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Meet The Press - Sunday, June 3, 2007

Meet The Press - Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tim Russert: let’s talk about actor Fred Thompson

Mary Matalin: everywhere you go the Fred Fanz show up everywhere the jets are fueled up and running

Tim Russert: dood has no rationale althought he’s got a red pickup truck though so i guess he would make good president

Mary Matalin: that truck is a symbol of him saying I’m secretly a communist ha ha no im just kidding of course - it was a movie prop

Murphy: if I were Fred I would wait because them people would actually ask his positions now they just review Law & Order episodes

Tim: who does he hurt the most

Murphy: McCain because you either luv or him or think he’s a senile idiot

Timm: tha’ts not what they said on Matthews' show

Bob Shrum: we’re all sad that George Allen dropped out he would have be fun to beat

Carville: [unintelligble]

Tim: dood what did u say

Murphy: everyone flip flops but Romney has made it into a fine art

Timmy: what about John McCain

Murphy: well he’s on the wrong side of every issue so he has to make that a strength - he’s brave enough to be totally wrong

Tim: Is Rudy too much of cross-dressing gay lover?

Matalin: Conservatism won in 2006 what is means that you love the Founding Fathers the so-called "isuses" are irrelevant

Timmy: Mary that’s so stupid is Rudy too fucking liberal or not

Mary Matalin: no this year social conservatives care more about torturing brown people that preventing brown people from aborting which from their perspective is not all that bad actually

Timmeh: good point


Russert: Hillary is a conniving controlling ambitious bitch so what's up

Carville: she’s a woman and she’s the most attacked person and i'm a big admirer and of course she’s ambitious

Russert: wow so are you with her not

Carville: well I like obama too

Shrum: i have no doubt hillary can win

Tim: dood given yur track record that means she’s doomed

Murphy: she’s not a change agent she wants to bring us back to the 1990s and god forbid that should happen

Carville: that’s a good point but she is starting to experiment with smiling and even laughter we'll see how it goes

Matalin: let’s not get obsessed with the books her real weakness is that she’s a liberal xian baby eater

Russert: let my inject my opinion here i have my eraserboard all ready!!

Matalin: its all about the purple people

Tim: So she can win in Utah?

Matalin: i said people not aliens

Timmy: The Bobblespeak Translations did a good job of summarizing this Countdown Episode with Al Gore

Carville: The Bobblespeak blog is like having sex you can't just come once

Tim: meaning what

Carville: gore wants to run and it’s not a character flaw

Tim: who can blame him - Oscar winner, book writer, Nobel prize nominee

James: dood thats why he’s going to run!

Shrum: don’t be too sure he’s a prophet and is having a real impact on the whole world more so than Millard Fillmore believe it or not

Russert: dood yur advice killed al gore

Shrum: nobodys perfekt

Tim: Obama sez they're all boring baby boomers

Murphy: very clever of Obama he is totally change on the other hand its too much about spaceships

Tim: huh?

Shrum: fuck Obama its because of me a black man can even run for President

Carville: its teh protestant work ethic its because of max weber that Shrum can lose election after election and still be on teevee

Russert: people luv obama

Carville: obama needs spice and seasoning

Timmer: dood he’s not a gumbo

Matalin: we have to understand who the enemy is

Tim: who is it

Matalin: its Hillary she's thinking really long term she’s a bobble u can push but she wont go down

Murphy: its obama because this whole election is about change

Carville: everyone is going to go down in one primary it’s about how you handle defeat and get back up again

Tim: bob you tell a story about Iraq that Edwards chickened out on the Iraq vote -- so you were wrong about that too

Edwards Camp: bob shrum is a big liar

Shrum: i believe they all vote based on politics sometimes - i still luv Edwards i guess he hates me now

Tim: dood you work for someone and they lose what’s up

Shrum: what can i say i got teh magic touch

Tim: conservatives hate bush

Mary: no that isn't true look he handed them the Supreme Court and wrecked the military and remember George Washington was almost impeached and we would be speaking German if it wasn't for brave politicians like Bush

Tim: ok you're insane

Matalin: the GOP polls are with me they still luv Bush

Tim: not even Rushbo is with him on immigration

Murhpy: im so proud of the President for the immigration billon - on the other hand Bush's presidency will be over really a year from now

Tim: Competence?

Carville: oh yes that's why the whole Republican party is in freefall

Matalin: that’s all you got is bush hatred its so sad

Shrum: we shouldn't rely only on polls we should be brave

Tim: Democrats will only prove they have integrity if they take unpopular positions

Shrum: like you Tim I’m from a blue collar family and i grew up to wreck the democratic party

Tim: wow that is so cool

Murphy: oh sure it's easy to attack Republicans but if that's all democrats have teh GOP can win in 2008 by running against Republicans

Carville: Republicans have to be the dumbest fucks on the planet

Matalin: yeah but democrats are cowards and wimps who are in favor of beheadings

Shrum: give me a break

Matalin: oh sure obsess with a silly petty issue like Iraq but then what will happen to Eurabia???

Tim: where is that?

Matalin: read my favorite writer George Orwell

Timmeh: everyone luvs James Carville’s sexy bald head

Mary: that's my man!

Timmeh: whats "going ugly early"?

Carville: dood don’t ask

Timmeh: here's my obligatory conflict of interest disclaimer about how my son work with Carville it’s all incestuous ha ha hah

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