Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - July 22, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - July 22, 2007

Chris Matthews: Republicans are in total collapse because the Iraq war like Fred Thompson who says he never knew there were other countries until 9/11

David Gregory: unlike Karl Rove i am an expert on Iraq and Bush will reduce troops levels just enough to really put them in even more danger

Katty Kay: looks u idiots bush is still stupid and insane he'll never ever leave Iraq

Chris Matthews: should Rudy show up at all events covered in the dust of dead people?

John Heilemann: yes he's got to be offensive

Gregory: the next president should use business clich├ęs going forward

Matthews: how can my favorite political party succeed

Cynthia Tucker: Republicans should bash the war and then call Democrats traitors to feed the base

Matthews: the right wing base aren't couch potatoes they want to win the war!!

Heilman: they have to run as kindler, gentler cryptofascists

Kay: reducing to 90,000 troops will just be disastrous

Gregory: look we have to keep 50,000 troops there to prevent Iraq from crumbling!

Matthews: awesome

Gregory: Obama has some good ideas too bad he's a dirty liberal i hope Mitt adopts his policies

Heilman: we should leave Iraq

Gregory: no we have to stay i luv this war!!!

Matthews: like my daddy used to say in or out i'm not paying to heat the whole neighborhood!!!

Gregory: America must turn to the Republicans for national security god i hope they do

Cynthia Tucker: they must distance themselves from Bush

Matthews: oh no what if Bill and Hillary become co-presidents!!!???

[ shows long film clip ]

Matthews: the Vice President is gonna be like Vern in "Stand By Me"

Kay: oh i see a chubby loser kid everyone else made fun and who was desperate to be let into the cool kids club house -- gee who does that remind of chris???

Cynthia Tucker: heh heh good one Katty

Matthews: this is amazing bill is comfortable endorsing Hillary even though she's a girl

Tucker: she's walking a tightrope like Obama on race they're the Wallendas of Politics

Matthews: what's wrong with her

Tucker: she's cold and unfeeling

Matthews: this is weird how can a woman be independent from her husband this would never would have happened in the 50s

Kay: dood if u think that's scary look at Edwards his wife has got him on a short leash

Gregory: dood Bill’s the former President anyone would have trouble getting out from under his shadow

Tucker: but he's an amazing campaigner al gore should have used him

Matthews: will america elected los dos equis teh double XX

Kay: no the polls only they say that because people lie

Tucker: women don't always like women

Gregory: i disagree women like women they just don't like this woman

Matthews: tell me something i don't know

Kay: PM Brown dumped the phrase ‘war on terror’ and ‘muslim’ even though we've had attacks because he's all about the love

Gregory: i hope hillary tells the dirty hippies fuck off

Heilman: daniel pearl's family doesn't believe the official version big surprise

Tucker: US crime wave good news for Republicans

Kay: you mean the ones they not actually committing?

Matthews: oooh i hope Fred Thompson runs

Tucker: it's so crazy it just might work

Heilemann: Thompson will get in the race in September and out by November

Matthews: wow it's a campaign not sweeps week

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