Sunday, July 29, 2007

The McLaughlin Group - July 29, 2007

The McLaughlin Group - July 29, 2007

McLaughlin: Hilary is more naive than Obama because she voted for the war

Buchanan: that's right i think Obama is the winner but they're going to show Obama in campaign ads meeting with Holocaust deniers

Clift: this is a silly debate their positions are the same but it shows how sharp Hillary is and how Obama can hit back

McLaughin: the 9/11 Commission said we should meet with the enemies

Blankley: Kennedy and Clinton caused the Cuban Missile Crisis cause of liberal weakness

McL: but she's the establishment candidate

O'Donnell: Hillary got the media on her side but then Obama won the liberal base

Buchanan: she wants to stop the debate because Obama got the upper hand

McLaughlin: so won this battle?

Buchanan: the whole thing benefits Obama because he's the one who is behind

Blankley: they both win

Buchnan: Obama is the winner in the second round

Clift: its a tie

Blankely: she wins this one

O'Donnell: sort of a tie -- Bush is the real looser

[ break ]

Specter: Gonzalez i think you're a liar and i'm the one who thought up the single bullet theory

Buchanan: We're stuck with Abu because Himmler couldn't get confirmed

Clift: this is bad a Constitutional crisis is looming

McLaughlin: Card and Abu threatened to pull the plug on Ashcroft so they could get permission to break the law

Mueller: Abu lied

Comey: these are evil people

Blankley: well it's a gun and there's some smoke coming out of the barrel i have to admit it's pretty bad

McL: Bush told him to torture Ashcroft

Blankely: that's true but it's admirable

O'Donnell: Bush is stubborn and stupid

Clift: they're liars too

Buchanan: Bush is not acting on principle he's just an asshole he gave Congress the Italian Salute

McL: Bush has come full circle he's into Complete Victory!!!

O'Donnell: it's completely insane

Blankely: first people want an optimistic president and second there's a lot of good news from Iraq

O'Donnell: like what

Blankley: no we took a town this week

O'Donnell: who's "we" kemosabe?

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