Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - July 15, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - July 15, 2007

Chris Matthews: Bush is failing what's up with that

David Gregory: the people don't give a shit about Commander Stupid anymore

Matthews: he lives in a bubble

Gregory: yeah they've promised more killing to mollify the faithful

Matthews: let's blame those dirty fucking Iraqis

Katty Kay: Bush is like a dog he can hear the sounds of success no one else can hear

Matthews: Iraqis all hate each other

Cynthia Tucker: Bush is now moving the goalposts - soon our mission will be to leave an Iraq that is hot, dusty and violent

Matthews: i will gladly eat a hamburger today if you give me another one tomorrow

Lizza: they all blame the generals but it's a dodge

Matthews: really i'm dumbfounded

Ryan Lizza: dood of course Bush is charge

Matthews: he's shopping at "Generals R Us"

Gregory: he's didn't deliver democracy he's deliverd Shiite rule it's completely insane

Lizza: democracy is yesterday's crap theme

Matthews: it's all Al Qaeda

Kay: dood that's stupid

Matthews: he only listens to sycophants

Gregory: there has to be a bipartisan mission to get Bunnypants to see reality

Matthews: how?

Gregory: have James Baker and Lee Hamilton stage a coup

Matthews: one year from now what happens

Tucker: Bush will never ever ever change

Matthews: will he buckle

Gregory: yes a dramatic refocusing

Lizza: no way dood

Kay: we’ll be in Iraq at least 10 years

Matthews: McCain had a very strategy of embracing Bush, the wingnuts, neocons and illegal aliens -- incredibly that's not a winning strategy

Gregory: what a dweeb

Matthews: he's got such an edge to him he's sexy

Gregory: eeewwwww

Matthews: i really admire how they believe in a disastrous war

Tucker: he's a war hero and that really hurts you among Republican voters they don't trust people like that

Kay: people like you developed a man-crush on him years ago and you and Gregory say he doesn't pay attention to polls well then why did he go to Falwell's University??

Matthews: ouch

Kay: stop playing with your dicks and look at his record

Lizza: dood whenever a politician does something unpopular they always say they're acting on principle and not paying attention to polls

Matthews: can he make a comeback

Gregory: oh definitely

Kay: oh please

Gregroy: [ raising his voice ] yes he can! Look at our responsibility to completely remake the Middle East damitt!!

Matthews: who picks up the shards of his shattered campaign

Tucker: no one it’s like walking on broken glass

Gregory: Bush's people now regret they didn't take up the Baker-Hamilton idea

Matthews: wow why didn't they

Gregory: because they luv telling people with good ideas to fuck off

Lizza: Obama got 250,000 donors by counting a bumper sticker purchase as a donation

Matthews: ooh i want one of those he's handsome

Katty Kay: [ smacks forehead ]


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