Thursday, June 28, 2007

Larry King Live with Paris Hilton -- June 27, 2007

Larry King Live - June 27, 2007
Guest: Paris Hilton

King: what the fuck is wrong with u

Paris: i have claustrophobia jail made me cry

King: how did u deal with teh claustrophobia in the lockup dood

Paris: i totally imagined i was in a special place like teh Viper Room

King: r u cured?

Paris: well now that i’m of teh jail out of course

King: was teh judge an asshole 2 u

Paris: my lawyer sez i should've got community service like polishing oscars or something

King: is this yur fault

Paris: i wuz immature but im better now

King: who r yur frendz

Paris: I wuz in with a bad crowd

King: so did u cut them off

Paris: i only had to cut out everyone in los angelez der all airheadz

King: do u know how 2 reed

Paris: i have a screenplay dood

King: do u want to be a mom

Paris: when i have kidz that will rock

King: r u in luv

Paris: no but i will have sex with a dood

King: what dood will have u

Paris: some crazy dood

King: have u found yurself

Paris: im looking dood

King: whats the worst thing about u

Paris: im a hysteric

King: when we come back we'll talk about Paris and her mental problemz
[ break ]

King: r u on drugs

Paris: since i wuz 5 yrs old ive had ADD

King: other drugz?

Paris: no way

King: MADD is mad at u

Paris: yeah but im a good example to the kidz

King: have u ever used illegal drugz

Paris: no never

King: r u a big drinker

Paris: no way dood

King: then why were u convicted of drunk driving and all the other stories i reed

Paris: dood people lied

King: yeah but yur on teh intertubes having sex with teh tri-state areaz

Paris: i wuz on teh dark path dood

King: r u mentally ill

Paris: like what do u mean

King: r u crazee

Paris: aren't we all a little nutz

King: r u back full-time to yur career

Paris: yes now i'm back to my job

King: wtf is it dood

Paris: I’m a buzinez woman

King: r u a party girl

PAris: im a social person

King: what don't we know about u

Paris: i dont take money from my family i do moviez and tv and i had a book on teh New York Timez bestseller listz

King: u have made many writerz very sad

Paris: dood my book about teh prison will rock

King: will nicole go 2 jail 2

Paris: i luv that little bitch

King: briteny spearz dish

Paris: shes hawt

King: yeah but shes teh crazee driver

Paris: dood thatz not illegal in los angelez

King: were u 2 privileged

Paris: I wuz in teh hilton bubble

King: r u normal

Paris: dood of course

King: yeah but u blew off teh legal system

Paris: fuck u, i wuz in jail and i did my time

King: lindsay lohan

Paris: shes hawt

King: is she yur BFF

Paris: we had sex but i dont know her

King: will u go 2 rehab

Paris: no way dood im no mark foley i have integrity

King: jail wuz it awesome

Paris: i ordered a Bible from teh commisary

King: letz look at yur mugshot

Paris: itz hawt

King: were u strip searched

Paris: yeah totally

King: tell me about it

Paris: it was humiliating and hawt

King: r u a criminal

Paris: no way dood its unfair

King: u drove without a license

Paris: its like a misunderstanding dood

King: read 2 me from yur journal

Paris: dood these wimmin in teh jail r in a vicious circle its so sad

King: teh new Paris will we see less of u

Paris: im totally mature and different now like i could be a role model

King: awesome tomorrow we’ll continue Whore Week with our guest Colin Powell