Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - September 28, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
September 28, 2008

Matthews: wow they held a debate and Obama didn't use the word motherfucker once!!

Mitchell: Obama failed - he's no ronald reagan

Brooks: i miss reagan

Chris: me too

Brooks: it was too wonky what's up with all the showing-off about all their knowledge at a presidential debate???

Robinson: McCain's problem is that he is an incredible asshole

Kay: he refused to look at the black guy

Matthews: maybe he's like Colbert and can't see color

Brooks: this was the best I've ever seen John McCain

Matthews: that's not good

Mitchell: it's true that McCain had a terrible week but we can cross our fingers that he can turn it around!!

Robinson: they're both going to vote for the bailout!

Brooks: i've been hanging with the common people at applebee's and they tell me that they don't like this

Kay: obama is a stone cold fish who has to pretend he cares about the middle class - John McCain has to pretend he's human

Matthews: who won the week?

Panel: Obama!

Matthews: that's good news for John McCain!

Kay: but it's not the debate that’s the problem - it's that McCain is a doddering fool and that's not going to change

Tweety: i disagree the important thing is Obama won the debate

Brooks: no fair that debate was held at night!

Mitchell: don't count out John McCain yet!

Brooks: McCain really won the debate!

Robinson: that's right

Mitchell: hey John McCain only had two hours to prepare and he was better than Obama

Brooks: oh yeah!

Matthews: OMG it turns out that Sarah Palin is a moron!!

Palin: russian fish invade my space!

Brooks: i admire sarah palin for facing down Putin's reared head

Chris: you like her

Brooks: Sarah the Unready

Kay: the neocons love her she believes in freeance and peeance

Matthews: Kathy Parker doesn't like her and Robert Parker gave 10 points

Mitchell: Juneau, We Have a Problem

Robinson: Biden will respectfully answer the questions and Palin will talk nonsense and the rest of us will squirm uncomfortably

Kay: GOP loves her

Matthews: Palin isn't stupid

Brooks: she will rise to level of mediocrity

Kay: even Petraeus thinks McCain is living in a fantasy world

Robinson: there will be big liberal turnout on election

Mitchell: Sarah Silverman is telling people to schlep to the votes

Brooks: Adam Putnam is leading a pack of angry young white republicans

Tweety: he's adorable - he's the clay aiken of American Conservatism

Mattthews: Paul Newman was a liberal, rich, generous, talented, good-looking, charitable, respected, and told the truth

Kay: wow it's like you and he were matter and anti-matter

Tweety: ha!!

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