Sunday, June 17, 2007

The McLaughlin Group - June 17, 2007

The McLaughlin Group - June 17, 2007

John McLaughlin: Iraq is in total chaos and even Gen. Petraeus is worried about the increase in violence

Pat Buchanan: Bush is crazy - but the big news is that Iran is sending weapons into 7 different countries we're going to war!!!

Eleanor Clift: Bush is a moron but the real question is will Congress give the Surge more time after 9/07

McLaughlin: they used to tell everyone September was the key date but that was just to get people to shut up for a while

Podhertz: the Big Surge just started its not fair i hate politics it’s so political

Lawrence O'Donnell: who the fuck needs a Report to know the Surge is a total failure??

Podhertz: The Surge is Winning - in Al Anbar we're kicking ass and taking names that's Rupert Murdoch's line and we're sticking with it

Clift: we arming the Sunnis we can look forward to massive civil war later

Podhertz: that’s good news we invaded Iraq so we could get al qaeda out of Iraq which only went into to Iraq because we invaded

O'Donnell: we will leave maybe in January of '08

McLaughlin: wow

O'Donnell: i mean 3008

Buchanan: kill! kill!

Podhertz: as a human being Bush should Free Scooter - no harm was done the case was a total overreach and Valerie Plame didn't get any torts they got rich and famous from this its faaaaabulous!!!

O'Donnell: they never even presented any kind of defense they always campaigned for a pardon -- and dood a Republican judge said he was overwhelmingly guilty

Buchanan: Cheney will threaten to shoot Bush unless he pardons Scooter

Podhertz: Scooter is innocent and he was found innocent a court of law i can't believe this the Plames are living the life fantaaaaaaastic!!!

Clift: he was found guilty u idiot

Buchanan: god fucking dammit if the Watergate guys didn't get pardons i don't want Scooter to get one

McLaughlin: what about loyalty dood

Buchanan: Libby has to be loyal to Bush and go to prison like Liddy

Podhertz: let Bush pardon him everyone hates him anyway

McLaughlin: 4th Circuit upholds habeus corpus!

Buchanan: even i agree that the Magna Carta wasn't entirely a bad idea

Podhertz: this is a tough call i mean what should we do with someone we have evidence is a criminal

O'Donnell: gosh i don't know maybe charge them in a court of law

Podhertz: law -- what is law???

John: Predictions!

Pat: we're gonna bomb Iran in the fall

Clift: Congress will repeal the tax loophole on SUVs

Podhertz: Congress will repeal loophole on guys making $200 million per year its so sad

O'Donnell: Who ever the nominee is they will choose Wesley Clark as their VP

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