Wednesday, September 03, 2008

GOP Convention Liveblogging Part III - Sept. 2, 2008

rescue worker: I will never forget responding to that terrible bridge collapse which took place right near here

crowd: oh noes

rescue worker: cars were crushed, wires were down, concrete swayed as human body parts floated around me

crowd: yaaaaay

rescue worker: i have never been more proud of being a republican - knowing that no hard earned tax dollars had been wasted to repair that wretched bridge

crowd: clap clap

rescue worker: which was too black and lazy to stay standing

crowd: amen

worker: i turned to one of the crippled victims and i said thank god tim pawlenty vetoed that bill to fund infrastructure repair - this isn't the soviet union ya know

crowd: wheeeeeeee

worker: and then she died knowing that liberals had not taken her freedom to choose to next time drive another bridge home - free market rulz!!

Crowd: yayyyyy!!!

Hispanic: u may ask yourself why does a brown skinned democrat support a John Mccain when no one else does?

Crowd: yeah

Hispanic: god told me to

Crowd: oh ok

Hispanic: john cleans the yards of hispanics in the barrios of arizona

Crowd: i think you have that backwards pedro

Hispanic: the Gospel of Matteo says embrace the least among you including the weak and broken and pathetic and the real losers and that is why i support john mccain!!!

Crowd: Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Hispanic: John Mccain will control our uterus and hate the gays!! viva mccain!! heil McCain!!

Crowd: Yeaaaaaaaaahh!!!!

Journalist: you shared a cell with McCain

Colonel: we shared a special love

Journalist: what was he like

Colonel: he was very funny

Journo: how so

Colonel: he told a joke about chelsea clinton that killed

Journo: can you believe it your former lover is going to be the nominee

Colonel: oh he's going to be President - you saw in Saddlebrook he's ready to lead adn to kill

Journalist: tell us somethign about him only you would know

Colonel: he's actually qualified to be President

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