Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - June 17, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - June 17, 2007

Chris Matthews: Bush is a total failure in iraq what’s up with that

Howard Fineman: he blew his life savings in a gamble in Mesopotamia and he thinks he’s a success cause he hasn't killed anyone personally

Tucker Carlson: Bush does believe in democracy but he’s too stupid to realize that will only elect terrorists

Katty Kay: iraq is now the single greatest recruiter for terrorists way to go Stupid

Matthews: wow why doesn't someone stop the crazy man

Norris: yes he’s delusional but he really thinks he is a success because the twin towers haven't been knocked down again

Matthews: has ignoring Israel & Palestine been smart?

Fineman: in this one case bush made a mistake - shocking i know

Matthews: in this one instance

Fineman: with Bush as their friend Israel doesn't need enemies

Kay: America's reputation in the middle east is so bad now if we tried to help it would explode in our face

Matthews: bush may not invade iran after all i wonder why not it sounds like so much fun

Tucker: in bush's defense he did meddle in Palestine he made it worse

Matthews: bush put a Geico caveman on the court how come liberals don't love that!!??

Norris: we'll see if the Court bans women from getting access to fire and makes them become gatherers

Matthews: Democrats beat up Abu Gonzalez and gave him a black eye but to be fair he is an enemy combatant to the U.S. Constitution

Tucker: in ten years Justice Roberts will change his name Tony Soprano

Matthews: bush attacked conservatives - good idea?

Tucker: dumbest idea ever

Kay: bush will always be a failure as long as we're in iraq

Norris: he's totally screwed

Tucker: bush will be a only become a great president if thousands of Americans are killed again

Matthews: wow look at the uppity women and some of them are black this is crazy!!!!!

Kay: people luv Laura Bush she was not ambitious and she’s an excellent driver

Matthews: michelle obama went to yale or harvard or something but she's a scary black woman who will ignore her children its so sad!!!

Kay: no she quit her job she's playing a role from Leave it Beaver now

Tucker: no she’s re-enacting the sitcom cliché My Dumbass Slob Husband and it’s emasculating

Matthews: and who know more about what is masculine than you

Fineman: Michelle Obama can combine hillary's smarts with Laura's domestic bliss without the shifty behavior or vapid expression

Norris: she's sassy!

Matthews: i luv it!

Kay: bush is going to reignite a Cold War the Russians are mad!!!

Matthews: boy Bush is batting 1,000 isn’t he

Fineman: Mitt Romney just purchased the state of iowa

Matthews: what about my man-crush Fred Thompson and his toy red truck!?

Norris: Candidates will travel with their children except for Rudy who will have some from Rent-a-Kid

Matthews: will my new man-lover Fred Thompson get some head - i mean pull ahead - of john McCain??

Norris: yes

Tucker: absolutely

Kay: probably

Fineman: seriously dood get some therapy

Matthews Yes!!!

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