Sunday, July 22, 2007

The McLaughlin Group - July 22, 2007

The McLaughlin Group - July 22, 2007

McLaughlin: all night Senate debate on the war with pizza and cots - who wins???

John Podhoretz: it's a win-win Republicans need to look tough and the Dems need to look like they are trying to end the war

John McLaughlin: but the Dems position is the popular one

Podhoretz: but the Republican party needs to sell the idea that Democrats pulled the rug out from under America's troops it's Rugtosslegende

Tony Blankely: hey 70% the Iraq issue is good for Democrats

Arianna Huffington: look at what happened to John McCain

Podhoretz: that's wrong McCain lost because he has a Bangladeshi baby

McLaughlin: US soldiers in Iraq seem unhappy

Huffington: the media sanitize this war

Blankely: that’s outrageous sure there are a few bad apples in the military but most love America and bush

Eleanor Clift: soldiers are being abused by their country

Blankely: we all know that

McLaughlin: Gates wept for the Lion of Fallujah every evening he writes notes to families saying how much it sucks to be Bush's Sec Def does this piss Bush off

Clift: I don’t think he cares

Pod: that isn't true you bitch

Clift: don't interrupt me asshole

Pod: i will you when you say something defamatory about President

Clift: fuck you dirtbag

Pod: bush cries every night for soldiers

Blankely: he's full of emotion

Clift: look Bush had a meeting with conservative journalists and everyone said how cheerful and upbeat he was

[Podhoertz glares, eyes well up ]

Clift: oh you weren't invited to Bush's little party how sad

[Podhoertz sobs]

McLaughlin: Sen. Vitter caught with hooker

Clift: Vitter is not up until 2010 but the bad news is that we haven't heard the last about Vitter's sins

Podhoertz: the governor once lived with a stripper i love it

Blankley: how does Vitter know that God forgave him cause i use some of that action

Huffington: dood goes on and on about the sanctity of marriage and now this

Blanlely: hey at least it was a woman not a teen boy

McLaughlin: right to privacy?

Podhoertz: no way if he didn't want publicity he shouldn't have chosen a public life and calling that hooker wans't a great idea either

McLaughlin: what about a zone of living your life

Podhoertz: no Vitter is a role model

Huffington: dood good lord for who - the issue is hypocrisy

Blankely: Ted Kennedy once pushed me out of the way at a buffet in DC

McLaughlin: Predictions!

Pod: some scandal brewing a some magazine

Clift: Landrieu is lucky because Vitter has been neutered

Blankely: Obama is in trouble because he wants little kids to have sex

Huffington: Sununu is going to dump Bush


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