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Hardball - June 14, 2007

Hardball - June 14, 2007

Mike Barnicle: should Scooter Libby be pardoned?

Ron Christie: Scooter Libby didn't break the law this is all a conspiracy by the CIA – oh sure since 9/11 his mind has never been right but this case is a travesty of two shams of a travesty

Pat Buchanan: are u fucking high? Nixon didn't pardon any of us and i'll be dammned is the Texas Mafia is gonna get off - of course Scooter’s a crook don’t pardon him

Barnicle: well now I’ve heard from both sides - Republicans and Conservatives

Buchanan: he lied under oath he’s gotta to pay a price

Christie: reasonable can disagree – i say he’s innocent, the Jury says he’s not in our crazy topsy-turvy world who’s to say which is right???

Barnicle: that’s a good point

Buchanan: the fucking jury found him guilty stupid

Christie: but the prosecutor cheated by bringing in facts – i'm a lawyer and i know that's not fair

Barnicle: he also obstructed justice

Christie: but he couldn't have committed that crime it's all on Armitage

Buchann: how many times do I have to say it - he was found guilty

Barnicle: hmm…. you both makes sense but what if he only murdered two people I think it’s only illegal in DC if you kill a third

Christie: but but but Fitzgerald heard from Rove and lots of people from the White House therefore Scooter Libby he must be innocent

Buchanan: yur like Republican Talking Point Teddy Ruxpin

Chrisite: Pat Buchanan is saying Scooter is guilty of perjury now where would he get a crazy idea like that???

Buchanan: he was found guilty of perjury you idiot

Christie: no no no Emperor George W. Bush is the Chief of the Executive Branch this was only the plan of partisan democrats!!!!!

Buchanan: Fitzgerald is a Republican crazy-man

Christie: [ flailing wildly ] no no no there are some general flaws in the trial whaaaaaaa!!!!

Buchanan: then he can appeal meanwhile convicted felon Scooter should be in jail like Paris Hilton

Christie: of course not he's not going to flee to Mexico with that guy from Girls Gone Wild

Buchanan: Nixon didn't pardon the Watergate burglars so fuck Scooter

Christie: I Know why the Caged Bear Sings!!!

Barnicle: Bush should pardon someone popular like that guy who spread the Deadly TB

Buchanan: what about the Rule Of Law?

Christie: oh come that's ridiculous the U.S. Constitution requires Bush to pardon all property-holding white men

Buchanan: all you are saying Bush should pardon Scooter just to protect his own people do you think Americans will support that?

Christie: [throws up hands, jumps up, spins around ] unbelievable!!!

Buchanan: apparently being a neoconservative means never being guilty of crimes

Christie: Sandy Berger! Travesty of 2 shams of a travesty of a sham of a travesty!

Barnicle: ok that's enough dood you're now officially every Republican’s New Black Friend but jeebus you're laying it on too thick


John Harwood: Obama needs help with women voters

Mike Barnicle: but Hillary is a wooden robot how could anyone possibly like her???

Mike Gunwald: Hillary's wife is teh awesome

Jonathan Capeheart: forget Bill people don't vote for spouses although I will say i've got the hots for michelle obama she’s smart and sexy and has a great body...

Harwood: no one knows Obama he’s a mystery

Barnicle: this poll is amazing Hillary is beating Rudy this blows my mind I mean he’s a man and she’s shrill

Grunwald: Rudy is a gay loving pro-abortion cross dresser so has to run a guy will pour 100,000 professional torturers into Iraq

Harwood: Fred Thompson is gonna spank some Rudy ass

Capeheart: Rudy did stop committing crimes while he was Mayor – on the other hand he was real fucking asshole and some people resent that

Barnicle: Fred vs. Rudy oh this is gonna be so exciting!!!

Careheart: Rudy’s strength is national security his weakness are all the babies he’s aborted

Grunwald: Rudy also endorsed Mario Cuomo so its understandable that the primary voters would turn to Hollywood for a genuine fake conservative

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