Friday, June 29, 2007

Joe Scarborough in the Morning - June 29, 2007

Joe Scarborough in the Morning - June 29, 2007

Guest: Major General Batiste

Joe Scarborough: how badly off are our armed forces

Major General Batiste: they’re in terrible shape and this nation is not mobilized behind our armed forces although they are doing a hell of job

Joe: yeah they’re amazing and they're only interested in getting the job done

Batiste: that’s true they’re heroes but their government let them down and the Republican party let them down - the neocons in Congress and especially the President

Joe: The Republicans in Congress never stood up to Donald Rumsfeld it’s all his fault

Batiste: Iraq isn’t even the most dangerous nation in the world we’ve got bigger fish to fry

Joe: how many troops do we really need in Iraq to succeed?

Batiste: securing Baghdad is not enough - the insurgents are always going to go where we are not.

Joe: so how many?

Batiste: We need at least three times as many troops as we have now this surge is nothing but a tiny reinforcement

Joe: it is time to pull out?

Batiste: the solution is political, not military - it’s time to pull out and get on with the job of combating worldwide Islamic extremism

Joe: I completely agree

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