Sunday, August 17, 2014

Meet The Press – August 17, 2014

Host: Andrea Mitchell
Bill Neely
Gov. Jay Nixon (D-MO)
Kevin Tibbles
James Clark
Heather McDonald
Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D-Baltimore)
Charles Ogletree
Wesley Lowery
Gilbert Bailon
Barnard Parks
Rep. John Lewis (D-GA)
Ann Gearan
Fmr. Rep. Jane Harman
Rep. Michael Turner (R-
Jason Riley
Harry Smith
Barry Levinson

Mitchell: good morning omg there's
a state of emergency in Missouri
as citizens violate a government curfew!

Mitchell: police released the name of
cop then a surveillance video of the
guy the police shot and then said
video was unrelated thus instilling
great confidence

Mitchell: welcome Governor Nixon

Nixon: morning Andrea

Mitchell: hey I'm just curious – 
why did that police officer 
shoot and kill a teenager?

Nixon: you know that's a good question

Mitchell: what's the answer?

Nixon: we're bringing in
the FBI to figure that out

Mitchell: does county prosecutor have
a conflict of interest since he called
bringing in competent police shameful?

Nixon: well he's a very seasoned man

Mitchell: no doubt

Nixon: also we have the whole FBI
looking over his shoulder – we even
brought in Mulder and Scully!

Mitchell: so it's been a whole week
and we don't why this teenager was shot

Nixon: yes but I showed great leadership
by bringing in outside cops and 
ordering a curfew

Mitchell: well there was peace until there
that unrelated video being released

Nixon: yeah I had no idea that was going
to be released and we disagreed with it

Mitchell: oh ok then

Nixon: because it smeared a
shooting victim and oh and by the
way it inflamed an already volatile situation

Mitchell: should this idiot police 
chief step aside?

Nixon: well he's been pushed aside

Mitchell: but he's still doing stupid shit

Nixon: yes but we told him specifically
to stop doing moronic crap

Mitchell: I see

Nixon: we told the local police not to
assassinate the killed teen's character

Mitchell: why did it take you
until Friday to do anything

Nixon: no I've been involved all
along for example on Saturday

Mitchell: oh I see

Nixon: I even spoke with the President
and AG Holder and they told me
get on top of this you idiot

Mitchell: now on to Kevin Tibbles

Tibbles: black men are 600% more
likely to be jailed than white men

Tibbles: 100 black people are killed
by white police officers every year

Howard: police officers don't
value the life of black person

Heather MacDonald: no I found the
opposite is true – we're coddling black criminals!
Clark: we must reach out to young
people or this will continue

[ break [

Mitchell: what is the situation 
now with the curfew?

Lowrey: most people obeyed the curfew
but there were some who didn't who
were angry and others from outside
who wanted to protest

Mitchell: it seems like the white authorities
in that area are in totally incompetent

Bailon: residents say they are constantly
harassed and police say they have to
harass people because of crimes

Mitchell: it's amazing how local cops
look like armored soldiers in a war

Rawlings-Blake: we have military
weapons but only to fight off 
 a terrorist invasion of Baltimore

Mitchell: right

Rawlings-Blake: but there is a sacred
bond with citizens not to attack them

Mitchell: but Baltimore still has
a white police force

Rawlings-Blake: true but we now let
the community decide who should
police their neighborhood 

Mitchell: President Rand Paul is
talking about racial injustice and he's 
a republican which means we're  
officially allowed to talk about it

Ogletree: Ferguson is a black community
policed by white people who don't live there
is it any surprise there are problems?

Mitchell: no

Ogletree: how many kids have to be
killed before we recognize there is
a problem in places like Ferguson?

Mitchell: in Ferguson the police, city
council and school board are all white

Parks: how come we haven't heard
from the Mayor of Ferguson in all this?

Mitchell: no idea

Parks: citizens are going to have to
start showing up and city council
meetings and at elections

Mitchell: what should be done now?

Lowrey: how about answering one question
why did the police shoot this teenager?

Mitchell: the police haven't released 
any of this information

Ogletree: no one knows where
this officer is or what his story is?

Ogletree: young people are angry
and are going to stay mad until things change

[ break ]

Mitchell: welcome John Lewis
who marched with Martin Luther King

Lewis: good morning Andrea

Mitchell: what do you think
should happen in Ferguson now?

Lewis: we need to have the police
respect the dignity of every human being

Mitchell: there's an idea

Lewis: we must teach the way of love
and peace and non-violence but we
must also have justice

Mitchell: how do you get people involved
in their community when they're
harassed by their government

Lewis: the city government should
apologize and bring all people together

Mitchell: what about the 
militarization of police?

