Sunday, July 01, 2007

John McLaughlin - July 1, 2007

John McLaughlin - July 1, 2007

McLaughlin: immigration bill loss is a crushing blow that signals the complete collapse of the Bush presidency

Pat Buchanan: Bushism is dead the party has left him even Barney wants to be adopted by Jeb or Mitt Romney

Eleanor Clift: sadly President Stupid is still in power the whole country has to deal with this crazy relative and try to take away his car keys

Tony Blankley: he's so far down he may end up locking himself in the white house with a bible a shotgun

Lawrence O'Donnell: bush is damm lucky this crappy bill failed thankfully he couldn't sell an "Impeach Bush" t-shit at a Michael Moore rally

Clift: the nuts want border enforcement

Buchanan: amnesty was the killer for this bill

Blankely: border guards!

Pat: A really big fence!!

O'Donnell: Bush is dead politically

Sen. Lugar: Bush a lying fuck up

McLaughlin: Lugar has been an expert on foreign policy since Bush was a coke addict now he's done with President Stupid

Clift: Iraq is a tremendous clusterfuck lugar is warning Bush not to come up to the Hill in September and paint some rosy goddamm picture

Buchanan: leaving 50,000 troops will be worse than what we have now

Blankley: Iraq is really quite peachy compared what it could be

Clift: Lugar laid out a plan

Blankely: Eleanor that is the stupidest thing you've ever said yur stupid!!

Clift: we're losing a battlion a month

Blankley: oh stop lying some of those whiny baby ass soldiers only got shot or hit by shrapnel and survived it's no big deal

Clift: you're a true sociopath aren't you

McLaughlin: supreme court on race!

Blankely: most conservatives believe consideration of race is immoral thank god the Court is now back to morality

Clift: good lord could you be more insufferable

O'Donnell: the majority lied

McLaughlin: newsflash! Bloomberg is a big liberal

O'Donnell: Bloomberg would also hurt Rudy and yes could win the Presidency

Buchanan: no he could never win and I say would hurt only Democrats

Blankley: he could spend more money than you could possibly imagine

Han Solo: i don't know i can imagine quite a bit

McLaughlin: Clinton/Bloomberg '08!!!

McLaughlin: Predictions!

Buchanan: Pope restores the Latin Mass!!!

CLift: tv in 2008 is gonna suck

Blankley: Border Guards!

O'Donnell: Blackstone group big winners this week!

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