Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Michael Moore on Larry King; Scarborough and Matthews on La-Z-Boy

An abbreviated Michael Moore and Sanjay Gupta on Larry King from July 10, 2007

Bonus: Chris Matthews waxes rhapsodic about La-Z-Boy chairs on Scarborough.

Scarborough in the Morning, MSNBC - July 10, 2007

Scarborough: David Vitter's wife said she would Bobbitt him dood

Matthews: I'm on his side

Scar: he's a good guy

Matthews: oh yeah he's handled it really well

Scar: pleaz speak ill of Hillary

Matthews: he's gotta say 'hey every time Hillary sees me she crosses the street' after all just she does with me

Scar: he's gotta to take the gloves off

Matthews: he's acts all pure and nice and shit he's in a trap where he can never be mean and we know Hillary is tough

Scar: poor rick lazio would be the president if not for the Clinton machine

Matthews: Obama is black so I'll give him an analogy he can understand he's got to call a foul like in the NBA

Scar: get into a fight with her

Matthews: meet hillary on a street corner some night

Scar: what happened to your luv for John McCain?

Matthews: Mitt Romney is perfect looking, very pristine, and handsome - the man you marry and have kids with and regret and develop a drinking problem; Fred Thompson is more like my perfect rough and neat-smelling daddy who I still won't admit abused me; Rudy Giuliani is more like my tough bad boy boyfriend who loves only himself; McCain is like the boy I took to the prom and who is now a soldier in Iraq and no one cares about anymore.

Scar: dood u really do have teh active imagination

Matthews: i luv to think of Fred Thompson in a comfortable Lazy Boy chair - I could crawl up in his lap and he could tell me stories about how Rudy saved American and John McCain single handedly fought the war in Iraq

Scar: John Ridley is telling me my good buddy David Vitter is in fact a big sanctimonious hypocrite so i gotta go


Michael Moore and Sanjay Gupta on Larry King - July 10, 2007

Sanjay Gupta: aaawwww poor widdle loved ones fooled by michael moore when France is drowning in taxes and they have a deficit!!!!

Moore: u just quoted my own movie man oh man you a complete fucking idiot

Gupta: wow im so cool i rendered Michael Moore speechless

Moore: im just trying to avoid using the word mother and fucker too close together dood

Gupta: i'm not saying i disagree with you michael i'm just saying yur fat

Moore: actually dood i luv america we put on the man on the moon and defeated the nazis before Commander Stupid came along

Gupta: yeah but people will still die under yur system micheal do you deny that!!!

King: people die why

Gupta: dood there's lots of lazy uninsured peeple plus michel moore is still fat

King: will u finally loose wait dood

Moore: no dood if i do there will still be 40 million people in america waiting forever to get shit

Gupta: eh i suppose anyone can nit pick but what if the very fat michel moore needs a new heart

Moore: dood do i get fictional insurance in yur scenario

King: do u regret anything

Moore: i should't have pulled Wolfe's beard but man that guy was getting to me

Gupta: I’m not biased look at my nice smile

Moore: yur a whore

Gupta: i asked that dood and he said he wasn't biased what more could i do

King: coming up prison and sex could be a hot one!!!eart where is he gonna go


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