Sunday, June 03, 2007

The McLaughlin Group - Sunday, June 3, 2007


The McLaughlin Group - Sunday, June 3, 2007


John McLaughlin: third parties are fun by only George Wallace and Strom Thurmond actually won electoral votes

Buchanan: yeah but me and Ralph Nader did cost our party the elections

Clift: true the electoral college is stacked against 3rd parties you have to have alot of credits to graduate -- but there is still an opening from the right - Bloomberg/Hagel

Sanchez: The system stacked against them

Clift: thats what i said you wannabe

Sanchez: i luv the contract on america

Page: the big parties suck i like Teddy Roosevelt - what’s the big issue now

McL: Iraq

Page: right on dood

Buchanan: here's a centrist position -- Build a wall, protectionism, and bring the troops home

McLaughlin: oh great

Clift: people think the big parties are too cautious -- where are the bold ideas

Sanchez: remember the year 1860

McL: i do

Buchanan: look unless you arr a regional candidate you don't get electoral votes

McL: why do people hate the big parties

Clift: young people are like baseball players they are all free agents

Sanchez: this election is the end of the Reagan era

Page: well now we have teevee and the internet but dood the independent voter is a myth like unicorns or Bush's charm

McL: a third party is forming watch out!!!!

[commercial break]

McLaughlin: election 2008 is the perfect storm leading to a third party run it would be populist uniting unions and right wing crazies

Clift: if the big parties have good candidates I’m sorry yur fantasies are not going to happen

McLaughlin: hillary is hated and Obama is black - so there's your third party

Buchanan: no there's a Fourth Party ready -- if you nominate three New York liberals Rudy, Hillary and Bloomberg

Sanchez: ah well --

Buchanan: shut up we need a far right candidate

Clift: hillary is bashed by the left for being too far right

McL: Solomon Brothers fired Bloomberg and now he’s worth $5 billion so he should be President -- although he's divorced, jewish and short

Sanchez: he’s cool but no

McL: but he’s got the money!!!

Buchanan: he beats hillary he’s a big lefty

Clift: i would vote for him

McL: how about him for vice preznit

Buchanan: now that would be smart

McL: Bloomgerg / Hagel???

Page: that would be awesome

Buchanan: a billion dollars wouldn't cut it but he could take NYS

Clift: no one wants to be remembered as a ralph naber in other words the worst asshole in the world

McL: does Bloomberg run and win

Buchanan: no

Panel: ha ha ha


Anonymous said...

McLaughlins are the best

Lisa Wines said...

dood, you are funnier than hell. I stumbled on your blog by clicking on one of your comments on an Atrios post. I posted some of the highlights of your version of last Sunday's Democratic debate on my blog: I hope some of my assumptions are correct, especially the one about the beer?

Anonymous said...

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