Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - Sunday, July 29, 2007

Matthews: Iraq is a total diaster but we can't leave, can we?

Duffy: 10,000 Iraqis will die every month if we leave it's terrible!!!

Matthews: there’s though lots of explosions that's not so much fun

Norah O'Donnell: we can't leave Iraq will explode i hope the american people will be patient with Bush!!

David Ignatius: the American people are selfish and wimps not strong and serious like Bush and Wise Beltway Types like me

Matthews: well i must be not be one of them cause i don't get it

Gloria Borger: Bush is a winner he has until the spring of 2008 the surge is working!!!

Matthews: Bush sez it's all about Al Qeada

Mike Duffy: Bush sez we fight them there so we don't fight them here -- but if we beat them won't they come here?

Matthews: it's like ants at a picnic just you have some in one place doesn’t mean they can’t be on you’re blanket too

Duffy: hell some Iraqis say if we leave they could kill al qaeda

Matthws: david yur a novelist thrill us with your acumen

Ignatius: no your all wrong it's all Bin Laden if we leave Iraq it's a defeat for America we can never leave we must kill all Muslims everywhere!!!!!

O'Donnell: you're making Bush's argument

Ignatius: I know i luv him

Matthews: what if we leave???

Duffy: no one wants to talk about this but omg the price of oil could up!!!!

Matthews: who should we kill?

Duffy: better kill everyone just to be safe

Matthews: so do we leave?

Ignatius: they've abandoned Maliki and the Parliament they’re turning to a a small group of power brokers they're like the Bobbleheads of Iraq

Borger: can i talk?

Matthews: if you must

Borger: Democrats hate America

Matthews: we are leaving aren't we?

Duffy: yes but we have to be like George Costanza and leave on a high note

Matthews: remember Gary Hart and Dean wow those doods were really crazy Barack Obama is looking to my really best buddy Ronald Reagan

Obama: we rise and fall together

Ignatius: i luv it!!!!!!

Matthews: ooh i'm so excited Obama hit Hillary and now she's calling him naive and he sez she's Bush-lite

Ignatius: ha ha ha i luv it!!!!

Matthews: this is so fucking awesome!

Ignatius: there's a real difference here he wants to make luv not war and she says lets fight

Borger: let me references Bobblespeaking on a Bobblespeak show

Matthews: HA HA Ha i luv it he called Obama a Holocaust Denier!!!

Duffy: this is the most important moment because he's young and she's the experienced candidate

Borger: well she is better than him

Matthews: better at what -- voting for crazy wars?

Borger: i have absolutely no idea i'm an idiot

Matthews: why do i have you on then?

Borger: because no one channels cocktail party chatter like me

Ignatius: if things get much worse in Iraq it will be good for Hillary since she voted for the war

Matthews: Gonzalez lied

O'Donnell: Bush sez no it's complicated -- besides lying isn't a bad thing anymore

Matthews: unbelievable

Panel: he's not going anywhere

Matthews: how do we get rid of this guy?

Ignatius: if he's late picking up Dick Cheney's dry cleaning

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