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Countdown with Keith Olbermann - July 3, 2007

Countdown with Keith Olbermann
July 3, 2007
Guests: Richard Wolffe, David Shuster, Jonathan Turley
For Keith’s Special Comment, click here: Keith Olberman’s Special Comment - Mr. Bush, Resign!

Richard Wolffe: i've met Bush i'm beginning to suspect he is an immoral soulless incompetent fucker

Keith: is this the end for Bush?

Wolffe: no this proves that bush is courageous because he bucks the pollz heh heh heh

Keith: sum it up “he pardoned his buddy” every American gets it

Wolffe: lucky for bush his pet project iraq is going so well ha ha ha ha

Keith: dood where's the luv for our Prez heh

Wolffe: he really is a fucker isn't he

Wolffe: dood Bush consulted a wide group of people about the commutation - god and jeebus and and dick cheney heh heh

Keith: is Cheney in charge

Wolfe: no one can tell but let me tell u Cheney bugged Bush's phone back in 2000 so u figure it out

Keith: friends of libby he should walk because no one was charged with outing Plame

Shuster: jesus investigators could not charge someone with a crime because Libby COVERED UP the crimes up

Keith: was there an original crime committed

Shuster: of course there was as crime as the CIA well knew

Keith: Okay

Shuster: also i might add perjury and obstruction of justice ARE FUCKING CRIMES

Olbermann: they say she Plame was not undercover


Olbermann: but probation board said no jail

Shuster: yur 0-5 thats another lie Bush judges so no way dood

Olbermann: are the Bushies all liars

Shuster: They are Really Big Liarz so much so that we must assume he was blackmailing Bush

Olbermann: obstruction of justice isn't a crime is it?

Shuster: it's considered incredibly serious - gee I can't imagine why, unless yur, u know… interested in fucking JUSTICE

Olbermann: was this about squeezing information from Scooter-man

Jonathan Turley: moot point when u have immunity u must testify

Olberman: is cheney a vampire

Turley: Libby’s defense was originally going to throw Cheney under the bus and all of a sudden they didn’t even present a defense and were laughing like those doods who killed those civil rights workers kids

Olbermann: that is fucking appalling

Turley: u know bush has the right commute and guess what congress has the same constitutional right to impeach and they don't need to give a damm reason either

Olbermann: but this was principle ha ha

Turley: look Bush is the dood who is in ecstasy at the thought of an electrocution call me skeptical that he's troubled at 30 months in prison

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