Wednesday, September 03, 2008

GOP Convention Liveblogging Part IV - Sept. 2, 2008

Orson Swindle: who am i? why am i here?

Crowd: you're some dude named stockdale

Swindle: punk'd! no i'm not i also shared a room with John Mccain

Crowd: gee what's with all the rotating cell mates

Swindle: ok white medal of honor winner please stand and remain standing

Honor Winner: but i'm old and crippled

Swindle: shut the fuck up whiner

Crowd: USA! USA! USA!

Bobo: damm that Dem convention was so fascist

Swindle: POWs stand and be recognized

Crowd: wheeeee

Swindle: not you Muhammed i mean real POWs like Sly Stallone


Swindle: where's my pudding

Swindle: and please recognize our WWII veterans like rejected President HW Bush

Crowd: yaaaaaaaaaaay

Swindle: father of george w bush

[ c r i c k e t s ]

Swindle: please welcome Heath Ledg- I Laura Bush!!!

Laura Bush: John McCain is a freak! Like me!

Crowd: yaaaaay

Laura: we have a war hero and Palin on the ticker - The Hero and the Zero!!!!

Crowd: yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!

Laura: self hating women make this medieval nightmare of a party strong

Crowd: clap clap

Laura: like that other freak Condi rice

Crowd: yeeeah hawwwwww

Laura: Facts will change, but my Stupid husband never will!!!

Crowd: Yeeeaaaghhhh!!

Joker: Bush destroyed American education on his watch

Crowd: you bet

Joker: and he stroke a blow for disabled by putting an epiletpic on the Court !!!

Crowd: wheeeeeee

Laura: George liberated 50 million people

Crowd: yeaaahh!!

Laura: i mean sperm

Laura: and George Bush kept America safe

Crowd: yay!

Laura: except for teh 7,000 dead Americans

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