Wednesday, October 19, 2016

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – October 16, 2016

Sen. Tim Kaine
Newt Gingrich
Dan Balz
Yamiche Alcindor
Kristen Soltis Anderson
LZ Granderson

Raddatz: Trump says he's 
victimized and wounded

Trump: it's so painful!

Raddatz: it's so very sad

Trump: that ugly broad would not be 
my first choice to grope believe me

Raddatz: so that pivoting is going well

Trump: Hillary Clinton is on drugs!

Raddatz: polls show Trump is 
going to lose big

Raddatz: he's losing Texas and Alaska

Raddatz: but Clinton's lead among 
women is falling

Raddatz: women without college
degrees or common sense love Trump

Raddatz: 68% of voters believe
Trump's a serial groper

Raddatz: but 84% of GOP voters
says they don't care

[ break ]

Raddatz: welcome Tim Kaine

Kaine: nice to be here Maggie

Raddatz: Donald Trump is a pervert 
and a lunatic and yet you're only within
the margin of error so it's tied

Kaine: that's not how the 
margin of error works

Raddatz: what is wrong with your campaign

Kaine: not a thing

Raddatz: why aren't you winning by more

Kaine: did you know that Donald
Trump has lost his damn mind

Raddatz: but he has great 
grass roots support!

Kaine: lordy even Paul Ryan
thinks he's lost all his marbles

Raddatz: but the common
people love the Donald

Kaine: Russia is trying to rig the election!

Raddatz: Trump says you are colluding
with the media and women to fix the election

Kaine: I know

Raddatz: well is that true?

Kaine: no it's not

Raddatz: so you claim

Kaine: he's saying he would assault
a women if she was hot enough

Raddatz: that's true

Kaine: that's pretty weird

Raddatz: doesn't Trump deserve
the benefit of the doubt?

Kaine: criminy he said he did it Martha

Raddatz: what about the benefit of the doubt?

Kaine: oh for crying out loud

Raddatz: in a burglarized e-mail Hillary
is caught saying to goldman sachs
that immigration is good

Kaine: we are a nation of immigration

Raddatz: is it un america to 
oppose immigration?

Kaine: darn tootin it is

Raddatz: in another scandalous 
stolen e-mail an aide says Catholicism
is socially acceptable

Kaine: Russia stole those e-mails!
Raddatz: do you owe an apology?

Kaine: to who?

Raddatz: to people who hate Catholics

Kaine: you don't need to apologize for 
saying Catholicism rocks

Raddatz: well thanks for coming Tim

Kaine: you too Mindy

[ break ]

Raddatz: welcome Newt

Gingrich: good to be here Margaret

Raddatz: who is rigging the election?

Gingrich: the media

Raddatz: I see

Gingrich: what about Clinton's 
secret speeches?

Raddatz: they're not secret anymore

Gingrich: this is a coup d'etat!

Raddatz: you think the polling 
stations are rigged

Gingrich: JFK stole the election!

Raddatz: okay then

Gingrich: they're going to steal Philadelphia!

Raddatz: I can't tell if you're serious

Gingrich: Trump should be
leading by 15 points!

Raddatz: oh really

Gingrich: Clinton is tied to Putin!

Raddatz: Paul Ryan says he's
confident in integrity of our elections

Gingrich: he's a moron

Raddatz: he is?

Gingrich: a guy in California
voted after he died!

Raddatz: how civic-minded of him

Gingrich: this election is being
rigged by the media!

Raddatz: what's your evidence for that?

Gingrich: the media never asks the
Clinton campaign about all her scandals

Raddatz: I just asked Tim Kaine
about wikileaks

Gingrich: but you also asked
about Trump's various sex crimes

Raddatz: some Trump supporters 
say it would be a good thing to 
murder Hillary Clinton

Gingrich: you can't say that

Raddatz: no you cannot

Gingrich: there are some nutty
Clinton supporters too!

Raddatz: you're ranting about
the election being rigged

Gingrich: I'm not talking about
corruption at the local level

Raddatz: you literally just 
said that 30 seconds ago

Raddatz: Trump said about one of
his accusers that she would not be
his first choice to rape

Gingrich: ugh

Raddatz: is that okay?

Gingrich: no that's stupid

Raddatz: it seems wrong

Gingrich: there's big Trump and Little Trump

Raddatz: there is?

Gingrich: Little Trump is stupid

Raddatz: indeed

Gingrich: I told him 'don't be an idiot'

Raddatz: and how did he take that

Gingrich: Hillary will make a better President

Raddatz: interesting concession

Gingrich: Trump is only 2 points back in 
spite of the media going after his groping

Raddatz: so how does he win?

Gingrich: Trump has to say the word
'corrupt' over and over again

Raddatz: I see

Gingrich: then he will win over Democrats

Raddatz: good luck with that

[ break ]

Raddatz: this was a dark week
in an ugly election!

Raddatz: so divisive!

Raddatz: so sickening!

Raddatz: it's rated R and not for children!

Raddatz: it's been a wild week!

Raddatz: Hillary Clinton's lead is modest!

Raddatz: but Trump's enthusiasm h
as dropped 12 points

Raddatz: we talked to random
cuckoo voters in Philadelphia

Voter: I was for Trump since he talked
about sex assault I'm not so sure

Voter: It was locker room comments

Voter: it's no big deal

Voter: men and women talk that way

Voter: I actually thought it was funny

Voter: it doesnt matter

Voter: they're both clowns

Voter: its about the Supreme court and
not the President and I don't like gay people

Voter: I just like Trump

Voter: I love guns!

Voter: groping happens a lot in society

[ break ]

Raddatz: isn't the media over-
blowing Trump's sex crimes?

Alcindor: people say this is how men talk

Raddatz: right

Alcindor: Hillary is down 11% with women

Soltis Anderson: they're both 
deeply flawed but he's right on 
the issues of tax cuts for rich people

Granderson: I can't even with the evangelicals

Raddatz: he says the election is rigged

Balz: he's dangerous and maybe a little crazy

Raddatz: but she's losing!

Balz: she has a four point lead

Raddatz: Trump supporters are
talking about assassination

Alcindor: if they economy is
rigged why not the election

Alcindor: his supporters are
really mad at the media

Alcindor: evangelicals are worked
up over the Supreme Court

Raddatz: what about wikileaks?

Granderson: she's avoiding serious questions
by talking about the economy

Raddatz: what a scandal

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