Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Joe Scarborough on MSNBC in the Morning – June 13, 2007

Joe Scarborough on MSNBC in the Morning – June 13, 2007

Joe Klein: the media and liberals don't treat people of faith with respect and by faith i mean hard-core wacko fundies whaaaaaaa!!!!

Scarborough: that is so true the media hates religion especially pro-lifers and scientology and the flying spaghetti monster!!

Klein: yeah its so sad evangelicals and orthodox rabbis are fun

Scarborough: no one in media has a baby fetus on their desk I checked

Klein: yeah but in the media’s defense religion needs to do more cool shit like sell ecstasy in church

Scarborough: that’s a really great idea like they do in black churches

Klein: I luv Huckabee because he does good works and he’s always doing funky shit like playing the bass and rocking with the Rolling Stones and doing LSD is all part of being a cool fun-loving Christian isn't that great!?

Scar: the liberal bloggers viciously attacked you - have you gotten out of the hospital and recovered from yur injuries yet?

Klein: not yet but really i love being attacked by them its fun but Rep. Jane Harmon was intimidated by liberal bloggers into her changing her vote and making me look bad when I lied - its so sad all she's only a little tiny helpless Congresswoman and they're All Powerful Bloggers!!!!

Scarborough: that’s terrible they’re destroying our precious country with their nasty words

Klein: yeah they use vicious rhetoric and they're going to ruin the Democratic party its so sad i weep for the democratic party when they call me on my lies

Scarborough: Saint Rudy had crazy flop-sweat yesterday what’s up with that??

Klein: i didn’t see it I don’t really follow politics but i do know this - Rudy was the best Mayor ever!!!

Scarborough: so true dood -- so why does Barack Obama suck so much??

Klein: Obama is so very young and the election is such a long way away maybe by 2008 he'll be white

Scarborough: joe i beg you to tell us about how cool you are

Klein: in 1970 i was hanging out with my black friend Huey Newton and i was getting bored because he wasn’t bashing whitey like I was hoping and then the Grateful Dead showed up and all the black people left and me and the other white guy there got up on stage with Jerry and got high

Scarborough: wow dood that is so crazy i always wanted to get high with huey lewis cause they made it hip to be square

Klein: I want a new drug dood


Anonymous said...

pure, undiluted genius. everytime i come here, i laugh until i've got tears streaming down my face. please don't stop!!!

Anonymous said...

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