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Hardball - June 15, 2007

Hardball - June 15, 2007
David Shuster: Bush is at 29% but on the up side Scooter is going to prison, Hamas took over Palestine, Russia says we destroyed the space station, the base is mad over immigration and the whole country hates him

Mike Barnicle: dood that’s harsh

Shuster: his only friend is ted kennedy

Barnicle: may I observe that yur both very handsome men

Alex Castellanos: thank u dood but Chris Matthews is on vacation u can cool it

Barnicle: sorry force of habit - bush is in freefall what's up

Castellanos: being President is hard work and I fully concede he is a disaster but look MSNBC is doing well why don't people talk about that??

Bob Shrum: the Republicans are all running away from President Bush like he's toxic

Castellanos: we have the courage to pretend he-who-must-not-be-named doesn’t exist

Shrum: say it, b-u-s-h say it say it

Castellanos: no and u can’t make me!!

Barnicle: when Stupid talks about illegal immigrants he actually sounds like he cares

Castellanos: the GOP has always been the party of downtrodden minorities like the irish or mexicans

Barnicle: dood taking their money 100 years after they get here doesn't count

Castellanos: this guy named George Washington promised he would seal the borders i hate take him off the dollar and the quarter and replace him with Reagan and Nixon

Barnicle: not Stupid?

Castellanos: don’t say his name - bad dobby! bad!

Barnicle: so if we take Washington off who do we put on Mt. Rushmore dood

Castellanos: Mitt Romney

Barnicle: you're kidding right

Castellanos: no Mitt's got big shoulders and he luvs immigrants they're faaaaaabulous!!!!!!

Barnicle: Harry Reid hates America he bashed our High Priest Warrior who stands for all the nice boys and girls in Iraq

Castellanos: the precious fighting men and women of america are in harm's way so how dare harry reid try make the war work – we owe it to the children of america who are in danger never to question they way the war is fought

Shrum: dood the war sux

Castellanos: bill clinton destroyed america i don't know if we can ever recover

Barnicle: let me trot out a tired cliche that this is a partisan and divided city and nothing ever gets done and this sooooo terrible

Castellanos: how do u solve partisanship? It's very simple - democrats just have to admit they hate America and support terrorists, communists, alger hiss, eugene v. debs, john brown and that motherfucker thomas paine

Barnicle: dood u forgot martin luther king

Castellanos: no i said commies

Barnicle: the Dems were elected to end the war and won't it's a betrayal of the lefty bloggers!!!!

Joe Trippi: Congress should hit bush with their purse

Barnicle: that’s fringe netroot thinking

Trippi: no that’s mainstream thinking in America - but in their defense Congress only has a one vote majority

Karen Hanretty: the American people hate the war but the people don't know what they want

Barnicle: unpossible!!!

Hanretty: no my logic is impeccable if the people wanted it to end it would happen but the war continues ergo the people must want it

Barnicle: the American people think daily about al-Maliki and think he’s a motherfucker

Hanretty: they're confused for example they know the war sucks but they also fear what will happen if we leave

Trippi: people are angry and fear we’re gonna be stuck there for 50 years

Barnicle: whatever happened to the Democratic Party they won't cut the funding!!!!

Trippi: i like John Edwards he sez just cut off all the money now

Hanretty: call me crazy but if politicians thought ending it was popular and would get them votes they would do it!!!

Trippi: well sometimes you have to go against the people and do what's right

Hanretty: dood u just said it's really popular now you say it isn't which is it?!

Trippi: i dunno just end the war

Harry Reid: [on tape] i told General Pace that he sux

Barnicle: OMG!! he hates America!!!

Hanretty: we're waiting for September in DC Gen. Petraeus is a God-Like figure he's not partisan he can only tell The Truth

Barnicle: so sad kids will die in the meantime why wait until then

Trippi: Edwards had the courage to leave the Senate and talk about this in Iowa - that’s real leadership

Hanretty: i talked about this with the bodybuilding weirdo from The Terminator and he agreed we should stay in Iraq for 10 years

Barnicle: well that makes sense what did Sly Stallone have to say

Hanretty: no candidate is talking about terrorism!!!

Trippi: are you kidding that’s all they ever talk about

Hanretty: Edwards has never ever said terror is bad

Trippi: oh ok you’re just a McCarthyite demagogue

Hangretty: Edwards never said Explode on Impact!!

Trippi: u are a total psycho

Hangetty: a real policy would show the candidate's muscles and our anabolic steroid Might would should elect Conan the Barbarian!!!

Chris Cillizza: only 29 people like Bush and they're all Regents grads

Barnicle: halleluja!

Cillizza: Congress used to be a rubber stamp now they're rubber and he's glue

A.B. Stoddard: Bush actually believes he's having a good week

Barnicle: wow he is one crazy motherfucker

Stoddard: immigration is his Final Frontier he going to go to low polls numbers where no President has gone before

Barnicle: Even Scotty can’t help him now

Cilizza: the worse it is the more Bush acts like he’s out of touch with reality

Barnicle: Bush is like some asshole houseguest who won't fucking leave
[ break ]

Barnicle: women luv Bill Clinton and that helps Hillary

Cillizza: i'm fascinated by overanalyzing the polls but i'm anal that way

Stoddard: Hillary tried to convince people she was actually elected to the Senate in fact she gave the Commissioner of Elections for New York State a blowjob

Barnicle: well then how come Chris Matthews isn't a Senator

Cilizza: i'm stunned by the cliche that since 1879 we've had a Bush or Clinton or Cleveland or Taft on the ballot

Barnicle: whats the deal with black people

Stoddard: my black friends tell me Obama sucks - my pearls and headband speak to my authenticity

Cilizza: i speak for the black voter they still have their doubts about Obama

Jim Webb: i oppose the fact that we never had any kind of strategy in Iraq but i sent my son there cause thats what we Webbs do

Baricle: i'm in awe of people like Jim Webb i have to call my wife for help when there's a spider in bathtub

Cilizza: tell me about it i'm afraid of dust bunnies

Barnicle: yikes

Cillizza: Webb took down Macaca because of his Marine street cred but no one never serves now unlike the really cool WWII Generation

Barnicle: don't get me started on teh Greatest Generation they're the best

Stoddard: McCain has a kid in the war but he never talks about it because the media will do it for him

Barnicle: when i go to the store or get gas i never run into anyone serving in Iraq why is that

Stoddard: maybe because you live in Boston dood

Barnicle: oh right well if i run into an IED i'll let u know -- happy father's day except of course for those kids who's dad was killed in iraq that sucks

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