Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hardball – June 12, 2007

Hardball – June 12, 2007

Van Natta: hillary voted for the authorization to use force to establish security street cred and also because Bill Clinton once bombed saddam hussein because saddam dissed monica on saturday night live

Matthews: but dood bill never invaded iraq

Natta: yeah but as the first woman president she had to give bush a blank check

Schultz: she's hawkish and would kill a terrorist with her bare hands if she got a chance

Matthews: so is she a hawk or dove

Natta: she is so phony she won’t fall into one category!

Matthews: wow she’s evil

Natta: yeah she didn't read the Magic NIE

Schultz: no one else did either jerk

Matthews: wow I don’t know what to think

Natta: we have a triple hearsay source for the 20 years project to take over America and quadruple hearsay for the Taylor Branch quote and this how phony he is he couldn't even remember not saying it!!!!!

Matthews: they’re like william and mary what if they create a college of william & hillary they’ll school generations into plotting and ambition

Schultz: whats wrong with setting goals dood I think its great they planned in 1969 to elect chelsea in 2022

Natta: oh i dont make judgements - but shes a phony because she doesn't admit that she wants to seize ultimate power and make us submit to her scary vagina!!

Matthews: i miss jack kennedy and his manly presidential penis!


Matthews: why do college gals hate Hillary?? - wow i luv this subject!!!!

Zuckman: well its because -

Matthews: I’ll tell you its cause women with jobs don’t have husbands its so sad they like hillary

Terry: she wants to turn America into an African village but she has to lie about that and educated people see she’s a phony

Matthews: Howard how can she win over poor woman and smart women too that makes no sense

Fineman: college chicks hate hillary because she slept her way to the top

Zuckman: college gals goes for dorks like Dukakis and Bradley

Matthews: people luv my man crush Fred Thompson!!!!!

Zuckman: Fred McGruff is riding high in the polls cause no one knows him

Matthews: will the media give my awesome man-lover a break!!??

Terry: Fred is a big liar he was pro-choice and i hate that - I will accept him but he has to grovel before me

Matthews: so you pro-lifers really don't care do you

Terry: no we just luv to be used and abused

Matthews: that big lumbering lug can abuse me anytime!!!

Matthews: Rudy has 12 Commitments he’s just like Moses but with hairplugs

Fineman: its theatre and Rudy luvs the theater!!!

Matthews: he's pledged to increase the number of abortions

Terry: these are innocent little children!!

Matthews: Terry are u a guy or a woman?

Terry: hey my voice may be high but i'm not high like a liberal

Matthews: no you're wrong blue collar wackos will vote for Rudy because he's a fascist

Matthews: why is teh fascist doing so well in Pennsylvania????

Terry: its an anomaly state its Alabama with the Metropolitan Opera on both sides

Matthews: u keep saying “pro-abortion” yur never going to get me stop having abortions with language like that

Terry: yur scaring me dood

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