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Hardball with Chris Matthews - July 3, 2007

Hardball with Chris Matthews - July 3, 2007
Guests: Bob Bennett, Kate O’Beirne, Chris Cillizza, April Ryan, Pat Buchanan
Chris Matthews: you’re the lawyer for Judy Miller irony she went to jail for a long time and here Scooter walks

Bob Bennett: it’s crazy poor judy never wrote a story and she still went to jail

Matthews: caged heat dood

Matthews: Bush commuted but didn’t pardon so Scooter could still take the 5th and keep Bush’s secrets

Bennett: I'm not a cynic like you i'm getting the vapors at the suggestion that bush is blackmailing Scooter

Matthews: christ dood even i'm not that phony

Bennett: nuttiness runs in my family

Bennett: i just don't get it he's left the issue alive politically

Matthews: it’s the only thing about bush’s presidency that isn’t dead

Bennett: i find it strange - i would have Scooter Libby killed but times have changed i guess

Matthews: who's the winner in all this?

Bennett: scooter libby stupid

Matthews: will the people be outraged

Bennett: Special prosecutor lawrence walsh was so outrageous the whole nation felt that cap weinberger was teh innocent!!!

Matthews: bush said he agreed with the jury but then said judge walton is an activist liberal and so was way totally unfair

Bennett: it’s incredibly nutty what fucking standard was bush using

Matthews: dood teh white male standard

Bennett: I luv that one

Matthews: I visited my BFF Judy Miller in jail it was so Dickensenian the kids with coal on their faces and the debtors selling matchsticks and it was so cold and poor little judy sitting there half naked and freezing and her bosoms heaving i wept the tears of the truly wrought in despair

Bennett: i sense a Tweetygasm i'm leaving

Matthews: scooter got a number prison number ncc-1701A what do you say to 1701B???

Bennett: "sux to be u dood"

Matthews: Scooter Libby wuz Assistant to the President dammitt Bush acts like he some poor unknown victim of an old crazy law

Bennett: Scooter has lost so much after all his reputation is gone - if only he hadn't been caught

Matthews: can he join the bar?

Bennett: now he can pretend that he was never even convicted of a crime

Matthews: dood he should boast about it if he wants to work for the Neocons!

Bush [on tape]: will i have Scooter killed? wait and see

Kate O'Beirne: it scooter had been in a jail which as we all know is for black people it would have been a travesty

Matthews: pardon yes or no

O'Beirne: total outrage for a cop to investigate a crime what kind of world are we living in???

Chris Cillizza: criminy there are hundreds of people serving 5 years in prison for the same crime and bush and announces its excessive he's impacted prosecutions all over America it's fucking insane!!

O'Beirne: oh i don’t disagree with the jury but you know reasonable can differ so we had better let the white man out of jail just in case

Matthews: what the fuck are you saying???

O'Beirne: well bush is a little stupid so i have to kind of argue around him what he said

Cillizza: it was Republicans all the way you cannot argue that this was politicized

O'Beirne: no it was politicized because Fitzgerald invoked the Vice President

Cillizza: dood the VP was one of the criminals!

O'Beirne: Hillary can't say anything because they hounded Cisneros and Espy and Clinton admitted he committed perjury!!

Matthews: he did not you're such a fucking liar!!

O'Beirne: no Clinton admitted it whereas there is no proof that Scooter was even guilty!!!

Cilizza: you lying nutjob he was convicted by a jury and that still means something in America


[ uncomprehending stare ]

April Ryan [on tape]: can we expect an apology from Bush

Snow: fuck you

Ryan: gee thanks bastard

Matthews: man is that guy a dick or what

Ryan: asshole of the first order, yes

Matthews: Snow is an evil fucker

Ryan: centrist republicans are worried

Norm Pearlstine: this is a fucking cover up jeebus christ it's called "obstruction of justice" oh well, they only enforce the laws of the land, no big deal

Matthews: Bush is blackmailing Libby

Pearlstine: damm right he is

Buchanan: [rolls off his MSNBC couch]

Matthews: Scooter the Mute

Buchanan: all those war party mongers fear the Scooter and what he knows

Matthews: ooh dark politics

Buchanan: dood u can talk Bush into anything he's so dumb

Pearlstine: cowardly big baby hid teh announcement

Matthews: lesson?

Norm: Federal shield law!!

Matthews: have a safe 4th of july unless yur in iraq then just hope yur not one of the 2 or 3 guys who get kilt

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