Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hardball - Friday, July 27 2007

Hardball, Friday, July 27

Guests: Shelia Jackson Lee, Rep. Cannon

Tweety: did Abu lie

Jackson-Lee: oh yeah look Mueller knew that they went to the hopsital to threaten to turn off Ashcrofts machines unless he played ball

Tweety: beyond a reasonable doubt

Jackson-Lee: you're trying to trap me dood we need a special prosecutor

Tweety: should Ashcroft testify

Cannon: oh no way it's all totally super secret James Bond stuff!!

Jackson-Lee: was it Terrorist Surveillance Program?

Mueller: um yeah

Jackson-Lee: like what dood

Mueller: i can't tell you

Tweety: is Aleberto a liar?

Cannon: how should i know?

Tweety: why not have Ashcroft testify?

Cannon: no, he might prove Abu a liar

Jackson-Lee: rule of law doods or i swear i will start asking about administration sex lives

Tweety: is Abu stoopid or something?

Cannon: he's too nice

Tweety: what the fuck is wrong with him?

Cannon: i don't know maybe he was dropped on his haid

Tweety: is he a good AG

Cannon: he's just too nice to take on Schumer

Tweety: well how is going to take on Al Qaeda and the Mob dood?

Jackson-Lee: c'mon Alberto went to Harvard all we know now is we are not getting straight answer from him

Cannon: we don't have jurisdiction over the Truth

Tweety: um Congresswoman Bush went to Yale and Harvard and he's a moron

Shelia: dood that's a good point but Bush is White i figured Abu had to be twice as good

Tweety: well there's a scary thought

Tweety: what do you think - did Abu lie?

Cummins: doods we're at war with people who want to kill us and Alberto goes up there and makes no sense at all

Tweety: incompetent?

Cummins: he's a like a bleeding boxer - somebody call this fight

Iglesias: sad and sordid tale he's giving all hispanics a bad name

Tweety: maybe he's just too nice?

Iglesias: oh crap we're at war we need someone as tough as nail or more if yur up against a real man like Diane Feinstein

Tweety: so what now?

Igelsias: independent prosecutor - but that won't happen

Tweety: because they are all crooks

Iglesias: yup

Cummins: there is nothing to stop them from telling the truth right now

Tweety: but then they would have to admit their wrongdoing

Cummins: but we all already know that Iglesias was fired for political reason by now -- they should just admit it and end the scandal

Tweety: Abu a big liar?

Iglesias: frankly yes

Cummins: did i say yes -- i means yes

[ break ]

Tweety: who will win in Iowa?

Joe Trippi: i dunno

Tweety: its gotta be Edwards or yur guy is dead

Trippi: that's exactly right

Tweety: then he wins Florida

Trippi: what a silly spat Obama and Hillary are in it's mostly Hillary's fault

Tweety: would Edwards have Fidel killed?

Trippi: minimum wage dood!

Tweety: oh no i'm very scared Obama will give in to the enemey and surrender Nantucket to the islamic horde

Trippi: teh name calling is stoopid

Tweety: this is important i'm really scared but then again i just realized hate bush too

Trippi: call down dood they're just trying to win the primary

Tweety: bash hillary please

Trippi: I don't want to get sucked into this dood

Tweety: but you're running third

Trippi: yeah but the strategy now is to let the two of them attack each other and swoop in and be the nice guy above it all and win!!

Tweety: i love it good luck

Tweety: why did she give Obama the title shot

Hanretty: the Clintons are trying to take down the guy who's running second it's simple

Tweety: wow tough

Hanretty: the tag of naive is devastating

Shrum: interesting debate she thought she would have it wrapped up and Obama can't back down even if he really did regret what he said

Tweety: wrap it up for me

Shrum: Obama the Unready and Hillary the Bush-Lite

Tweety: fair or unfair with the Holocaust denier thing?

Shrum: look Hillary's people are scared of Obama

Hanretty: Obama lost Florida when he said he would gay marry Fidel Castro

Shrum: every schoolchild knows about that whole Florida thing but look even Bush wants to talk to iran

Tweety: she's always so careful its fascinating

Tony Snow: dood sure he lied but try and prove it

Kornblut: The Bush White House is enjoying watching Abu being tortured he's like a Presidential Michael Vick

Fein: remember Nixon he's a crook

Tweety: what crime did Bush commit?

Fein: he violated FISA

Tweety: well then you can't prove it so why should we investigate???

Burnett: that's a great point without proof beyond a reasonable doubt how can you charge someone it's black letter law

Tweety: is it Bush's fault the Dow sux?

Burnett: ha ha i like cocktail weenies too much to answer that

Tweety: who is lying?

Kornblut: don't say that Tweety that's uncivil

Fein: they violated the FISA act and the American people get it

Tweety: no you're wrong people get perjury because it's lying who's heard of FISA???

Fein: yeah but personal privacy!!

Tweety: i hate bad guyz

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