Sunday, June 10, 2007

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - June 10, 2007


This Week with George Stephanopoulos - June 10, 2007


John McCain: rudy is a big mean phony on immigration

Stephanoplous: but you said you didn't like the bill

McCain: well just the beginning, and the middle, and also the end

Stephanoplous: saint rudy says you compromised because you're weak and senile

McCain: this is what the art of legislation is all about

Stephanoplous: but ted kennedy supported it!

McCain: well ted Kennedy also he worked on No Child Left Behind

Steph: that’s supposed to be a good thing?

Steph: Newt sez yur a big liberal

McCain: newt is a motherfucker

Steph: the base hates brown people

McCain: what can i say i luv to be unpopular

Steph: apparently the same deal with Iraq

McCain: we just started this war 90 days ago for gods sake

Steph: what's success in Iraq

McCain: i don't know I guess someday Iraq should have a functioning government

Steph: when?

McCain: never - is never good for you

Steph: you say they will follow us home but aren't they already here

McCain: sure last week they destroyed JFK airport

Steph: are we creating al qaeda recruits in Iraq

McCain: yes - which is why we can't leave

Steph: [sighs] so perpetual war dood

McCain: no the war will just last as long as you and I are alive

Steph: Romney says Korea analogy is stupid

McCain: i don't know what he is talking about

Spteh: what?

McCain: it's an islamic country

Steph: huh?

McCain: we should have non-permanent big bases

Steph: so how long, 50 years

McCain: why announce a 50 year deadline?

McCain: i don't know how September got to be so important i resent it

Steph: what will Petraeus say

McCain: not in my wildest dreams do i expect Petraeus to say things are going well i mean the war just started that's crazy

Steph: Fred McGruff was your guy and he thinks you suck or he wouldn't run for President right

McCain: i didn't know he was working for my campaign

Steph: WaPo sez all your BFFs are all fleeing your campaign like a sinking ship

McCain: i luv and respect all the people who think i'm a loser

Steph: jeebus you sound like such a weenie

McCain: eh whatever I don’t even want the job anymore

Steph: your friends say you’re a dead man walking

McCain: no look at the polls

Steph: polls say yur way behind

McCain: i'm in the top five

Steph: healthcare what's yur solution

McCain: cutting taxes

Steph: Romney mandated insurance good idea?

MCain: no way dood let's have community health care but the real problem is that alot of healthy Americans refuse to buy insurance because they're big assholes

Steph: you said Colin Powell will be remembered by history as the Loser Guy

McCain: he lied to me about the biological weapons it's the shame of the nation!!!

Steph: how will history judge you dood

McCain: as a senile whacko

[ panel discussion ]

Torie Clark: this immigration bill failure shows that Washington can't get anything done and helps the DC outsiders in 2008

Steph: is Torie a big elitist

Shipman: the shameful noisy liberal bloggers and angry wingnuts are out destroy Bush it's an epic tragedy this could have been his Nixon in China moment

Steph: well he could still have a big Nixon moment

Carney: Bush really luvs mexicans and Rove wanted their votes

Will: Democracy its not about counting noses it about counting other body parts too

Steph: so bush is ruined

Will: yes Dems are to blame for not solving Bush's fuckups

Steph: I hear there is a 4 part test for Bloomberg to get into the race -- the last is that 25% of Americans need to luv the crazy jew from NYC

Torie: with a billion dollars you can spend a lot of money

Carney: he can't win

Will: the idea of him winning is ridiculous

Steph: hillary sez bush has made us safer

Shipman: she has to look Presidential in other words conservative

Will: Edwards is unemployed so why is he spending $500 on a pedicure!!!

Carney: he's reaching to the liberals those crazy mad blogging motherfuckers

Torri: it’s either offense or defense!

Steph: its like the Democrats and Republicans live in different gay and non gay counties

Will: America is like European we actually disagree on shit

Steph: but the people hate partisanship

Will: no they don’t they just say they do

Shipman: i'm so distressed by all this fighting its saddens my superior self

Steph: When will have a Gay Prez

Will: i have a daughter with gay friends but i'll be dammed if will let her hang out with any lefties


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