Thursday, June 28, 2007

Joe Scarborough in the Morning - June 28, 2007

Joe Scarborough in the Morning - June 28, 2007
Guest: Ron Paul

Scarborough: how is it that the party of Reagan ran up record spending and deficits and wrecked our fiscal situation?

Ron Paul: cause power corrupts dood

Scarborough: Republicans go home and every 2 years scam their voters and the voters are dumb and say “oh i have to vote for the Republican or we will have higher taxes and spending” and its all lies how do they get away with that??

Paul: oh they say they believe it but of course they use pork to please their constituents and use it to get reelected

Scarborough: it turns out Clinton was also right about limited military commitments too

Paul: yeah they're all liars about that too Bush campaigned against nation building but guess what the neocons got their claws in him and now we're stuck in iraq blame the people they don't pay attention

Scarborough: what's teh answer

Paul: the internet and bloggers

Scarborough: can't vote Republican and can’t support the Democrats because liberals are all hippies what’s the answer

Paul: vote libertarian dood

Scarborough: anyone else you like

Paul: tom tancredo

Scarborough: Rudy Giuliani?

Paul: my goodness no

Scarborough: well i luv u

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