Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chris Matthews on Jay Leno - July 18, 2007

Chris Matthews on Jay Leno - July 18, 2007

Leno: ok the Senate is stupid what happened

Matthews: the Republicans hate majority rule so the Dems had to demonstrate it using cots and pizzas to get publicity

Leno: oh ok

Matthews: this war is in this middle of arabia and it really pisses me off I mean it's really really bad!!


Leno: but David Brooks says God loves Bush!!!

Matthews: Brooks is a complete fucking moron - you know who also says that? Osama bin Laden I mean where's the fucking humility??? If Bush had ever said he was on a mission from in 2000 he would never have been elected


Leno: hmmm interesting

Matthews: you know America is not perfect we elected an actor President and a bodybuilder Governor jesus

Leno: well Arnold is very cool

Matthews: Bush is a big liar - we journalists have to question Bush a little more and not treat all politicians as if they dispense the truth


Matthews: at every step of the way Bush and his cult have lied they lied on WMD, they lied on Iraq attacking us on 9/11 they lied about abu ghraib, we have to stop calling them Daddy

Leno: but that's what you do

Matthews: i know but I'm in recovery now

Leno: good for you it's like pundit rehab

Matthews: yeah i'm off the wagon of bullshit

Leno: what do u think of the candidates

Matthews: Rudy was a guy covered in dust, McCain is a guy wandering around in a flak jacket, Fred Thompson's is a guy in a recliner, Romney is a perfect guy,

Leno: wow u are hypnotically weird

Matthews: Obama needs to get into a street fight with Hillary

Leno: who is going to win

Mattews: we're going to go over to the cold side of the pillow but the Democrats are also evil so it's scary

Leno: who will the nominees be

Matthews: Subway Series baby take the Seven Train it's gonna be Hillary vs. Rudy !!!

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