Sunday, July 29, 2007

This Week With George Stephanopoulos - July 29, 2007

This Week With George Stephanopoulos - July 29, 2007

Stephanopoulos: Obama and Hillary got into a tiff wow!

Gergen: Hillary had the upper hand in the debate so why get in this fight i don't know

Zakaria: her answer was right

Stephanopoulos: but Obama only said he was “willing to talk” not talk with no preconditions

Zakaria: she's on the defensive suddenly she looks like Bush

Cokie: this is going to shock you my insight tells me first you have to win the primary then the general election

Stephanopoulos: fascinating

Cokie: the Dems are doomed this is another defeatist Vietnam

Gergen: oh absolutley the Dems are liberals and traitors

Zakaria: are you fuckers on drugs???

Gergen: why does Obama deny the Holocaust??

Stephanopoulos: yes Obama goofed - but what's interesting is he took the fight to her - he doubled down!

Cokie: oh sure he's right politically but i still feel like Obama is a dirty fucking hippie

Gergen: Hillary is strident and harsh and when she attacked Obama her forked tounge came out again

Stephanopoulos: plus Obama is supposed to be a nice guy

Cokie: right, see he's a meanie!

Steph: Edwards joked about her jacket

Cokie: i hate John Edwards he's sexist

Gergen: Democrats are all wimps

Cokie: I was offended by Edwards i've been around a long time and i just don't take offense lightly

Gergen: oh come one you got all pissy when i spilled my martini on you last night

Zakaria: i think Democrats desire to seem tough has gotten them into trouble

Stephanopoulos: wow, the really can't win

Zakaria: they are scared of Vietnam syndrome

Cokie: as well they should be -- Democrats killed 50,000 Cambodians

Gergen: Democrats want to sing Kumbayah and take LSD and turn the White House into big muddy sex-filled Woodstock acid trip

Cokie: it's so terrible i hate liberals

Stephanopoulos: holy shit you are so fucking stupid

Zakaria: you are aware Bush is widely hated right?!

Cokie: ha ha ha ha ha

Gergen: people want someone wise and serious and sensible like me

Cokie: the fucking Democrats just voted to take all troops by April - my god why don't they just nominate Bin Laden!!!

Gergen: Frankly we need bipartisanship and agreement to stay in Iraq

Cokie: this is all the Democrats fault the blood is entirely on their hands

[ stunned silence ]

Zakria: how nice for you and your bipartisan friends it will never happen because Bush is crazy

Stephanopoulos: Hillary wants to stay and Bill Richardson wants to leave

Cokie: Harry Reid hates America at some point they will surrender America to our brown enemies

Gergen: the hippies will push Hillary to not be serious and sensible

Zakaria: jeebus you do understand Bush is the President don't you??

Gergen: sorry who are you talking about???


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