: are you living
in a bubble of unreality?

Eric Trump: not at all – 10,000 people
came out yesterday for a Trump rally

Stephanopoulos: that's good

Eric Trump: and only 600 people came
out to see Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine

Stephanopoulos: I'm gonna check that

Eric Trump: I really think we're going to win

Stephanopoulos: I would like access
to the drugs you're on

Eric Trump: coke? Meth? E?

Stephanopoulos: I was kidding

Eric Trump: people don't need
another politician in the White House

Stephanopoulos: god forbid

Eric Trump: were figting super PACs 
and the media and reality

Stephanopoulos: is your father
very depressed right now seeing
as he's losing to a girl

Eric Trump: no he's thrilled to be winning

Stephanopoulos: right

Eric Trump: he's carried the weight 
of the county for months

Stephanopoulos: well it won't much longer
until he go back to ogoling underage
naked beauty pageant contestants

Eric Trump: you never see any 
Clinton lawn signs!

Stephanopoulos: is he really going to
sue all these women since your father
bragged about groping?

Eric Trump: where were these
women before the election?

Stephanopoulos: they were suing him

Eric Trump: these multiple false 
assault accusations were coordinated!

Stephanopoulos: oh I see

Eric Trump: it was all stop us
talking about the wikileaks bombshells!

Stephanopoulos: right

Eric Trump: to think otherwise is so naïve!

Stephanopoulos: do you think the release of Clinton campaign e-mails provided voters with valuable information?

Eric Trump: unquestionably yes!

Stephanopoulos: so when will with the Trump campaign release their internal e-mails?

Eric Trump: huh?

Stephanopoulos: thought so

Eric Trump: the DNC is bragging 
about inciting violence!

Stephanopoulos: oh no

Eric Trump: the DNC is so disgusting!

Stephanopoulos: you tell 'em eric

Eric Trump: I'm very sad
no one talks about this

Stephanopoulos: we are talking about it

Eric Trump: not enough

Stephanopoulos: so you swear he's
going to sue these women after the election?

Eric Trump: we need to more
Presidents willing to sue women

Stephanopoulos: the 'People magazine' 
reporter told six people at the time 
that Trump assaulted her

Eric Trump: I just don't believe it

Stephanopoulos: by the way what's the
proof your dad opposed the Iraq war again?

Eric Trump: he told Sean Hannity!

Stephanopoulos: right

Eric Trump: the Clinton machine 
is so fully of dirty tricks

Stephanopoulos: how upsetting for you

Eric Trump: they pay to incite fights at rallies!

Stephanopoulos: oh my

Eric Trump: Hillary makes fun of
Christians and Latinos!

Stephanopoulos: will the Donald
accept the election results?

Eric Trump: yes he will if he wins

Stephanopoulos: oh good

Eric Trump: there are many
dead people on the voter rolls!

Stephanopoulos: but they don't vote

Eric Trump: but they're high numbers!

Stephanopoulos: so he won't 
accept the election

Eric Trump: the media have 
rigged the election!

Stephanopoulos: you whine an awful lot

Eric Trump: that's two million dead people!

Stephanopoulos: thanks for 
coming Barron

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: welcome Joel

Benenson: thanks George

Stephanopoulos: did the DNC pay 
for violence at rallies?

Benenson: hey Trump urges supporters 
to punch people

Stephanopoulos: but are you paying 
for violence?

Benenson: I don't think we are

Stephanopoulos: you don't sound sure

Benenson: he wants people
carried out on a stretcher!

Stephanopoulos: is this race over?

Benenson: it's not over until people vote

Stephanopoulos: not technically

Benenson: she's reaching out to
independents and undecideds and
Trump supporters and other assorted idiots

Stephanopoulos: but what about her e-mails?

Benenson: that issue would hurt more
if Trump wasn't an unhinged lunatic

Stephanopoulos: do you take
foreign lobbying money?

Benenson: those wiki e-mails
may be forged by the Russians

Stephanopoulos: well are they or not?

Benenson: I don't know

Stephanopoulos: why not?

Benenson: the Russians are
meddling in a U.S. election!

Stephanopoulos: hey at least 
they take interest

Benenson: Trump is cheering Putin on

Stephanopoulos: is she trying to
win this election or trying to get
a Democratic Senate?

Benenson: look we gotta win but it's
not worth much without Congress

Stephanopoulos: how does she unite America?

Benenson: she worked with Republicans
on getting kids health insurance

Stephanopoulos: that was many years ago

Benenson: she's saying we 
should look after each other

Stephanopoulos: what is your 
big fear right now?

Benenson: something totally unexpected

Stephanopoulos: I hear you I 
was there in 1992

Benenson: I picked the wrong 
month to quit amphetamines

Stephanopoulos: good luck Ben

Benenson: thanks Steph

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Americans want 
a funny president

Stephanopoulos: but Trump and Clinton
are more funny strange and not funny ha ha

Stephanopoulos: that's one more 
reason they love Obama

Stephanopoulos: Mormons 
hate Donald Trump

Stephanopoulos: welcome Evan

McMullin: thanks for having me

Stephanopoulos: if you win Utah
what message do you send?

McMullin: Stop Hillary

Stephanopoulos: no seriously

McMullin: it will be a strong message
that the GOP still has some principles

Stephanopoulos: I see

McMullin: all men are created equal!

Stephanopoulos: why won't Mitt endorse you

McMullin: we're leading in the polls!

Stephanopoulos: in Utah

McMullin: also many mountain people like me

Stephanopoulos: oh good

McMullin: many in the GOP are
putting power and party over principle

Stephanopoulos: what a shock

McMullin: were are calling 
for a New Movement

Stephanopoulos: what is it based on?

McMullin: equality of all men and women
and the liberty to pursue happiness

Stephanopoulos: that's catchy

McMullin: right now the GOP is turning
away people of different races and religions

Stephanopoulos: that's true

McMullin: it's getting worse
we nominated a bigot

Stephanopoulos: will there be 
a GOP civil war?

McMullin: definitely

Stephanopoulos: what happens then?

McMullin: the GOP must evolve or it will die

Stephanopoulos: can the GOP be saved

McMullin: no its can't

Stephanopoulos: really?

McMullin: yes we need a new
political party to replace the GOP

Stephanopoulos: so do you 
prefer Hillary to Trump?

McMullin: no they're both terrible

Stephanopoulos: I see

McMullin: the American people
hate them both too

Stephanopoulos: okay

McMullin: but everyone 
else in America sucks too

Stephanopoulos: really?

McMullin: yes the government is too big

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming

McMullin: thanks jeff

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: how's the 
war going Martha?

Raddatz: 500 Americans are 
fighting to re-take Iraq

Stephanopoulos: is that enough

Raddatz: well there is American bombing too

Stephanopoulos: oh good

Raddatz: this is biggest push since 2003

Stephanopoulos: I generally 
don't like sequels

Raddatz: ISIS is being driven from villages

Stephanopoulos: oh that's good

Raddatz: the village people are celebrating

Ash Carter: ISIS wants to kill Americans!

Raddatz: the big battle is for Mosul

Stephanopoulos: stay safe Martha

Raddatz: you too George