Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - Sunday, June 3, 2007


Chris Matthews: wow the evil Clintons planned 20 years ago for her to have 2 terms in the white house and that’s against the law

Healy (NYT): this is bad it suggests that they are one person which means monica also gave her a blow job

Chris: she’s too calculating

Cynthia Tucker: dood of course she’s ambitious and of course you are a sexist pig

Chris: let me quote from the Bobblespeak Translations blog from last week who quoted Shakespeare

Joe Klein: its idiotic to think they planned 2 terms for each i mean who could plan something like that

Chris: no no they are like William and Mary its eeeeeviiillllll!!!!!!

Klein: the fact is that she is smart enough to flatter me whereas Obama has questioned my brillianz

O'Donnell: this is old news

Healy: teh clintons are old and boring - but obama is too young - i guess we have to elect fred thompson

Chris: i am obsessed with hillary to let me observe she wanted to invade iraq

Healy: she has to admit she was wrong

Klein: oh sure she has "positions" but she has to have a theme you know a vision

Chris: is gore a change agent?

Klein: Gore - this guy was right about everything for the last 20 years

Chris: yeah but does he have sex appeal

Klein: Chris you have fantasies about Rudy and Fred Thompson money people in American fantasize about Gore and Obama

Chris: is Gore going to run

Healy/O'Donnell: no

Klein: maybe -- i will reveal all on Swampland

Tweety: no, he won’t run


Chris Matthews: Bill Clinton keeps pushing his wife on us maybe we should just let them run America

Klein: i luv Bill too but enough maybe is enough

Chris: so the Bushes just want to let Hillary win

Norah: i don’t think so

Tucker: all bets are off

[on tape]
[ Bill Frist: Terri shuld be in teh senate

Allen: macacca!!!! ]

[back to show]

Chris: Fred McGruff - who does he hurt?

Klein: McCain because McGruff sounds so similar

O'Donell: McCain because he’s like non-senile version of straight talkin’ dood

Klein: not Rudy because he trying to win teh nomination by winning California and NY

Tucker: Fred Thompson is not scary but rather avulcular and a good actor so of course he can be President

Chris: i luv you cause that’s what i think

Norah: he is like Reagan -- dumb but can hit his marks

Klein: Ohio is the whole thing and right now no Democrat loses there

Tweety: [starts sobbing]

Chris: Predictions!!

Tucker: The head of the CDC will be bounced over TB Guy

Healy: by July McCain will be broke

O'Donnell: some anonymous GOP wingnut chick is going to go to iraq

Chris: so who gives a shit - u had a baby yur like a 50s wife

Klein: Al will wait until after the Nobels maybe October - Hey my advice Al don’t lose the weight run as a fat guy it will be really cool

Chris: will he pardon Scooter Libby?

Tucker, Healy, O'Donnell: no

Matthews, Klein: yes he knows where the bodies are buried

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