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This Week With George Stephanopoulos on ABC -- July 8, 2007

This Week With George Stephanopoulos on ABC
July 8, 2007
Guests: Ron Paul, Mike Gravel, Fareed Zakaria, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Rich Lowry

Stephanopoulos: Ron Paul you have more $$$ than John McCain what's up

Ron Paul: there are a lot of Americans who actually like freedom and oppose invading Iraq, who knew??!!

Stephanopoulos: you want to leave Iraq but don't we have a responsibility to all the Iraqis who love us and wanted us to invade

Paul: dood we have responsibility to Americans besides the people who now say it would be a disaster said the invasion would be a cakewalk

Stephanopoulos: but that’s so risky

Paul: unlike invading Iraq

Stephanopoulos: more Republicans are coming to your side

Paul: if they don't they will lose elections

Stephanopoulos: Rudy says you said we invited the 9/11 attacks

Paul: the 9/11 commission agrees with me and so does Paul Wolfowitz

Stephanopoulos: any regrets about saying we were attacked because we have a presence in the middle east

Paul: no Rudy is a just a fucking demagogue

Stephanopoulos: do you think Rudy knows better

Paul: well he's a moron and a weirdo but he knows better now

Stephanopoulos: you're an isolationist

Paul: no i want to trade with people and be friends did you know that invading Iraq was a great gift to Osama bin Laden

Stephanopoulos: why are you running as a Republican

Paul: dood i was elected to Congress as 10 times as a Republican -- why shouldn't I

Stephanopoulos: you're a crank who won't interact with the government

Paul: that's how i roll

Stephanopoulos: you can't possibly win

Paul: are you willing to bet all the money you have on that

Stephanopoulos: yes

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Mike Gravel yur completely crazy what's up

Gravel: no i throw rocks in the lake and its like throwing rocks at the Democratic party

Stephanopoulos: you say the other candidates are immoral

Gravel: they should end the war right now if they don't it's morally wrong

Stephanopoulos: dood you want indict the President in a court of law

Gravel: damm right

Stephanopoulos: they don't have the votes

Gravel: yes they do because i say they do

Stephanopoulos: dood you were a crank during the Vietnam war too

Gravel: yes i could have gone to jail for what i did

Stephanopoulos: you say all former war supporters are not qualified but that knocks out everyone but Obama

Gravel: no it disqualifies Obama too because he hasn't personally had Bush arrested and dragged through the streets

Stephanopoulos: dood why don't you do it then

Gravel: i would but Matlock is on five days a week on TBS!!!

Stephanopoulos: you seem to be having fun

Gravel: no i'm mad because everyone else is immoral but me

Stephanopoulos: dood that's stupid you can't win

Gravel: i will win

Stephanopoulos: yur just in it for attention

Gravel: that's how you win dood

Stephanopoulos: so yur so delusional you think you can win

Gravel: bet you 5 bees on it

[ break ]

Steph: scooter libby commutation yes or no

Rich Lowry: a full pardon would have been better but I believe that the jury was wrong, also wrong were the Dept. of Justice, Fitzgerald, the Republican judge, the american people, reality, facts, gravity, the sun, moon stars, Jesus and God

Katrina vanden Heuvel: it’s crony justice - look every american gets it, he did his buddy a favor in the face of his conviction and also he pardoned a guy who can finger him

Fareed Zakaria: this may have been wrong but the independent counsel statute is also wrong and what's the deal with this monarchical pardon tradition, get rid of it

Lowry: white beltway pundits shouldn't have to follow the law

Heuvel: remember how Bush mocked karla fay tucker he has no real compassion for people who have not sworn fealty to him

Stephanopoulos: should they hold hearings

Heuvel: yes expose the consipiracy!

Lowry: what she says just proves my point Dick Armitage was a liberal ACLU bush-hater ergo Nadine Strossen should be arrested

Zakaria: dood he was convicted of a crime in a court of law

Lowry: no look the magic words "criminalization of politics" means that no white man can ever go to jail for anything -- its the new "abracadabra"

Stephanopoulos: all the money going to Democrats

Lowry: so true the energy is with the Dems

Heuvel: no its the 'ideas primary' Dems talk about health care and Republicans talk about best methods of torture

Stephanopoulos: we should compromise and have a National Torture Plan

Lowry: i say that’s a capital idea

Stephanopoulos: i wuz just kidding

Heuvel: Baker-Hamilton could be the beginning of a withdrawal but it's also not a great idea

Lowry: Democrats are still split too between some who want to leave totally and those who are afraid of looking weak

Steph: i've noticed that

Lowry: isn’t it ironic is we're winning in Iraq right now!!!

Zakaria: only if yur Alaniz Morizzette


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Anonymous said...

I always assumed that news reporters reported the news (past events of significance). I assumed that news commentators commented on the news (past events of significance). But, it seems that George can actually fortell the news. So, I have spent my morning e-mailing him, asking him hundreds of "news" questions, e.g. "Who will be the next president?" "When will the war end?" etc. I encourage anyone with a question about the future to e-mail ABC news.