Sunday, September 28, 2008

MEET THE PRESS - September 28, 2008

September 28, 2008
Meet The Press
Steve Schmidt - McCain campaign
David axelrod - Obama campaign
Bob Schaffer
Mark Udall
Former President Bill Clinton

Brokaw: ohl miss won teh debate

Schmidt: i'm glad we bothered to show up

Brokaw: Bailout plan?

Schmidt: we are facing an economic catastrophe and McCain alone brought the people who hate Bush to the table

Brokaw: who?

Schmidt: Republicans

Schmidt: John McCain came back to washington to grandstand say the word "table" a lot

Brokaw: Obama didn't even go back to DC!

Axelrod: come on - Obama has been trying to help the middle class while McCain had brilliant strategy of flip flopping and blowing off dave letterman

Brokaw: omg the WSJ editorial page doesn't like you!

Axelrod: i would invite them to blow me on inauguration day

Axelrod: Obama is trying to help people and John McCain spent the whole debate waving a rake around

Schmidt: John McCain wants to give american teenagers $7,000 for having a baby

Axelrod: i don't think that will solve our problems

Schmidt: he's flip flopper

Axelrod: that's like you calling crystal gale bald

Axelrod: that makes me very sad - all McCain proposes is tax cuts

Brokaw: some dude somewhere cares about the debt - what would you cut?

Axelrod: Obama will cut the medicare advantage and spending in Iraq

Brokaw: but that doesn't count - the war is paid for Ceiling Cat

Schmidt: heil ceiling cat!

Schmidt: McCain parachuted into DC like a hero who puts his country first

Axelrod: john McCain has sadly sold his soul to the devil

Brokaw: i did see him with Karl Rove

Schmidt: we're winning in Iraq

Brokaw: that's not what Gen. Petraeus says

Schmidt: victory is a country that is not rent apart daily by civil war

Tom: awesome

Brokaw: they say McCain is a big liar

Schmidt: they lie about saying we are liars

Axelrod: liar

Schmidt: taxer

Axelrod: shut up

Schmidt: Obama hates america and love terrorists

Axelrod: McCain is a senile bastard

Axelrod: Iraq has a surplus of $70 billion

Schmidt: wow do you think they need a bailout?

Brokaw: as we go i feel compelled to cite the one poll McCain is leading in - he will make a great commander in chief

Schmidt: [ slips brokaw 500 bucks ]

[ break ]
Brokaw: Bailout plan?

Bob Schaffer: well that is a lot of money i don't know if we have enough trees to print all that cash

Brokaw: but you support it

Schaffer: what can you do

Brokaw: cox says the one-eyed snake of government is to blame

Schaffer: it's possible to blame Reagan or deregulation but I blame Democrats for not regulating Fannie Mae more

Brokaw: why should taxpayers bailout housing speculators

Mark Udall: they shouldn't

Brokaw: oh

Udall: not welfare for Wall Street but for Main Street

Brokaw: uh huh

Udall: the taxpayer should be at the head of the line

Brokaw: well then we could just not do the bailout

Udall: except for that

[ break ]

Brokaw: you predicted McCain would be the nominee

Clinton: i admire him but Obama has shown an ability to learn

Brokaw: high praise

Clinton: no i mean it -- he outfoxed me and hillary with the whole ‘change’ thing

Brokaw: do you think he is a great man like McCain?

Clinton: hell i don't even know him!!

Brokaw: you never spoke in 2004 or later??

Clinton: hey McCain is a great man -- he keeps running for president even though he keeps failing - it sweet watching him brave though his loserness

Brokaw: so Obama is only potentially great

Clinton: right

Brokaw: what more should he do

Clinton: be the President and then serve the whole world

Brokaw: try to restrain yourself

Brokaw: you met Obama at Sylvia's at harlem where i hear they use silverware

Clinton: it's awesome

Brokaw: will you campaign for Obama

Clinton: look hillary said he would always support the winner and she has

Brokaw: but?

Clinton: but nothing

Brokaw: will women vote for Palin

Clinton: some will - like all those blacks who voted for Obama even though Hillary was better

Brokaw: advice for Biden?

Clinton: go after the undecided voters - they must like McCain and Palin so be very specific about what they are going to do

Brokaw: makes sense

Clinton: he should play the white catholic blue-collar card

Brokaw: that will win over MSNBC

Brokaw: Great issues?

Clinton: one economic strength and two international strength - look at the Pew Poll where the USA is popular where Bush has fought AIDS

Brokaw: the American people need to hear about some economic success stories in Africa

Audience: maybe we could hear some from America

Clinton: hey tom Africa is a continent -- discuss it with your news people

Brokaw: my what?

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