Lewis: this footage looked like something
out of Baghdad and in America people
have a right to protest and press
have a right to cover public unrest

Mitchell: thanks for coming Congressman

[ break ]

Mitchell: oh wow the US is using air
strikes to help the Kurds take the Mosul dam

Mitchell: also Iraq got a new prime minister

Neely: ISIS has taken the
second-biggest cities in Iraq and Syria!

Mitchell: yikes

Neely: they're even bigger than al-Qaeda!

Mitchell: oh dear

Neely: why didn't Obama bomb Syria?

Mitchell: damn right

Neely: Obama pulled back from
his red line and got chemical weapons
without firing a shot

Neeely: questions are being asked
why Obama doesn't bomb more –
is he a wimp or what?

Neely: questions are also being asked
the US isn't more involved in war in
the middle east when it always works so well

Neely: ISIS is about to attack America and
form a huge caliphate OMG arrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!

[ chyron ]

Mitchell: we should have bombed Syria!
Obama is weak!

Talking Parrot: Obama weak!

Gearan: yes a lot of people are
asking why we didn't start a war with Syria

Mitchell: are we involved in a war in
Iraq and why wasn't I informed about this?

Harman: we should have bombed Syria
the Saudis wanted us to bomb
Syria and they always know best

Mitchell: exactly

Harman: the caliphate!!!

Mitchell: Jim Jones said we should
have bombed Syria!!

Harman: fuck yeah!

Mitchell: Congressman you were
against bombing Syria – what the
hell is wrong with you?

Turner: yes but we both agree Obama
is weak and terrible all the problems
in the middle east are all his fault

Mitchell: well that's okay then

Riley: look it's simple the US must start
a war with ISIS and defeat them and
I certainly support other people fighting
that war and also tax cuts to pay for it

Mitchell: Hillary Clinton disagrees with
Obama but she was his Secretary of State

Gearan: yes she's positioning
herself but she looks disloyal

Riley: yes but she's not credible
because she once met with Putin
and then he invaded Ukraine

Harman: we have a chance for 
a new Sunni awakening

Mitchell: yes but he might fail

Turner: ISIS is about to attack 
the United States!

Riley: right – we need to fight a new war!!

Mitchell: war!

Neely: war!

Harman: war!

Gearan: there are some people who
don't love war – for example the
ones who have to fight it

Riley: sorry but sometimes war
must be done and I'm right behind them

[ break ]

Mitchell: OMG Rick Perry was indicted
but he called it a farce

Turner: its a blow to democracy!

Mitchell: Jason you wrote a book
about how liberals hurt black people

Riley: we need to talk about
how blacks are criminals

Mitchell: that is such a good point

Riley: Al Sharpton doesn't care
about murder victims!

Mitchell: whoa

Mitchell: wow we might have a
girl in major league baseball!

[ break ]

Mitchell: so audience as you may
have heard David Gregory's final
show was last Sunday

Audience: you will be missed Fluffy

Mitchell: as host Fluffy interviewed
many famous people and covered
everything from the the OJ Simpson
trial to the Bush White House and
even hosted the Today show

Audience: Willard Scott outlasted 
Dancing Dave

Mitchell: David left via tweet and
said to the viewers thank you

Audience: I'm getting verklempt

Mitchell: I will miss David and he 
will always be my friend

Audience: [ sniff ]

[ break ]

Levinson: Robin Williams was like fireworks!

Smith: you made 'Good Morning 
Vietnam' with him

Levinson: it was amazing ideas and jokes
were coming out lighting fast

Levinson: it was like he was channeling
something and it was extraordinary to see

Smith: did you ever talk politics?

Levinson: we did talk about
how crazy things can be

Smith: in 2005 Robin Williams and
Barry Levinson made another movie
about a guy running for President
going after special interests

Levinson: his comedy was very
human and filled with kindness

Smith: he was a special person 
– how did he work?

Levinson: you brain says how
do I connect with an audience

Smith: he took off like a rocket ship!

Levinson: there are many talented
people but he was unique

[ break ]

Mitchell: he went to Iraq and
Afghanistan with the USO

Gearan: in Iraq in 2010 Robin had to
share a suite with three women
and we occupied the shower around the clock

Mitchell: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – August 17, 2014

Martha Raddatz
Steve Osunsami
Terry Moran
Gov. Jay Nixon (D-MO)
Cedric Alexander – National Association 
for Black Law Enforcement
Anthony Gray – Brown Family Attorney
Brendon Hart
Alvin Ransom
Rev. Willis Johnson
Col. Steve Ganyard

Raddatz: good morning I'm in Ferguson
where shockingly there is still unrest
in spite of government-imposed curfew

Osunsami: there was violence
even after citizens were ordered
to stay off the streets after midnight

Raddatz: no!

