Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - September 21, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show

September 21, 2008

Matthews: it’s the Stupid, Economy!

Stengel: bad for McCain he’s Repubican

Bumiller: McCain flipped but not flopped

Woodward: no one really understands the economy except Warren Buffet - after all he’s got a lot of money

Norah, Biker Chick: McCain had a bad week in spite of the news he invented the computer

Matthews: Obama is not a smart commander in chief like Bush

Woodward: amazingly, wishful thinking will not win the war

Matthews: wow!

Woodward: there may be casualties in Iraq and then it will be Obama’s war

Matthews: oh no so sad

Woodward: Bush aims to not be a total sucky failure

Bumiller: McCain and Obama have the same plan in Iraq - McCain always wanted to pull out

Tweety: tell me about the debates!

Biker chick: Obama should call McCain crazy

Tweety: he should ‘gig’ him

Bumiller: I swear Chris you are a Dr. Suess character come to life

Woodward: McCain lives in his own little world

Bumiller: he's very angry

Stengel: McCain's got to be strong and not an asshole

Tweety: that's tough

Stengel: Obama has to use the debate to prove he's a good solider - like maybe strangle charlie gibson with his bare hands

Bumiller: a lot of people would like that

Tweety: who won the week?

Noron: Obama did - who knows why!?

Woodward: i think these debates could be important

Tweety: oh wow!

Stegnel: lipstick season is over - the media is going to get serious - this time we mean it!!!!!

Tweety: Nixon prepared for his debate by taking sweating polls and Reagan had a good liner and Gore sighed a lot hah!

Stengel: McCain is sharp and Obama is professorial which is very very bad

Bumiller: this debate will be like West Side Story - i assume the brown skinned guy and the white guy will stab each other

Woodward: remember in an Empire the soldiers have the final say in the election

Noron: Obama has to get 20 years experience by Friday

Stengel: McCain was a POW which doesn't help much to rescue Wall Street

Woodward: no no he is the commander in chief which means he know how to fix credit default swaps

Tweety: i love it! this is not at all how we got into this problem in the first place! ha!

Tweety: Palin peaked!

Noron: she energizes the crazies everyone else thinks she's nuts

Woodward: the unwashed masses like her

Bumiller: she's dumb and he's nasty so they must campaign together

Stengel: she helps with women who hunt large animals on the weekend

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