Sunday, July 29, 2007

Meet The Press - July 29, 2007

Meet The Press - July 29, 2007

Chuck Todd: omg what if Gary Hart was black?

Andrea Mitchell: omg what if Obama was black?

John Harwood: YearlyKos!!!

Tim Russert: Hillary dislikes Barack Obama

Dan Balz: Team Hillary obsessed with him

Tim: why

Andrea: because he's winning and he's been bashing her generation

Tim: she hate Obama

Andrea: she also hates Edwards

Tim: don't worry we'll obsess on that in a minute

Todd: she was supposed to be the exciting candidate now suddenly she's stodgy establishment candidate it's weird no wonder she's mad

Edwards: they both suck i'm a third way guy

Harwood: andrea i like your jacket

Andrea: i saw it in the window and just had to have it

Harwood: he's leading in Iowa

Balz: polls taken in Iowa show how important Iowa is

Tim: how so

Balz: i dunno it sounded cool

Tim: so what happens

Balz: if Hillary finishes third in Iowa that would interesting

Tim: wow you're dull

Brownstein: ok here's the theory - Obama wins Iowa then rolls into New Hampshire where he leads then goes into Carolina and boom he's the nominee!!

Todd: that's right if Obama wins Iowa Hillary will conspire with Edwards to have him killed

Timmeh: let's talk about Hillary's hair

Andrea: the Post wrote about her cleavage

Timmeh: she's using her female breasts for fundraising

Tim: heh last night in Nantucket i wished i'd had the Mansierre

Balz: the Bro!!

Robinson: Obama should get the Arsenio fade that would be cool

Tim: awesome

Robinson: no that was a very good article the clothes make the man or woman

Andrea: oh baloney it was stupid

Harwood: no it was a great you see Hillary is very much like Barry Bonds on steroids you know Hillary calculates how much her breasts show

Tim: Bill probably helps her with that

Tim: Obama does better with rich whites and Hillary does better with blacks

Robinson: he must win in South Carolina it's weird that he's not doing better

Timmeh: Giuliani leads against Hillary but Obama does better against Thompson

Todd: her people are bugged that she's losing

Tim: no shit

Todd: white men automatically hate her

Balz: Thompson is definitely running he just needs to get all his gaffes out of the way first

Russert: Romney loses national polls but leads in Iowa and New Hampshire

Harwood: we should definitely let good looks and a tiny midwestern state decide the next president

Tim: but he's a polygamist

Harwood: actually that's not true

Tim: awww too bad that would be fun i want to marry my Spanglish maid

Brownstein: Let the people of Iowa Rule Us All!!!!

Robinson: Rudy leads in South Carolina it's weird because people go to church in down there

Andrea: they just love Fascism more than Fetuses

Brownstein: he says there no one national solution to shit like abortion and gun control let's let the states decide i think it's very intriguing idea myself

Andrea: it's just a dodge Ron you should know that

Balz: i asked Rudy if he thought abortion was a constitutional right

Tim: what did he say

Balz: i can't tell you that

Todd: if Romney does well in South Carolina he will be the nominee

Brownstein: exactly but how he does there depends on how he does in Iowa and N. Hampshire where he is leading

[ break ]

Schumer: what did u have for breakfast

Alberto Gonzalez: i can't tell you that

Schumer: was milk or a bowl involved

Gonzalez: i refuse to say

Andrea: he has one supporter in Washington it's really bad even the Cocktail Party people think he's a liar

Robinson: he's trying to parse something as if we all fall for his little smirking game

Harwood: well i'm persuaded by the data mining thing but i'm worried he's incompetent

Russert: sounds bad

Harwood: When Schumer punched him i wanted to give little Alberto Gonzalez a hug

Brownstein: Bush is going to introduce a mandatory salute next week but it's nothing to worry about

Todd: this is a win for Bush all the Democrats are distracted while Bush builds detention camps

Andrea: people are starting to hate on Congress it think people are "fed up with those clowns in Congress"

Tim: wow Andrea how do keep up with the news like that?

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