Sunday, July 15, 2007

The McLaughlin Group Brought to You By AARP

The McLaughlin Group Brought to You By AARP

McLaughlin: Al Qaeda has a safe haven in Pakistan and they are ready to stage a spectacular attack

Pat Buchanan: dood we've made a lot of progess after all we've elected Republicans that's good

Eleanor Clift: this is a total disaster they even have training camps and DVDs

Tony Blankley: well Al Qeada is getting really really powerful and we're not safe an attack is right around the corner!!

Arianna Huffington: we've actually regressed we're stuck in Iraq allowing Al Qaeda to regroup in Afghanistan and Pakistan

McLaughlin: bush is trying to mollify Republicans having this story put out there

Blankely: it was andrea mitchell and we know she is a liberal because he is a woman reporter

Clift: Bush sucks iraq helps Osama

Buchanan: that's right

Blankely: someday you will all find out we Live In A Dangerous World

Clift: oh for god's sake where do you idiots learn to talk like that some Hogwarts for Neocons or something???

Huffington: Bush is impervious to facts he just repeats the Big Lie

McL: why is al qaeda winning

Buchanan: the iraq war

Clift: the iraq war

Blankely: the iraq war also we haven't violated civil liberties enough

Huffington: Afghanistan isn’t won yet

Buchanan: tony is right we shouldn't have invaded Iraq - curse those damm liberals!!!

McL: doesn't a terror attack help Bush

Clift: it would have before but not anymore

Buchanan: Chertoff got smacked down by liberals and Tony Snow - nice going dood

McLaughlin: 62% of Americans think the war was a mistake even Republicans want to get out could Baker-Hamilton be the answer??

Clift: Bush is playing for time until the report he has control over comes out in September

Huffington: Bush is completely irrational dood

McL: how do you explain him

Huffington: Bush is a complete fanatic

Buchanan: Bush is a true believer that leaving Iraq would be a geostrategic disaster such a deep thinker he is

Blankely: look who among us can question the military judgment of a loser businessman who ran the PR office of a baseball team

McL: Surge is a total failure

McL: Surgeon General says Bushies alter science to serve right wing ideology is all this an impeachable offense

Huffington: of course but that takes a lot of effort

Blankely: the President is right to change science which has a liberal bias

Buchanan: anyone who oppose nazi rule is a crybaby

McL: it's a Cult of Personality


Anonymous said...

I wish you were doing this when Jack Germond was on the show

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