Sunday, June 24, 2007

The McLaughlin Group - June 24, 2007

The McLaughlin Group - June 24, 2007

McLaughlin: Immigration and Iraq are allowing wingnuts to distance themselves from President Stupid

Zuckerman: yeah but the wingnuts still luv the war

McLaughlin: some of the crazies think Iraq is going great

Zucker: well that’s insane of course but they hope Petraeus will come back with a report saying we're winning the war in Eastasia

Clift: the wingnuts will begin to defect from Stupid in the fall

Naftali: don't forget only half of GOP voters like Bush and it's much less with those pesky American people

McLaughlin: McConnell sez September is the deadline

Freeland: the wingnut base still loves the idea of iraq because it involves killing people which they really like but immigration is about compassion and that makes them crazy

McLaughlin: Hamas took over Gaza now its a fascist mini-state

State Dept.: Hamas is a terror group so No Soup For Them!!!!!

Freeland: this is a great development if Hamas shows they can elect a good mayor they can run for President!!!

Clift: Bush's policy is to close his eyes and wish it away and this is a disaster not a good development

Zuckerman: no right of return!!

McLaughlin: ok so what then

Zuckerman: Fatah lost because they drive around in chauffered limousines and big villas so don't give Fatah too much credit

McLaughin: Give Bush a grade on his performance in the middle east

Zuckerman: B

Clift: F

Naftali: i won't answer but bush sux

Freland: C-

McLaughin: C-

McLaughlin: Bloomberg!

Zuckerman: he's a true hero and a bipartisan leader but he won't decide until February of 2008

McLaughin: Fred Thompson isn't even running and he's winning is there no Hollywood star the Republicans won't starfuck

Bendavid: he's conservative, consistent, and he's been in a lot of really bad movies

Clift: he's a like a crappy version of Reagan

Zuckerman: he's comfortable in his own skin

Clift: dood he's a fucking actor god u r so easily fooled

McLaughlin: let's look at the Clinton Sopranos Ad AGAIN!!!

[ Journey plays, Johnny Sack glares ]

McLaughlin: now give it a grade!!!

Zuckerman: A-

Clift: A+

Naftali: Boffo!

Freeland: A+

McLaughlin: yur all wrong it's an A plus plus !!!!

McLaughlin: predictions!!

Zuckerman: Lebanon will explode this fall

Clift: more generals will come out against the war

Naftali: some presidential candidates will drop out next week

Freeland: Bloomberg will run!!!

McL: no more money for Iraq!!!

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