Sunday, June 24, 2007

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - June 24, 2007

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - June 24, 2007

George Will: the party process is too powerful to elect a third party guy like Bloomberg

Tapper: people say they want to get beyond the bickering but Bloomberg is a fucking LIBERAL DEMOCRAT!!!

Zakaria: people hate the influence of interest groups and Bloomberg is the most competent elected official in America right now

Steph: wow that's high praise

Zakaria: yes but what does Mr. Charisma stand for

Torie Clark: i would love it if he ran two liberals against one - awesome!

Will: money is not that important

Zakaria: he’s the best Mayor in history!!

Tapper: dood he's a liberal

Zakaria: yeah but we know he’s a fiscal conservative because he ran as a Republican

Steph: Rudy's guy was arrested for dealing crack

Torie: oh c’mon this happens all the time in the 21st century everyone has an employee who is dealing cocaine

Zakaria: Rudy’s a one-note campaign basically it’s "yur all gonna die unless you let me crack some brown skullz!!!"

Will: he's a liberal but that will help if he gets the nomination

Tapper: its not bigotry if you ask a man who brags about his faith is he really believes that the Messiah will rule for 1,000 years in Jackson, Missippi

Steph: dood was Elvis teh messiah oh wow!!!

Will: evangelicals think it’s a cult like scientology or Bobblspeak Tranlsations

Steph: Let’s look at the Sopranos spoof by teh Clintons

Tapper: Hillary is playing Tony Soprano so this means she's gonna get whacked

Steph: no he doesn't get whacked dood i asked david chase!!!

Tapper: well i get it it’s just a joke political ad but the unwashed stupid americans are not as sophisticated as us beltway pundits

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