Osunsami: that day police said they would
back off but then used tear gas
after someone was shot by a protester

Raddatz: oh my

Osunsami: also there was looting and
citizens of the town yelled at Governor Nixon

Raddatz: aw leave jay nixon alone

Osunsami: then police released video
of the shooting victim supposedly
committed a robbery

Raddatz: what should happen there now?

Osunsami: more communication 
between police and public and by 
more I mean any at all

[ break ]

Raddatz: good morning Governor –
what the hell is going on in Missouri?

Nixon: it's sad that a young man
died and apparently that touched
a nerve with some people

Raddatz: was putting out that
surveillance video a good idea?

Nixon: no and I want to say we were totally unaware they would do that
Raddatz: you're really on the ball there

Nixon: it was not smart and smeared
a kid the police had just shot and killed

Raddatz: that sounds about right

Nixon: I'm very proud of the police
and the community with what happened
last night with only a few arrests and
only person was shot

Raddatz: Truly it's a paradise

Nixon: yep everything is Ferguson is fine now

Raddatz: you seem incredibly 
incompetent Governor

Nixon: hey I'm the one who tossed
out the local cops and brought in
the highway patrol

Raddatz: okay but why are Missouri
cops dressed like ISIS?

Nixon: I was thunderstruck by that too Martha

Raddatz: oh were you now?

Nixon: yes that's why I brought in that
black highway cop who is from Ferguson

Raddatz: why do Missouri police seem
to hate the citizens of the state

Nixon: yes rolling in like an invading
army seems like overkill

Raddatz: thanks for coming Governor

[ break ]

Raddatz: I walked the streets of
Ferguson with St. Louis Alderman
and local folk hero Antonio French

French: I took videos of the police 
and got arrested

Raddatz: what went wrong in Ferguson?

French: Michael Brown got shot
and then cops showed with helmets
and dogs and amazingly that
didn't calm things down

Raddatz: the Chief of Police asked
you come here and help fix this clusterfuck

Alexander: yes he admitted to me that
they completely fucked things up here

Raddatz: I noticed that all the
police but one are white people

Alexander: yes people in the community
have noticed this as well Martha

Raddatz: it seems like they have
some big problems here

Alexander: yes they do Martha

[ break ]

Raddatz: what does the family want?

Gray: calm and peace

Raddatz: what was their reaction
to the release of the videotape?

Gray: they were very disturbed and
they never even authenticated it

Raddatz: what should investigators
do that they are not doing?

Alexander: well they are so secretive
no one knows what they are doing

Raddatz: good point

Alexander: but it would be good if
they conducted a fair and impartial investigation

[ break ]

Raddatz: you said you are very angry

Hart: yes it's hard because there
are a lot of dirty cops out there

Raddatz: what do you mean by dirty cops?

Hart: they pull your over and slam
you down on the hood of the car

Raddatz: what about this alleged robbery?

Hart: it's not the point – he was
shot with his hands up

Raddatz: do you behave in a
way to keep you safe

Ransom: yes but that's no
guarantee against being shot

Raddatz: what would you do if
you saw police coming toward you

Ransom: I hope that would never
happen because I think I might get shot

Raddatz: Reverend you spoke
to an angry young man

Johnson: I said we need you
and don't get mad and give
them what they want

Raddatz: what happened in Ferguson?

Hart: the community come together 
to fight for justice

Johnson: be the change you hope to see
[ break ]

Raddatz: what's going on in Iraq

Moran: the US is trying to get the
Mosul dam back from ISIS

Raddatz: wow

Moran: but 1/3 of Iraq is under
control of ISIS and they are terrifying

Moran: the Yazidis are still
threatened as well

Ganyard: we've seen some amazing
victories for US air power – we've saved
Erbil and now protecting Mosul

Raddatz: that's good

Ganyard: but bombs can't defeat an
ideology and it's up to the people
of Iraq to take their country back

Raddatz: can they do that?

Ganyard: no

Raddatz: we're using our old
weapons to destroy our old weapons

Ganyard: yes we spent a decade training
the Iraqi army and at the first challenge
they turned and fled and the US weapons
we gave them fell into ISIS hands

Raddatz: criminy