Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - September 7, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
September 7, 2008

Mitchell: Sarah Palin is the poster child for inclusiveness

Tweety: wow!

Andrea: Obama and McCain will be together at Ground Zero which proves McCain can be non-partisan

Tweety: and what does it show about Obama?

Andrea: that he's a partisan phony

Klein: the convention was an offensive Orwellian nightmare of mooseburgers

Tweety: where was Bush?

Klein: hell they distanced themselves from the Republican party

Tweety: i love it!

Heileman: i heard a rumor than John McCain is a Republican

Tweet: wow do you a newsletter?

Tweety: McCain is the skipper

Andrea: Obama is Gilligan

Norris: Obama has to be a leader and an everyman it's a fine line

Tweety: he's either too street or an elitist

Klein: Obama has to come across as a white human being

Matthews: bomb bomb iran

Tweety: everyone says Obama will get swing voters to let's talk to the one who doesn't - Andrea!

Andrea: John McCain is the best ever!

Klein: oh fer gawd's sake

Tweety: let's talk about Sarah Palin - the mom, the neighbor, the strong female fighting for justice, the PTA

Klein: i love it!

Tweety: she's like a female version of Norma Rae!

Andrea: that's why i love you tweety - you never change

Tweety: who is best person in the history of politics?

Andrea: sarah palin - she fought off the horrible nasty mean terrible liberal bloggers and gave the best speech since the gettysburg address

Klein: yes but she is also stupid

Norris: it's only been 12 days

Klein: A Fortnight of Fuckups

Norris: who cares is he knows where Iran is - she kills moose

Heileman: let's face it McCain is going to die soon

Andrea: she smears with a smile

Tweety: how so

Andrea: she haz lunch-bucket!!!

Klein: but what are her policies?

Mitchell: it doesn't matter she's a hockey mom it's all narrative!

Tweety: biden will be beat her up

Heileman: fuck Biden for calling her sweetie if he ever does

Andrea: i hate Biden for potentially calling her gal or baby or sugartits

Tweety: tell me something I don’t know

Klein: new energy bill is mccain v obama battle

Andrea: Palin will never give an interview it turns out she knows nothing

Heileman: michigan michigan michigan

Tweety: Kwame!

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