Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show, Sunday, June 24, 2007

Matthews: Sullivan and Hillary were for the Iraq war before they were against it it’s awesome!!

Ignatius: she’s playing a fuzzy woman its brilliant

Matthews: brilliant!

Ignatius: even Democrats think we have to stay in Iraq but just open up shops that sells beads and patchouli

Parker: the lefty bloggers want hillary on her knees

Matthews: hey she's not monica

Bumiller: she’s attacked by the Code Pink ladies but they’re crazy

Matthews: she's shrewd she's using the left make her look tough it’s Sistah Souljah!!

Ignatius: well she's different from all the other candidates because she's actually running for President

Matthews: i luv sex and politics she's reenacting The Last Supper but instead of the special love between John and Jesus its between women that’s scary

Parker: hillary has no blond women supporters that will hurt with the Aryan vote

Matthews: she's has a lot of women supporters woman that will hurt her as Commander in Chief

Ignatius: what r u saying dood

Matthews: women as well as men won’t vote for a Commander who surrounds himself with a lot of women no real commander would do that like FDR or JFK or Eisenhower

Parker: Golda Meir!!

Matthews: John Wayne!! Patton!!

Bumiller: she’s tough and doesn't need the Anti-War Lefty Bloggers

Matthews: has she settled her fish with the Left

Ignatius: dood what the fuck r u talking about

Bumiller: the generals all like Hillary

Matthews: i hear that its so weird I mean how could that be she’s a woman

Mike Bloomberg: i luv me some Red Auerbach

Matthews: its hard to imagine teh NBA without teh blacks and Red Auerbach integrated it

Ignatius: no dood bill russell did and he was teh first black coach and he won too without yur white buddy Red

Matthews: thats true why do i always forget that part

Matthews: i luv Bloomberg he could win!!!

Stengel: Matthews dood yur excited but no one else cares - what does he stand for and how can he win Wisconsin??

Ignatius: he would hurt Dems because he is a liberal and a democrat dood

Matthews: this county is dying for someone in the center not a crazy liberal like Hillary or Obama or Edwards with their crazy popular ideas

Matthews: tell something i don't know!!!

Parker: Rudy's best friend is a crack dealer but the bad news is still to come

Stengel: oh it gets worse the media is finally to ask what the fuck Rudy Giuliani knows about foreign policy besides stationing our aircraft carrier groups on the 10th floor on the World Trade Center

Ignatuius: look for a massive 20,00 word article in the newspaper exposing Cheney as totally secretive evil controlling weirdo

Matthews: he’s like Dr. Strangelove without the charm

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